• On the TGV & Thalys, is there a limited number of seats available to passengers traveling with a rail pass? If so, how soon can we book these trains?

    … to Europe between May 15 and June 15, and have a Global Select Pass for five countries. Two of our routes involve a Thayls … and a TGV route. Is it true that these trains limit rail pass users and, if so, how soon should we reserve. Thanks in advance. Karen (2012-02-26)

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  • Naples to Madrid with a Eurail Pass

    can i take this route on Europass rail and is it over night. If so does that count for 2 days of my pass?Thankyou (2017-01-18)

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    Tags: … to madrid, dijon to montpellier, eurail global pass, eurail select pass, france-spain high speed, freccia bianca, freccia … , naples to civitavecchia, naples to milan, napoli, pass and reservations, regional, rome to civitavecchia, spain …

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  • 7 pm rule for the night train from Milan to Vienna? How many days needed on my pass?

    Dear all, I am travelling from Milan to Vienna on 19/05 evening after 7 pm. Reaching Vienna after 4 am. Will be in Austria till 22/05. How many days pass required? Activation date to be mentioned as 19 or 20? Regards (2016-05-15)

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  • Reembolso global pass

    Hola, compre dos global pass por 24 dias (saver ) desde la pagina de Rail Europe argentina un dia de promocion donde regalaban dias . Es posible el reembolso? cuanto demoran en hacerlo? gracias (2015-03-31)

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  • Trying to purchase Global pass today but keep getting timed out error message?


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  • 2nd class pass with 1st class reservation / help with itinerary: Paris-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Berlin, Berlin-Berchtesgaden, Berchtesgaden-Rome, Florence-Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre-Pisa Airport

    … 2nd class global pass and have purchased a 1st class reservation from Amsterdam to Berlin (thinking that the option … me to travel on 1st class with 2nd class pass? Also if you could please help me rout the rest of my trip so I know which trains to take and what connections … (2015-05-25)

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    Tags: … , munich to freilassing, netherlands, paris to amsterdam, pass and reservations, pisa airport, pisa galileo …

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    • … , and indicating the type of rail pass you’ll be traveling with (i.e. a Eurail Global Pass). Paris to Amsterdam From Paris … on the ‘EuroCity’ trains and the ‘InterCity’ train, but it would not be necessary. Therefore, the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Trains from Freilassing to Berchtesgaden … (2015-05-28)
  • Zurich to Munich & Munich to Salzburg with a rail pass

    My son and I are using a 4 country Eurail select pass to visit Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. We would love to make a side trip for a few days to Munich, confused about options that would allow us to go from Zurich to Munich to Salzburg. (2016-05-05)

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    Tags: austria, ec, euro city, eurocity, germany, ic bus, inter city bus, intercity bus, meridian, munich, munich to salzburg, pass and reservations, rj, railjet, salzburg, switzerland, zurich, zurich to munich

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    • … (www.raileurope.com) and indicate the type of pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e a 'Eurail Global Pass'). When you pull up the results of your search … '). The Meridian trains don't even accept reservations, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you'd need to board one of these. When you do a search from Munich to Salzburg … (2016-05-06)
    • I just discovered we can purchase the Global Eurail Pass which would allow us to travel to Germany en route to the other locations, for just another $30 for my son and about $45 for me, that would be worth it to me. (2016-05-05)
  • What pass makes sense for London to Paris, Paris to Geneva, Geneva to Milan, Milan to Venice, Venice to Milan?

    want to travel from London to Paris, Paris to Geneva ( SWZ), Geneva to Milan and Venice for a day while in Milan. 2 weeks total. What pass makes the most sense for 2 adults? Thanks (2017-02-26)

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    Tags: britain, ec, england, eurail select pass, euro city, eurocity, eurostar, france, freccia bianca, freccia rossa …

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    • … passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar: Any single country Eurail Pass, including … to take the Eurostar. Passholder rates will continue to be offered (depending on availability) to any passenger traveling with a Eurail Global Pass, a 3 country … (2018-04-05)
    • … ’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). Generally, these trains can be reserved … ’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). Generally, these trains can be reserved … (2019-03-18)
  • Reservation not compatible with pass

    … searching for travel using Eurail Select 3-country pass, some of the rates have a notation that state "there were no reservations that are compatible with your rail pass." Does this mean that I cannot make a reservation with the Eurail Select 3-country … (2013-07-09)

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    Tags: rotterdam, utrecht, frankfurt, hamburg, copenhagen, koebenhavn, eurail select pass, benelux, netherlands, holland, germany, denmark, website error, error on website

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    • … costs do display if you just indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' and you would be able to proceed to purchase the reservations. Therefore, you can just say that you'll be traveling … Germany and Denmark). You should'nt have to say that you're traveling with a Eurail Global Pass for the reservation costs to be quoted to you. If you do happen to receive … (2013-07-10)
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