• London, Paris, Monaco, Munich

    What is the best way to travel from London to Paris to Monaco to Munich? Staying two days in each city. What to see and what kind of pass to get? (2012-02-28)

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    • … from London to Paris on board the chunnel train: Eurostar. It will only take you 2H15m Paris to Monaco can also be done by train with the TGV … (2012-03-01)
  • France Rail Pass - TGV special rates

    … out of Paris or just those listed: Special Passholder fare on Eurostar, Thalys, Artesia Day and Night, Elipsos … (2012-03-19)

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  • What is TICKETING TIME LIMIT on my Proforma Invoice?

    In February, I bought tickets for April 29, tickets to be printed "@ the station". Next to the PNR on my Proforma Invoice is the TICKETING TIME LIMIT of April 15. What does this mean? I paid for the ticket in February. (2012-04-20)

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  • Passport/Visa check at each border crossing?

    Are there immigration officers on each European/Schengen border checking the passport and tourist visa? I would like to have my Philippines passport stamped to show where I travelled. Example: Stockholm - Malmo - Copenhagen - Oslo or going to Finland....... (2012-04-24)

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  • No Chunnel, Please.

    Can I travel from Paris to London via an English Channel ferry? Taking EuroStar through the Chunnel is a less desired option. I would like to take the train from Paris to Calais, a ferry to Dover and a train to London. What is the best way to do this? (2012-04-25)

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  • security screening

    what kind of security check points will we encounter on the trains from Rotterdam to Zurich via Paris. Is it like US airport security, checking luggage , purses,etc? (2012-04-26)

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    • … , There is no security check at the train stations in Europe except for the Eurostar between London and Paris or Brussels. For the train you are taking … (2012-04-26)
  • How do I book specific seats (eg duo seats) on the Rail Europe website?

    How does one select a particular seat type when making a reservation online? When I book for my wife and me, I am arbitrarily assigned 2 seats - but don't get a chance to select for example duo seats with a table in between. How do I select seats... (2012-05-28)

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    • Can specific seats be arranged directly with the railway company (eg SNCF, Eurostar)? (2012-05-28)
  • Youth Pass Class Availabiltiy

    When I priced passes previously for myself, my 31-year old nephew, and my 18-year old neice, I was under the impression that a Youth Pass could only be purchased for 2nd class service; however, using the guide provided on this site, it offers the... (2012-07-30)

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    • … . This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Are there any youth discounts on the Eurostar between London & Paris? If so, how do you book … (2012-10-19)
  • Traveling from Greece to Ireland

    I am from Sudan working in Saudi Arabia. I want to travel from Greece to Ireland in July 2013. What is the route for my trip? Do I need to buy tickets from Saudi Arabia or it is better to buy them from Greece? Please advise. (2012-09-25)

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    • … , you will need to take a ferry to Italy, trains from Italy to France, the Eurostar from Paris to London, trains to Holyhead, and then another ferry … (2012-09-25)
  • Please help me design the perfect 72 hour trip

    I need help planning my 72 hour trip itinary from Venice to Dublin. Should I use Rail and Ferry...... (2012-10-03)

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    • … into Paris in the morning and can spend the day. The next morning, there are Eurostar trains that will take you to London. The next day, take the train from London … (2012-10-03)
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