• /s Swiss - france pass

    … panning to travel to paris - 2days and Switzerland - 3 days... would it make sense to buy the swiss - france pass? or buy point to point tickets as and when required and buy the swiss pass separately for travel within Switzerland? what perks / benefits do I gain or loose … (2016-06-10)

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  • A quick Swiss trip - Zurich to Geneva to Bern & then back to Zurich

    … extra day to fill with our Swiss/German rail pass, and we wanted to spend this day touring Switzerland, starting and ending in Zurich. If we took the train to Geneva … (2012-04-17)

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  • Swiss Regional Pass

    My wife and I plan to vacation in the Interlaken area for 4 days. We plan to purchase the Swiss Regional Pass (Berner Oberland). Will this qualify for a Swiss Pass discount on our trip from Interlaken to Venice? (2013-08-14)

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  • Eurail pass for bus 61 from cornavin to annemasse

    Is bus 61 from from geneve, cornavin to annemasse included in eurail pass? If not, is it possible to buy a ticket with euros or a Canadian credit card? Finally, is ski luggage allowed on this bus? I am using this as a transfer to get to chamonix. (2014-02-03)

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  • Swiss Fall 2-for-1 for youths

    I'd like to buy two 2-for-1 passes for my wife and two 16-year old daughters, but the web page only shows a choice for "Adult 26+ (minimum 2)". Are these not valid for travellers under 26? (2012-08-19)

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    • Hi Kirby, The youth rate doesn't apply for the Swiss Fall 2-for-1 promo. With this promo, you would be able to purchase two passes for the price of one adult pass. Therefore, your daughters' passes would be free. (2012-08-20)
  • EURail Pass with Swiss Youth hostels: Does the discount use a travel day off the pass?

    … bought ourselves EURail passes and were planning on using it to get discounts at the swiss youth hostels. Before we do that, We'd like to know whether using it would use up one of our travel days. Further, How would we avail the discount on hostelbookers.com? Thanks, Krishnan (2017-06-17)

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    • Hi Krishan, I'm sorry, however, the Swiss Travel Pass does not provide for any discounts on hostels. (2017-06-19)
  • Zurich-Lucerne, Lucerne-Venice, Venice-Florence, Florence-Rome, should I buy the Eurail Pass for Switzerland and Italy?

    … somewhere that for travel within Italy, I still have to pay for getting a seat. Is that true?Also, does this pass cover local transport in Italy and Switzerland (similar to the Swiss Travel Pass)?Or should I just buy the Swiss Travel pass and travel to / in Italy … (2018-03-30)

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  • Can I purchase a Swiss Rail Pass in Switzerland? I plan to travel soon.


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    • … the United States-based seller of European passes and tickets for the North American market. The Swiss Pass is issued as a physical document that would have to be shipped to you before you depart for Europe. Any order placed on our website takes 24 … (2014-08-15)
  • Do Rail Passes work for non-consecutive days?

    Hi, I am looking to travel on 2 non-consecutive days (about a week apart). Can I use my 3-day rail pass for that or would I need to a pass that spans the entire length of my trip? (2017-10-18)

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    • Hi Jeff, Just for clarification: Say I purchase an "8-consecutive day" Swiss Travel Pass and I start/activate it on say, May 2. When is the last day will I be able to use the Pass? Thanks. (2017-10-20)
  • slight mistakes on swiss paper passes

    Hi, I want to know about slight mistakes on swiss paper passes will be acceptable for example my name is NIKET but it's printed NIKIET, I hope this will work easily..plz advice on urgent basis.. (2018-10-12)

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