• Which trains will be covered as part of EuRail pass for 3 countries - Italy,Swiss,France?

    … and Paris for local commute can you get any benefits with this Eurail pass? I am seeing that day by day train ticket fares … with good fare as soon as possible. Also, what are the benefits of getting eurail pass versus swiss travel pass? which one gives more price savings while travelling … (2016-04-10)

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  • If I have a Eurail Global Pass, would I still have to pay full price to take the Golden Pass train?

    If you hold a Global Pass for 10 days over 2 months and you want to travel on the Golden Pass train from Montreaux to Lucerne in Switzerland - do you still pay full price for the Golden Pass train? or is there a reduction because of the Global Pass? (2013-06-03)

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  • Travel from Salzburg to Wengen with a Eurail Pass that doesn't include Austria / Train Starts in a Non-Pass Country

    How do you handle travel under a 2 county pass when a portion of the trip is in a country not covered and that country is the origin of the trip, ie, a trip from Salzburg, Austria to Wengen, Switzerland with a Swiss/France pass? (2013-07-04)

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  • Suggestions for transport between Bern, Interlaken & Grindelwald for travel with a Eurail France-Switzerland Pass?

    … traveling to Bern using our France/Swiss pass and would like to travel further to Interlaken and then Grindelwald (where we will stay for a few days). We would then go to/from Interlaken … between Bern, Interlaken & Grindewald? There does not seem to be any reservations available using our RailEuro pass. Also, not too sure about car rental costs … (2014-07-03)

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  • Are cable cars & gondolas (like Titlis & Pilatus) in Switzerland covered with a Eurail Global Pass?

    Are all Swiss cable cars/gondolas discounted with the Eurail Global Pass? Your web site only mentioned a few specific ones like Titlis and Pilatus. Is there a list of any more covered ones? (2016-04-13)

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  • Can we use the Eurail Pass for France & Switzerland to cover TGV from Paris to Basel & local trains in Paris etc?

    We are two families with 4 adult & 4 kids (<10yrs). We plan to travel from Paris to Basel via TGV. Can i use this pass to travel local trains in Paris & Swiss or do i need to buy separate pass for both city. (2017-02-23)

    Products: Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Eurail Select Pass

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  • Does a Eurail Select Pass including only Austria & Switzerland cover the Bernina Express from Tirano to Chur?

    HiI have a Eurail select pass for Austria and Switzerland and have reserved Bernina express seats separately … Bernina exp at Tirano(Italy). Can I get my Eurail pass activated at Tirano which is in Italy and travel without paying anything extra … (2017-03-31)

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    Tags: bernina, bernina express, chur, eurail select pass, tirano, tirano to chur

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  • Eurail 2 country pass vs Swiss Travel Pass to cover Rome-Milan-Grindelwald-Interlaken-Lucerne-Zurich

    … , i am still very confused>age 24 and age 28Do both these pass allow unlimited transfers on same day -example day … specific train tix for airport to and from?How many days on which pass? THATS MY PROBLEM. THANK YOUI cant figure out which one has more benefits and would be less aggravation. SO CONFUSED … (2018-03-19)

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  • Eurail Pass reservations and Swiss trains

    … plan to buy a Eurail Global Pass and looked on the Eurail website for the trip from Zurich to Innsbruck and they say the reservation is recommended but on your site it says they are required? Second question: Will I get any discounts with my Eurail Pass on the Cable cars of Schilthorn or the train to Jungfrau … (2013-04-18)

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  • Do I need to reserved a seat on the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz? I have a 2 country Eurail Select Pass for Switzerland & Germany.

    I have a 2 countries (Swiss and Germany) EURAIL SELECT PASS.Please let me know if I have just to reserve a seat on the Glacier Express to go from Zermatt to Saint Moritz.And please, how I do the reserve.Thanks!Renato (2016-10-19)

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    Tags: eurail select pass, glacier express, glacier express eurail passholder fare, pass and reservations, st moritz, switzerland, zermatt, zermatt to st moritz

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