• Deduct amount without issuing the ticket

    i donno how such big company doesn't support quickly their customer or reply their request especially when they deduct amount twice from credit card without issuing any ticket (2013-12-06)

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  • Wrong Reservation Date

    I thought I made my reservation for the 14th of February from Florence to Milan. But looking at a picture I took once I purchased the ticket I must have accidentally pressed the 15th of february. I can't find anywhere where I can look up my ticket... (2014-01-31)

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  • I need to cancel an order I placed

    … screen showed the process time is 2 to 3 business days before the documents can be shipped. My flight departs in 3 business days, which means I might not be able to receive it. I really wish them can just help me to cancel the order since it was placed after 5:30 pm on Friday, and their office … (2014-11-30)

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  • Website pop error message during the payment. no confirmation number here.

    Hi, two hours ago, I booked ticket on the website but website pop error message during the payment. Currently, I didn't receive any ticket comfirmation informaiton but the payment seem to be done by credid card. what else I can do? (2014-12-23)

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  • I paid but I didnt receive my tickets yet

    I made a reservation and paid by credit card but the site sent me a message that my order just will be finished when I contact the site, however the price is already charged in my crediti card.. what is the problem?! (2015-03-02)

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  • Recent Booking - Upgrade Confirmation Issue

    … /28/15 in Premier Class. They are leaving in two days. Last week we upgraded their tickets to Club but I have not received the upgrade confirmation to date and they leave in two days. I have called and been on hold for almost an hour. I finally left my number … (2015-05-11)

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  • group booking

    … tickets from rome to venice. When i tried booking about 5 days ago, i was told that this is now a group booking, so i was supposed to send some info and then wait … and it was artgsa@alrostamanigroup.ae, so its an office in U.A.E. i''l wait for a couple of days, if i don't get any reply, is there any number i can call? Thanks and regards, Nishant Nagdeve (2015-05-30)

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  • Website says error but charged to my account anyway

    Last week I tried to book my resverations on Rail Europe but everytime I tried to pay it wouldn't accept my credit card and said I needed an international card etc. But i checked with my card holder and it said that the transation did go through. By this... (2015-09-04)

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  • has charged but can't proceed

    I booked a ticket on your website when I click "book now", it said it can't proceed my order before I contact you to confirm the payment.But I have already got text from bank that my credit card has been charged!!!What's the problem!!! (2015-12-04)

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