• using flexible Swiss Railway Pass for local tramways and buses

    Swiss fexible pass valid for 4 days in 1 month 1)Can I validate it prior to my 1st … 2)My 4th day of traveling by train will be on June 16th,Could I use this pass to take tramways on June 17th … (2013-05-02)

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    • … Gregory, The Swiss Rail Pass is valid for travel on 41 city transit systems: Aarau, Baden, Basel … , Zug, Z├╝rich . Requires use of travel day. Because the flexi pass is valid for 1 month and using … (2013-05-03)
  • Swiss Flexi Pass

    … buy a Swiss Flexi Pass during the entire period it is valid for all lifts, museums , botrides, etc. even though I am NOT traveling by train that day? ie. Staying … (2013-06-13)

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    • … with the use of a travel day. Therefore, if you were to use your Swiss Pass for entrance to a museum, then it would use up a day of travel on your pass if you will not already be using it for any train travel at any other point on that same day. If you happen to use your pass for entrance to a museum on the same day as one of your train trips … (2013-06-17)
  • Swiss Rail questions?

    … ? (She won't have another chance to do it direclty until she gets to Venice and that is just one day before they want to travel to Interlaken.) If I figure out that it makes sense for her to have a Swiss Rail Youth Pass can she buy that from the train station … (2013-07-09)

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    • … . That said, we would not be able to speak definitely about what they would be able to sell at the station in Dublin, though I can say for almost certain that they would not be able to sell the Swiss Pass either. In any case, you would not want to purchase … (2013-07-09)
  • Swiss Tour

    … Mihir form India and would be travelling to Swiss with family. my plans are : 29/03/14 - Zurich … 01/04/14 - Local Travel in Swiss 02/04/14 - Zurich to Paris … group of 7 people. can you suggest me to book Rail pass ( Second Class) to reduce travelling expense … (2014-01-24)

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  • Where/when to purchase 2 for 1 Swiss Flexi-pass?

    Can I purchase a 2 for 1 Swiss Flexi-pass upon my arrival in Zurich or do I need to order in advance of my departure from the US and have it shipped to me? (2012-09-18)

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    • … , This promo is something we offer here in North America. You would purchase the pass prior to departing for Europe and arrange for it to be delivered to a domestic address. You would purchase this pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-fall-2 … (2012-09-18)
  • Buying a swiss transfer pass. CAN vs CHF vs EURO

    … live in Canada, is it possible to purchase 3 swiss transfer tickets and obtain the family card on the raileurope … currency rates it makes the most sense to purchase the passes in euros. If I purchase the passes on the raileurope world site is the shipping … (2015-01-24)

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  • Is swiss flexi pass valid for 30 days or for one calendar month?

    The Swiss Rail Flexi pass says it is valid within one month. Does that mean one calendar month or within 30 days from first use? I will be traveling in both June and July but within a 30 day window. Will one pass be valid for the whole time? (2013-05-14)

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    • … of a flexipass would be calculated the same way as a 1 month consecutive Swiss Pass. 'Travel days' on a flexipass refer … to 'city C' on the same day, then you would only use up one day of travel on your rail pass. In contrast, if you were to take that connecting train to 'city C' on the next day … (2014-01-09)
  • Heading from Locarno to Grindelwald. Traveling with a Swiss rail passing through Italy a problem?

    I'll be traveling with a Swiss flexi pass next month. If I travel from Locarno to Grindelwald traveling the most direct route is through Italy. Will I need to pay extra since I only have a Swiss rail pass? (2014-08-17)

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    • … en route; once in Domodossola, once in Spiez, and then once in Interlaken. In some cases, there may be another train change in Brig in between Domodossola and Spiez. A Swiss Pass is actually valid on the rail line … (2014-08-18)
  • Can I Change the date of my Swiss Saver Pass

    I have a Swiss Saver Pass taken for the four days from GOLTIG: 21.0912 -24.09.12 I'd like to prepone this date from today it'self i.e 20.09.12. Is this possible, if yes, how do i that? Thanks in advance for any information. (2012-09-20)

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  • Swiss Card - breaking up return journey (that's free on the card)

    Swiss Card, can I break up my return journey across multiple days? e.g. Can I have the journey as Geneva airport to Wengen … to Montreux on May 31st, then from Montreux back to Geneva airport on June 2nd? Please confirm that I can do the above without paying anything extra when using a Swiss Card … (2012-04-23)

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    • … your journey along the route. This card is used to take the train from any Swiss airport or border station to a single destination … would be for you to purchase full fare tickets as these are less expensive than a Swiss Pass. If you are traveling from Wengen to Montreux through Interlaken … (2012-04-24)
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