• Can't access my account to print my itinerary. Is the website down?

    … couple of days now I have been attemting to print my RailEurope itinerary for later this month, but am unable to access the site. Is the RailEurope.ca … (2014-12-03)

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  • Can not checkout an existing itinerary.

    … a message that there has been a 'minor glitch' and to retry. I have tried many times over the past 2 days. My itinerary will expire in 2 hours, thus I would like to confirm … (2014-12-28)

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  • refund my money !

    … issue . Please note that the refund itself takes approximately 30 days to reflect to your card however as we have not yet received a reply from the concerned team … (2015-01-19)

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  • Error in booking and double charge on credit card

    Hi I am maya from Lebanon and I was trying to contact rail Europe usa offices but I couldnt get any help. The matter is very urgent. Can anyone assist me and tell me how can I reach them by email.i was booking 4 tickets from Madrid to seville and an... (2015-03-25)

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  • Extrememly frustrated!!

    … below and feel very much frustrated like Jane below explained. I have been at trying to book tickets for days now and have not been able to get someone on the line simply to answer simple questions. Last night I spent … (2015-05-06)

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    Good day! I had a typographical error upon inputting my email address. I accidentally typed in "dimae_holzhuaer@yahoo … (2015-05-21)

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  • William Tell Express booking from Australia

    … our first class tickets to Lugano. We have planned to purchase a four day Swiss Travel Pass. We leave Australia … (2015-08-30)

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  • Typo - Accidentally misspelled my first name

    … . Is there a way I can rectify this? Will I have a trouble travelling or will my typo be overlooked? Would appreciate to hear back from you as I leave for Europe in four days. Thank you. Aloysius (2016-06-11)

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  • Change ticket date

    I have bought 2 e-tickets from Madrid to Santander for 6 Sept, but now we need to travel on the 7th instead. Is it possible to transfer the tickets to the next day? (2016-07-18)

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  • Quality Control -- how do you miss including a ticket?!?!

    … , but wanted to highlight that 3 hours for a call back and 3 days for a reply to e-mail really is TERRIBLE customer service … (2016-09-09)

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