• Spain Madrid to Malaga, wifi and first class lounge

    … High Speed train from Madrid to Malaga and tow major issues. One, we bought a first class ticket … (2019-05-27)

  • Got charged 4 times on my credit and impossible to call the customer service

    … is not easy to understand and because of that I got charged 4 times the tickets for trains in Europe. I thought there were a problem because it kept saying that my credit card is not working. I did not receive … (2019-05-27)

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  • child age for london travel card?

    I think i might have bought the wrong London Travel Card for my daughter. She is 15 and my receipt says my pass is for a child up to age 11. Is there anyway we can fix this before they are mailed? Thanks, Molly Rubino (2012-05-23)

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  • No tickets but payment charged twice

    I trying buying tickets in Italy this morning yet received error message during payment. However, when I checked my account, the amount was charged twice to my card. So I got no tickets but paid for them two times. I want my money back. My account... (2014-04-26)

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  • Getting error message from my credit card number

    Every time I try to use my credit cards to pay — with two different ones last night and the same two today — it says, "Please verify the number entered for card # 1." I've tried with and without spaces and double checked the numbers. I will try calling... (2015-08-16)

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  • Credit Card Problems with Rail Europe

    My daughter tried to make reservations from Paris to Amsterdam last week, but kept being dropped by the web connection. Rail Europe "authorized" her credit card 5 times for US$119.95, but since no ticket was ever purchased none of the 5 holds on her... (2013-09-12)

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  • Booking not finalized but already charged to my credit card

    Hi! I booked tickets last night with the help of a live chat agent. he confirmed my reservation and i proceeded to payment. After having given all the information needed, I got this message: We're sorry, your booking cannot be finalized. I checked... (2013-01-23)

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  • Overnight rail pass

    i am leaving for Germany on the 11th and i need two german euro passes overnighted to me before i leave. or is it possible to buy them when i arrive in Germany? (2013-07-09)

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  • Raileurope's frustrating newer site.

    … years, I don't always have an exact itinary to follow. I usually tailor how many days I'm in a country vs. the price of the pass. It USED to be easy with a block … layed out on 1 page. Now I have to select the country & days in each which brings up a short list in horizontal rows … (2013-12-02)

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  • Credit Card Charged but my Booking was Canceled?

    hello my name is Ali Alkhalifah Yesterday, I booked a ticket through rail europe but today I received an email saying that my booking has been canceled , although I already paid for the ticket and my credit card was charged but no ticket issued . can... (2014-04-29)

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