• Going through customs during multi-country train travel

    We have Eurail Select pass 4 countries (countries -- France, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark). Will we go through customs' checks while traveling on the trains or will there be checks at the train stations? We need to know whether to allow time for customs... (2012-05-28)

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    • … to make sure you are traveling properly. The only time this would not be the case would be when taking the Eurostar train from London to Pairs or Brussels. I hope this information … (2012-05-28)
    • Thanks so much, Jen. Your answer leads me to another question. We will also be taking the Eurostar from London to Paris. What occurs with regard to customs for that route? Again want to make sure that we allow enough time. Chris (2012-05-28)
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  • Tirano to Milan with Eurail global Pass

    Hi ! Does the train from Tirano to Milano accept Eurail Global Passes. I have a consecutive 15 day pass. Searched high and low on the Internet and Google but only came up with conflicting views. (2012-09-10)

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    • … ), so passholders should choose the equally fast and more frequent Eurostar Italia or Le Frecce services instead. To buy Italo … (2012-09-21)
  • France Railpass include London to Paris?

    I am interested in purchasing a France Rail Pass. My journey will be originating in London. Will my France Rail Pass cover this portion of my travel as well? (2013-05-29)

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    • … , you would be eligible to receive the 'Passholder' fare on this train. For the Eurostar train, you would purchase tickets at this rate by clicking … . Due to high demand, the Passholder rates on the Eurostar sell out quickly, so it is recommended that the tickets be purchased … (2013-05-29)
  • How do I get from London to Belgium, travel there and then get to Avignon? Help!

    I need help to find out which is the best option to get from London (don't need a train pass to travel whithin England..just to get to Belgium) to Brussels, then staying 8 nights at Brussels and visiting different points (Namur, Mechelen, Antwerpen,... (2014-06-21)

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    • … Malu, You can take the Eurostar from London to Brussels. For traveling around Belgium you can either purchase point to point tickets or you can purchase … (2014-06-23)
    • … passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar: Any single country Eurail Pass, including … Eurail Select Pass continue to not be valid on the Eurostar. Passengers traveling with any of these rail passes would need to purchase … (2018-04-13)
  • Barcelona-Paris-London

    Which is cheaper: rail pass or individual train tickets for travel from Barcelona to Paris, followed by travel to London? (2017-03-31)

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    • … from Paris to London are high-speed Eurostar trains. Generally, the Eurostar can be booked 6 to 9 … (2017-03-31)
  • Amsterdam, Paris, EuroDisney, London - what europass?

    Hi, we are looking for the best pass for this itinerary. Can we use the same pass that gets us from Amsterdam to Paris (and Euro Disney) to also get to London? Also, what is the typical cost of a reservation for this type of itinerary? (2017-12-30)

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    • … of an intended departure date. Trains from Paris to London are Eurostar high-speed trains. Generally … (2018-01-08)
  • Lorelei Express in reverse?

    We rode the "Lorelei Express" in 1973 and would like to do so (in reverse) from Venice down the Rhine, preferably in daytime. We need to end up in Calais as our ultimate destination is York in the UK. How long can/will this trip take? If overnight... (2012-01-26)

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    • … to Paris Paris to London (for high speed Eurostar) and then London to York. Paris to Calais (for ferry … (2012-01-26)
    • … prompt reply. I think we'll follow the Rhine to Brussels & take Eurostar to London. Do we make each reservation when we first buy tickets or one by one as we travel? How does "ticket" differ from "reservation"? Are there timetables to know how long our trip will be and when the next Eurostar leaves Brussels? Is there a better way to plan this trip … (2012-01-26)
  • How do you get from Barcelona to Italy?

    We intend to go to Spain, Madrid and Barcelona . Then we would like to go to Italy, Venece, Milan. What train I should take, and what is the better pass ? (2012-02-20)

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    • … -to-point tickets for most trains in Europe (it is only offered on the Eurostar, which connects London with either Paris or Brussels; and also the Thalys … (2012-03-07)
  • Specific Coverages with Swiss Flexi Pass

    I am contemplating buying a Swiss Flexi Pass. We will be in Switzerland five days. I need to understand what is covered. Are the trains from Tirano to Zurich covered? Are the trains from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen covered? Is there a list of mountain... (2012-03-01)

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    • … would be the seat reservations, which can be purchased prior to your departure. This pass also allows for a Passholder rate on the Eurostar train … (2012-03-02)
  • Reservations needed

    I am traveling through europe for a month and bought the 21 day global pass. do i have to make reservations? i dont mind waiting in line if it means i dont have to pay even more money on top of the crazy charge i have already made. (2012-03-02)

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    • … for a couchette. Certain international high-speed trains like the Eurostar or Thalys, as well as international overnight trains, have their reservations … (2012-03-02)
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