• Why are there additional fees for every train connection I want to make even though I have a rail pass??

    … that the Eurail Global Pass covered ALL travel on trains, aside from trains that require a reservation. When I go to the “Book a tickets … fees. Why?? As mentioned above, I do understand that the hig speed trains require a reservation and extra fees but aren’t there regionally … (2019-04-17)

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    • trains you must leave the "I have a rail pass" unchecked. I just want to ensure I'm understanding you correctly...for instance from Heathrow UK to Edinburg Scotland....checking Eurail Global Pass comes up with no trains available, but if I uncheck the "I have a rail pass" box … (2019-05-21)
    • … Chuck, For trains in the UK, passholder reservations are only able to be purchased locally and are only recommended on trains that take over 2.5 … in the station and mentioning that you have the Eurail Global Pass. For trains in the UK under 2.5 hours in duration … (2019-05-21)
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  • Littlehaven, UK to Kefalonia, Greece by train & ferry (via Lille, Switzerland, Milan)

    … from Littlehaven, West Sussex UK to Kefalonia Greek Island by train & Ferry, via Lille, through Switzerland … , and stay in hotels at night. This is the first time I will have travelled through Europe by train. i have a uk disabled railcard as I am partially deaf … (2015-05-01)

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  • Trains out of Valencia + does Eurail pass satisfy return ticket or continuation requirements for US citizen?

    … to Valencia, Spain in June and then traveling around Europe and the UK for three months. Do you know if a Eurail pass satisfies the … Spain. Additionally, what are the best means of travel, preferably by train or bus, for a Eurail pass holder in southern … (2017-03-27)

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  • Best rail pass/ticket options for travel in Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the UK

    … period to Germany, Austria, and Italy, then making my way over to London, UK (likely going through Paris). The Rail Europe website and call … (2013-05-21)

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  • Can I purchase a ticket on the Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam for a UK resident?

    I need to get 4 one way tickets on Thalys PARIS-AMSTERDAM, no rail passes are needed. Is it possible to buy for a UK citizen and resident? Remaining 3 people are US citizens. and residents. (2014-05-24)

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  • Can you provide suggestions for my train travel?

    wife and I,senior citizens, are planning on attending the croke bowl in Dublin, aug 30, 2014. we would like to go to London, Brussels, paris, and or marceilles, Monaco and Barcelona before returning to the usa. we also would like to go via first class,... (2013-08-01)

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  • Trains from Heathrow Airport to Reading station in UK?

    I need to reach Reading Station from Heathrow Airport about 0800 in the morning . What trains are available? (2015-06-26)

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  • Is Guildford, UK covered by the BritRail London Plus pass?

    I'm planning on staying in Compton just outside of Guildford. Will the London Plus pass cover travel to London from there, or do I need the full BritRail pass? (2016-05-06)

    Tags: compton, farncombe, farncombe to london, guildford, guildford to london, london, london waterloo, london waterloo station, south west trains, southwest trains, surrey, britrail london plus pass

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  • Canterbury to York, only 8 minutes to change trains in London. Can a family of 4 do this in the 8 minute time frame?

    Hello, 1st time in the UK and 1st time on the Rail Europe. Family of 4 are traveling from Cambridge to York, there is a train transfer with a 8 minute time schedule to switch trains. Can this be done? (2017-06-13)

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  • Heathrow to Dover Priory via trains

    Arriving Heathrow 9-10-13 about noon. Need to depart on cruise ship out of Dover on 9-13-13 at 5:00 p.m. So 3 nights we need to plan somewhere to stay. What to see along the way? Where to stay? P.S. we'd really love to see Stonehenge and/or other... (2013-08-13)

    Tags: london heathrow airport, heathrow airport, london heathrow, london, stonehenge, salisbury, dover, dover priory, point to point, united kingdom, uk, great britain, britain, england, heathrow express

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