• Paris to London, with a detour...

    I'm planning a trip with my elderly parents from Canada - likely fromToronto to Paris. Would then like to go to Normandy for 2-3 days, then take the chunnel to England with eventual destination Glasgow. Can we take the train from Paris to Normandy... (2013-03-24)

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    • … would have to be purchased locally as well. You would then return to Paris in order to catch the Eurostar train that will take you to London. Glasgow is only about 4.5 … within 90 days of an intended date of departure, while the Eurostar train that connects Paris and London can generally … (2013-03-25)
  • Help on best way to travel

    Hi I am traveling from London to Cologne then to Prague then to Berlin and ending in Paris. What is the best option for me. I am traveling June 1 thru June 9 (2013-05-17)

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    • … for your travel within those two countries. 2.) Regular tickets for the Eurostar train from London to Brussels (as part of a connection from London … -pass/index.html . You would purchase tickets for the Eurostar from London to Brussels by clicking on 'Find Fares … (2013-05-20)
  • Why additional charges for Belgium?

    … . I plan to return to the UK from Amsterdam via Brussels and use the Eurostar to London but I'm confused why there is a charge for the segment from Amsterdam to Brussels. I realize that I have to pay extra for the Eurostar but do not understand why there is additional charges for the segment that is in Belgium. Any advice would be much appreciated … (2013-07-09)

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  • US citizen trying to buy an European a train ticket. Help please!

    Hi, I'm trying to buy two tickets from London to Lyon for my boyfriend and I, but I'm a US citizen and he is a UK citizen. I don't need any kind of passes or deals, I just want two tickets so I know we will be on the same train. Can I still not buy him... (2013-08-20)

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    • … point-to-point tickets, including tickets for the Eurostar train from London to Paris and a connecting TGV … (2013-08-20)
  • Help! Transporting stereo equipment & paintings!

    Hi, I am leaving Madrid for London and wondered if the train has facilities to store the above in a cargo area? Regards, Lin. (2014-02-16)

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    • … on the trains from Madrid to Paris for this type of equipment. For the Eurostar from Paris to London, you can check your luggage in at the station … cost. As we do not know the cost for your type of equipment, you would need to check locally at the Eurostar ticket window in Paris. Thank you, Jen (2014-02-17)
  • Purchased 2 tickets for my wife & myself but only my name is on the tickets

    I purchased and printed tickets this evening for a day trip from Rome to Florance. I listed both myself and my wife but on both print links I was listed as the only passenger. How do I fix this? (2014-04-28)

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    • … /eurail-global-pass/index.html. The Eurostar, the train connects London with Paris, is not entirely … or 90 days of an intended date of departure, the Eurostar is an exception and can generally be booked up to 9 months … (2014-05-02)
  • Chunnel not operating - 7/8/14

    The Chunnel is having electrical issues and may not be running until noon today. I have clients that have tickets on this. What's an alternative if the electrical issues persist? I tried the 800 number but couldn't get a live person. (2014-07-08)

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    • … to electrical issues in the tunnel. Please check locally at the Eurostar station to see if your train is running. If it is not running, you can exchange … (2014-07-08)
  • No confirmation email

    I need urgently my confirmation number I bought my ticket to London last Thursday and haven't received the confirmation number so I can print my ticket at the station My trip is tomorrow and I don't know what to do I will proceed legally against RAIL... (2014-09-08)

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    • I had to buy another ticket for my trip, in the correct web page EUROSTAR .COM AND OF COURSE THIS ISN't GOING TO STOP HERE ASAP I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST RAILEUROPE (2014-09-08)
  • Unable to complete booking!

    There is a pending charge on my account but unable to complete booking. I am being given the number to call in the United States but I am already in Europe and trying to book for next weekend! Please help, I cannot call the number given and I have tried... (2015-04-13)

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    • Please do not charge me for this booking as the booking was not completed. I have already purchased the tickets through Eurostar. (2015-04-13)
  • Is London included with rail pass?

    Traveling from London to Munich with train switch in Paris. Munich to Zurich and travel in Switzerland for 2 days (2016-07-20)

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    • … of London) with any country on the mainland continent of Europe. The Eurostar train (which connects London with the European mainland … pass. You would purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on a Eurostar by entering the route on our homepage (www.raileurope.com) and indicating … (2016-07-20)
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