• Travelling from Wurburg germany and back

    I am a US citizen visiting relatives in wurzburg, germany. I plan to visit Paris, Italy and Spain or London then back to wurzburg. How can I get the cheapest fare? thanks. (2012-11-12)

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    • … . Please note, London is not a part of the Eurail Select Pass, you can take the Eurostar train from Paris to London and pay for a discounted fare … (2012-11-12)
  • London to Biot, France

    Where do I catch a train in London to go to France and where in France is the closest station to Biot? (2013-01-11)

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    • … Jill, You will take the Eurostar train from London St Pancras to Paris Nord station, you will change train stations … (2013-01-11)
  • Train Stations in Vienna

    I will be purchasing a ticket for travel between Vienna and Zurich in May. I'm not sure which station I will board(Wien Meidling or Wien Westbahnhof). Can I purchase one leaving from Wien Meidling and board at Wein Westbahnof? I'm not sure which... (2013-01-20)

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    • … Jon, There is no weight limitation (except on a few trains such as Eurostar and the French-Spanish hotel trains) and trains have either overhead … (2013-01-29)
  • Frankfurt, Venice, Rome, Paris and London

    I will be traveling to these cities this summer. What would be the best route for me to take? (Starting in what city, then next city, etc.). Unfortunately, I have a limited time to spend -- June 28 arrival and departure July 11. Would also like to... (2013-02-21)

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    • … Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar, which is the train that connects London and Paris, can generally … (2013-02-22)
  • I have some problems

    … refund. i was trying to book a eurostar ticket from you guys. but when i had paid for the ticket by visa, i got an error that the verification of your card … (2013-04-08)

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  • How would I get from The New Forest UK to Paris, France. Also I need to know how to get from Winchester UK to Dublin?


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    • … station in about 20 minutes. From London St. Pancras there several Eurostar trains throughout the day to Paris. London … (2013-04-13)
  • What is the child age on the Italian trains?

    i made train reservation from rome to venice and the operator considered my 14 years old daughter as child is it ok? (2013-06-24)

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    • … , the new 'Italo' and the Trenitalia 'Le Frecce' (formerly known as 'Eurostar Italia'). The child age is 4 to 14 … (2013-06-25)
  • Refne train luggage recommedation

    Any one have ideas for a good luggage recommendation that will suffice a 2 and half week trip and yet be easy to bring + store on a Refne Spain rail? I hear rack and back car storage is hard to find. (2014-02-13)

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    • Hi Liffry, Most train companies do not check the size of the luggage unless it is Eurostar or Thalys. You should be ok with whatever you bring. Just note that luggage space can be limited. Thank you, Jen (2014-02-13)
  • Package Service

    … package service on these trains like Eurostar. We need to send our two suitcases ahead of us to Munich from Paris. I have tried to communicate through the 800 number but I have waited … (2014-02-19)

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  • How do I get from earls court in England to a hotel in Versailles, France?


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    • Hi Terri, You would need to take the Eurostar from London to Paris. Then the RER line C train from Paris to Versailles. The total travel time will be approximately 3 1/2 hours with the change of trains in Paris. Thank you, Jen (2014-02-24)
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