• Can I make a reservation online? I have a Rail Pass but am traveling with no fixed address to receive a paper ticket.


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    • … are only able to be issued electronically for trains in Italy and Germany, as well as the Eurostar (the train that connects London with either Paris or Brussels … (2017-07-21)
  • Taking a multitool Knife (swiss army knife) while travelling?

    I have been travelling through Spain with my multi tool knife & encountered trouble trying to board a train in Valencia. The problem is with the blade when my luggage was x-rayed. I didn't board that train. I was able to board another train to my... (2017-10-05)

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    • … , the only train types in Europe with x-ray machines are the Eurostar (the train connecting London with either Paris or Brussels … (2017-10-05)
  • Problem booking the Original London Sightseeing Tour

    I can't enter the dates for the ORIGINAL LONDON SIGHTSEEING TOUR 6 months in advance along with my Eurostar booking. Will the offer still remain in 3 months even if I book the eurostar right away?? (2018-01-07)

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  • How to book train tickets from Paris to Basel for TGV Lyria with wheelchair accessible seating from USA.

    We live in USA. Planning to travel from Paris to Basel during July-Aug with a handicapped passenger who uses electric wheelchair. We are unable to find a way to book tickets online or by phone? How can we purchase train tickets for a disabled youth... (2018-04-14)

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    • … . As it is, we are only able to book wheelchair space on 2 trains: the Eurostar (the high-speed train that connects London … (2018-04-16)
  • Train rides to ski resorts from France?

    I would like to experience skiing in the Alpes (mostly in France) for about 3 months. I am thinking of basing myself out of Grenoble or Briancon or Lac Annecy and taking the train to the various resorts. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? (2012-02-07)

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    • … lies just 45 minutes away from the slopes. Also, keep in mind that Eurostar runs trains from London straight to Aime … (2012-02-07)
  • London to Dijon, connecting in Paris: how to go from Gare Du Nord to Gare De Lyon?

    What is the best way to get from Gare Paris Nord (eurostar) to Gare Lyon (TGV)? How much time should I allow from arrival at Nord until departure at Lyon weekday at 10:17? (2012-02-11)

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  • Transfer of trains at Lille Europe

    The train I am going to book from Brussels to Paris shows a transfer (29 mins) at Lille Europe. Do I need to leave the station? What happens with our bags? Is 29 minutes enough? Thanks! (2012-02-11)

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    • … leave the train stations. You will just have to change trains, from the Eurostar to most likely a TGV train. You will need to carry the luggage … (2012-02-15)
  • Birmingham to Bordeaux

    What is the best way to travel by train from Birmingham to Bordeaux? Approximately how many hours will this trip take? (2012-02-23)

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    • … and then transfer to London St. Pancras. From London St. Pancras, you will take the Eurostar train to Paris Nord. Once in Paris, you will transfer … (2012-03-02)
  • London, Paris, Monaco, Munich

    What is the best way to travel from London to Paris to Monaco to Munich? Staying two days in each city. What to see and what kind of pass to get? (2012-02-28)

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    • … from London to Paris on board the chunnel train: Eurostar. It will only take you 2H15m Paris to Monaco can also be done by train with the TGV … (2012-03-01)
  • France Rail Pass - TGV special rates

    … out of Paris or just those listed: Special Passholder fare on Eurostar, Thalys, Artesia Day and Night, Elipsos … (2012-03-19)

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