• 4 days pass for travel agent rates in Switzerland


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    • … 'Book Agent Discounts' from the left margin. To request the travel agent discount for the Swiss Travel Pass, you would just click on the link … (2017-06-01)
  • Swiss Travel Pass or Eurail Pass

    … suggest the right train pass for my entire Europe itinerary. I land in Paris, train to Geneva - spend 8 … days in Munich, return to Paris and fly out of Europe. I would like to get all the discount options on Swiss Mountain Trains … (2018-03-19)

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    • … from Paris to Geneva. From Geneva, I will be travelling throughout Swiss attractions using trains for 8 days … , take a train from Salzburg to Paris and leave out of Europe. I am aware that for local trains in Swiss, "Swiss Travel Pass" is the best option. My question is whether it is better … (2018-03-20)
  • Amsterdam-Bruges-Paris-Swiss... Urgent Help!!

    Swiss, Lucern 06-Nov Lucern to Zurich (fly back to USA) I would want to know if you can recommend any RailEurope pass … -Bruges, Bruges-Paris & Paris-Swiss; can I go for a RailEurope pass which will help me cover all these routes and be cost effective … (2016-10-02)

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  • Swiss Rail Flex Pass for Seniors

    … March 7-15th. We want to buy the Swiss Flex Pass for 3 days travel to Geneva, Bern & Schilthorn . We do not want to buy on-line to save the postage fee. Can we buy the Swiss Flex Pass at one of the Interlaken Train Stations … (2014-02-18)

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    • … to purchase your pass before you travel as the fares for the passes locally are more expensive. You would also avoid paying in Swiss Francs and then being charged different exchange rates … (2014-02-18)
  • Travel in Switzerland; Swiss Flex Pass?

    … . I am trying to determine if the 3 or 4-day Swiss flex pass is the best way to travel. We are traveling from Strasbourg … for a few days then back via Lugano to Zurich) Much of our travel is between countries, so cannot use the Swiss pass, but we dn't think enough to use a Eurail 4 country … (2018-04-16)

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  • can i reissue the tickets (swiss train pass)

    can i reissue the tickets (swiss train pass)due to lost/stolen of my bag ,i lost my swiss train pass in it.can anyone help for procedure.regards vijay (2014-07-29)

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    We want to use the train to travel to various sights in Switzerland. We want to stay in one city and travel each day from there. We are thinking of staying in Bern for 6 days. Is this the city to stay in as a home base? e (2016-02-28)

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    • … , Anywhere could serve as a home base, including Bern; it just depends on where you want to be. For travel around Switzerland, you can purchase the 'Swiss Travel … Travel Pass would be purchased here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index … (2016-02-29)
  • If I purchase the Swiss Travel E-Pass, can I reserved seats with another website?

    If I purchase the Swiss Travel 'E-Pass’ ticket from your website , can I reserved seats with other website for example Swiss travelSystem.com? (2015-07-09)

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  • swiss card

    … . He will land in Milan. I am buying the swiss card. At what point does the swiss card cover his round … (2014-05-25)

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    • … boarder to his destination. And then from that destination to the Swiss Boarder or Airport. We are not able to price out tickets on this forum. In order to determine the cost … Milan to which ever city he is going to and then select the Swiss Card as the rail pass that he is using. This will then price out the correct cost … (2014-05-26)
  • Reservation for a trip from France to Swizterland with a Eurail France - Italy Pass

    Do I get a discount on a train from Switzerland into France if I only have a France-Italy Rail Pass? (2012-02-15)

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    • … include all countries being traveled through to be valid. The ‘Passholder 3’ rate would now only be valid for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass … (2018-04-24)
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