• Can you provide suggestions for my train travel?

    wife and I,senior citizens, are planning on attending the croke bowl in Dublin, aug 30, 2014. we would like to go to London, Brussels, paris, and or marceilles, Monaco and Barcelona before returning to the usa. we also would like to go via first class,... (2013-08-01)

    Tags: … , great britain, britain, united kingdom, uk, eurostar, belgium, benelux, france, spain …

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  • Trains from Heathrow Airport to Reading station in UK?

    I need to reach Reading Station from Heathrow Airport about 0800 in the morning . What trains are available? (2015-06-26)

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  • Is Guildford, UK covered by the BritRail London Plus pass?

    I'm planning on staying in Compton just outside of Guildford. Will the London Plus pass cover travel to London from there, or do I need the full BritRail pass? (2016-05-06)

    Tags: compton, farncombe, farncombe to london, guildford, guildford to london, london, london waterloo, london waterloo station, south west trains, southwest trains, surrey, britrail london plus pass

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  • Canterbury to York, only 8 minutes to change trains in London. Can a family of 4 do this in the 8 minute time frame?

    Hello, 1st time in the UK and 1st time on the Rail Europe. Family of 4 are traveling from Cambridge to York, there is a train transfer with a 8 minute time schedule to switch trains. Can this be done? (2017-06-13)

    Products: British Trains

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  • Heathrow to Dover Priory via trains

    Arriving Heathrow 9-10-13 about noon. Need to depart on cruise ship out of Dover on 9-13-13 at 5:00 p.m. So 3 nights we need to plan somewhere to stay. What to see along the way? Where to stay? P.S. we'd really love to see Stonehenge and/or other... (2013-08-13)

    Tags: london heathrow airport, heathrow airport, london heathrow, london, stonehenge, salisbury, dover, dover priory, point to point, united kingdom, uk, great britain, britain, england, heathrow express

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  • London Plus Train Pass usage

    I have a London Plus Pass. Will this pass cover Hover travel from Portsmouth to Ryde? (2014-05-25)

    Tags: ryde, hover, train

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  • What is my best option for 6 train trips over 15 days

    … - including Bath we require 6 separate train tickets (Oxford, Windermere, York, Cambridge … (2013-07-28)

    Tags: england, london, bath, windermere, oxford, york, cambridge, united kingdom, britain, great britain, uk, britrail england pass, london travel card, tube

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  • Can I use my France Rail pass after my trip from London to Paris on the Eurostar train?


    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: eurostar, london, paris, france rail pass, france pass, united kingdom, england, uk, britain, great britain, france, passholder, eurostar passholder

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  • Not having any luck using the Rail Europe app to research if I simply can get on a train and ride with a Eurail Global Pass?

    I tried using the Rail Europe app on my iPad and found only frustration. Trying to enter Departing cities like Montreux, Lucerne (or Luzern), Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Ljubljana, Feldkirch, all I got was a blank box. The only ones that worked were... (2017-09-02)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassICE Trains (Germany)GoldenPassRail Pass & Reservations

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  • Why don't all trains show?

    … noticed that many routes that are mostly served by regional trains like TER in France and Renfe in Spain are not available using your site, on the other hand … find time tables and tickets for those routes. A good example is a train from Toulouse to La Tour de Carol is impossible to ticket … (2012-03-10)

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