• Missing Ticket ?

    … purchased two Eurostar tickets from a travel agent - hate to say this but not sure we received or should have received tickets. either way we do not have tickets in our hands … (2014-08-26)

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  • Me deja el tren por que no tengo boleto

    Hola, estamos en Londres en este momento y mañana sale nuestro tren en la mañana para Paris, nunca recibimos confirmación por correo de nuestra reserva, solo recibimos el cargo de la tarjeta de crédito y un correo de bienvenida. La compra la... (2014-09-10)

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  • Why can't we print tickets out online for Spanish travels?

    It says the "print this ticket out online" option is unavailable, but when I scroll over the link it says "print at home tickets are only available for Eurostar, Thalys, and Spanish tickets". My ticket is from Madrid to Barcelona, so this makes no sense. (2014-09-18)

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  • World Record attempt - Trying for 8 Capital Cities in 24 hours

    I am trying to break a Guinness World Record by visiting 8 capital cities in 24 hours. I am struggling to make the timings work, would anyone like to help me plan the route please. Thx Kate (2014-10-09)

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    • … , to make for 8 capital cities. The high-speed Eurostar trains between London and Paris depart frequently … (2014-10-09)
  • Why am I only being given a One-Way rate when doing a "Round Trip" search between Paris & London?

    I click on "round trip" but it keeps only giving a one way rate. What am I doing wrong. I just wanted to know how much it would cost round trip from Paris to London back to Paris (2014-10-16)

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    • … corresponds only to the outbound portion of your round-trip on the Eurostar between Paris and London. If you select the option to do a 'Round … (2014-10-16)
  • Is my bag too long to bring on the train from Belgrade to Athens?

    … 4 golf clubs in the bag and I can take them out, but I think I read that if you are taking a Eurostar, Thalys or a TGV train, you can not bring a bag … (2014-12-25)

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  • Booking the Simply Paris for traveler from UK

    … a Simply Paris tour which consists of a roundtrip Eurostar daytrip from London to Paris. Part of the group is from the USA … (2015-04-04)

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  • Short layovers in Le Mans and Lille Europe. Will we make it to the next train?

    We have purchased rail tickets for traveling from Le Mans to Lille Europe to Brussels, with some very tight layovers in both the Le Mans and Lille Europe train stations. 11 in Le Mans and 15 minutes in Lille Europe. Are we likely to make our next trains? (2015-05-19)

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    • … time of 15 minutes would only problematic if you were switching to a Eurostar train. Otherwise, if switching to a Brussels-France TGV … (2015-05-20)
  • phone number from Germany

    I have a colleague based in US but currently travelling in Germany who needs to travel to London. Is there a phone number he can use to make the booking as he is currently without a laptop (2015-06-05)

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    • … as print-at-station and/or print-at-home tickets (the 'Eurostar' train from London or Brussels to Paris, domestic … (2015-06-05)
  • ICE complaint

    … you should at least be nice when you are offering a drink etc. Compaired to others lines of trains like TGV, eurostar, thalys... the service with ICE just sucks (2015-08-10)

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