• Is Lucerne to Mt Rigi FREE OR NOT with a Swiss Travel Pass???

    Is trip to MT RIGI from LUCERNE free with SWISS TRAVEL PASS or not??If it is please tell the details. (2017-04-14)

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    • … and Mt Rigi, both of which are fully covered by a Swiss Travel Pass. The route via Arth Goldau involves … from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm. Using your Swiss Travel Pass on any of this would require the use of a 'travel day'. There are several other cable cars nearby on which the Swiss Travel Pass should enable you to receive discounts of 25-50%. These other cable … (2017-04-14)
    • Since the Swiss Travel Pass covers the Mt Rigi excursion, there is nothing to book. You would simply show your Swiss Travel Pass. The others I listed here are only able to be booked locally when you're there. (2017-04-17)
  • Salzburg to Zurich on Railjet with only the Austrian Rail Pass. Best Value

    I was going to buy the Austrian Rail pass but the last part of our trip is from Salzburg to Zurich for the flight back to the US. What is my best option for the Railjet from Salzburg to Zurich if we only have the Austrian Rail Pass? (2018-01-16)

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    • … the correct reservations, you would indicate that you’ll be traveling with a ‘Eurail Global Pass’. Trains from Salzburg to Zurich are Railjet trains … the Arlberg Railway. The Arlberg Railway starts as you pass through Innsbruck and goes up until Bludenz (just before the Swiss border … (2018-01-17)
  • Best pass for Jungfrau region over 3 days?

    … . We have no plans to travel outside the Jungfrau region. What is the best pass option for this 3-day visit that provides … (2019-03-10)

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    • … check the seasons for a specific Swiss product, you would just click the 'Terms & Conditions' for that product. The seasons can vary … mountain passes in Switzerland. For the Jungfrau Travel Pass, the High-season dates in 2019 are from June … (2019-03-12)
  • Where does the Europe Global Pass cover within Switzerland? HELP

    … , then from lauterbrunnen to zermatt. Would all of these places be included in the eurail pass? My research shows that I may have to return to interlaken a few times to get to some of these places. If anyone could detail … (2019-03-30)

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    • … ? Or, will you only be traveling in Switzerland? If you're only going to be traveling in Switzerland, then you would just purchase the Swiss Travel Pass and not the Eurail Global Pass. The Swiss Travel Pass would cover all the trains you mentioned. The Eurail Global Pass would cover … (2019-04-01)
  • Berlin-Munich, Munich-Lucerne, Lucerne-Montreux, Montreux-Interlaken, Interlaken-Lucerne, Lucerne-Zurich (with a Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass). Does the Golden Pass let you do multiple days?

    … in Switzerland. I understand that the rail pass only gives discounts on Swiss trains, but how do I know? Also, I am planning to go to Lucerne, Montreux and Interlaken over 4 days and was wondering if I should get a Golden Pass (does it let you do multiple days?). Here's our trips: Berlin … (2015-03-11)

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    Tags: … to munich, eurail germany-switzerland pass, germany, golden pass, goldenpass, ic bus … , munich, munich to lucerne, munich to zurich, pass and reservations, switzerland, zurich, zurich to lucerne …

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    • … , are pretty crazy. We've done Mt Titlis several times but might end up doing that again, just because I'd rather not spend almost as much for 3 days on the Jungfraujoch as we do for our entire Swiss/German pass. Unless you have any other suggestions? We're not married to the idea of staying in Interlaken … (2015-03-12)
  • When I check that I have a Swiss Travel Pass for my trip from Interlaken to Geneva Airport, why do I get a much smaller selection of trains? I thought my pass was valid on all trains?

    … . When I check the box for traveling with a rail pass (Swiss travel pass) I get a much smaller selection of trains to chose from than if I don't check the box. Why is that? I thought the pass allowed me to travel on all trains in Switzerland (with the exception of mountain … (2015-05-30)

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    Tags: bern to geneva airport, geneva airport, ic, ice, intercity, intercity express, interlaken, interlaken to bern, interlaken to geneva airport, swiss travel pass

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    • … along the way, but reservations are not necessary for either segment. Rest assured, the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board a train from Interlaken to Bern … . You can disregard any message stating that reservations are required or recommended on these trains, as all you would need to board is the Swiss Travel Pass … (2015-06-02)
  • Jungfraujoch from Wengen..What is the cost with a Eurail Global Pass?

    What cost do I have to take the Jungfrau train if I have a Global pass. Staying in Wengen... (2015-09-02)

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    Tags: … , bernese oberland railway, eurail global pass, interlaken to lauterbrunnen, interlaken to wengen, jungfrau, jungfrau railway, jungfrau vip pass, jungfraubahn, jungfraujoch, jungfraujoch top of europe, jungfraujoch to kleine …

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    • … , and you would still be able to receive a 25% by showing your 'Eurail Global Pass'. If it happens to be the case that you'll be staying in Wengen over the course … the '3 Consecutive Days - For Use Only With Swiss Travel Pass or Eurail Pass Which Includes Switzerland’ option … (2015-09-02)
  • Swiss Half Fare Card for Zurich Airport to Luzern & Luzern to Milan

    Hello,We are two adults and one teen (17 years old) traveling from Zurich Airport to Luzern and then Luzern to Milan. If we purchase the Swiss Half Fare Card, will the Rail Europe tickets be discounted? If so, how do we apply the discount upon purchase? (2018-01-16)

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    Tags: ec, euro city, eurocity, italy, lucerne, lucerne to milan, milan, milano, swiss half fare card, switzerland, trenitalia international, zurich airport, zurich airport to lucerne, luzern

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    • … to Lugano, respectively. For the Swiss Half Fare Card, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/pass/swiss-half-fare-card … . Otherwise, the tickets can be purchased locally in Switzerland just by mentioning that you have the Swiss Half Fare Card. Regular tickets for a direct … (2018-01-16)
  • Does Eurail Global Pass cover: Zurich Airport-Zurich-Lucerne (Lucerne Metro)-Kussnacht-Lucerne-Geneva-Golden Pass-Paris (Paris Metro)-Bordeaux-Nice (Nice Metro)-Venice (Venice Metro)-Florence (Florence Metro)-Milan (Milan Metro)-Milan Airport

    … to Switzerland, France and Italy. Here my questions whether Eurail Global Pass covered all below, please state YES or No, so that I can plan accordingly: 1. Train … . Trains from Lucerne to Geneva 5. Golden Pass train from Lucerne to Geneva Lake 6 … (2014-05-23)

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    Tags: … , lucerne, luzern, geneva, geneve, golden pass, interlaken, montreux, zweisimmen, paris, bordeaux … , paris rer, rer, paris visite pass, paris visite, paris visite card … , ataf, milan metro, eurail global pass, le frecce, malpensa express, milano malpensa …

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    • … include all countries being traveled through to be valid. The ‘Passholder 3’ rate would now only be valid for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass … (2018-04-24)
  • Does my Swiss Travel Pass cover DB trains traveling in Switzerland, such as the trains from Interlaken to Bern?

    We are using swiss travel passes in Switzerland and want to know if this pass will cover our fare on a DB Bahn train from Interlaken to Bern. thanks (2015-05-30)

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    Tags: bern, ice, intercity express, interlaken, interlaken to bern, swiss travel pass, switzerland

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    • … Vicki. Yes, a Swiss Travel Pass does cover DB operated trains within Switzerland, including … from Interlaken to Bern. Reservations are not necessary on these trains, so the Swiss Travel Pass is actually all you'd need to board. For reference, you can just check … (2015-05-31)
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