• Typo - Accidentally misspelled my first name

    … . Is there a way I can rectify this? Will I have a trouble travelling or will my typo be overlooked? Would appreciate to hear back from you as I leave for Europe in four days. Thank you. Aloysius (2016-06-11)

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  • Change ticket date

    I have bought 2 e-tickets from Madrid to Santander for 6 Sept, but now we need to travel on the 7th instead. Is it possible to transfer the tickets to the next day? (2016-07-18)

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  • Quality Control -- how do you miss including a ticket?!?!

    … , but wanted to highlight that 3 hours for a call back and 3 days for a reply to e-mail really is TERRIBLE customer service … (2016-09-09)

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  • Misspelled name of a passenger | Eurail Global Pass

    I need help to fix a mistake. I bought a EURO PASS 2 days ago. However, by including passenger information I misspelled the second name of my fiancée: CARLA LUISA (should be "LUIZA") VERISSIMO LOBATO. Will we have any trouble using it as it is? (2017-02-18)

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  • We leave the tickets at home,but I have a picture

    … brought Swiss pass 15 days for 2 persons from Thai agency "RTS Travel … (2017-04-05)

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  • I booked the wrong date form my travel

    HELP! I need to change my tickets, I booked them and printed them and noticed the wrong date (one day later). PLEASE exchange it ...it will ruin my entire trip before am even in Italy. Thank you (2017-06-03)

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  • Unable to Change Name on ticket, Rep said "You just lost $150"

    … lost $150 you're going to have to just rebook it." Understandably, at this I was frustrated at this, and asked if nothing could be done, she just says no, you lost your money and you have to rebook. I say ok its fine tell her to have a good day and hang … (2017-06-07)

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  • Mistake about Nationality on my Eurail Pass

    … card. I'm really panic right now. What should I do? I will departure in 11 days and I believe I need to book a reservation. I already sent an email to customercare@raileurope … (2017-06-14)

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  • wrong email typed

    I booked tickets on raileurope a few days ago but haven't received any email of confirmation and the e-tickets. when I tried to resend the confirmation email using the 'resend' part on the website. it says the email is wrong? what should I do? thank you (2017-06-14)

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  • Please help!!

    … date from Paris to Barcelona is wrong, I submitted with the day 9/16 and the trip from Barcelona to Madrid … (2017-07-09)

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