• London to Edinburgh train

    Arriving London 9/14 @ 7. Not sure how long it will take to clear customs so not sure I should buy an advance ticket. Can I buy a ticket at the station or on the train? Any thoughts you have as to how to make this easier are appreciated Thanks (2017-09-04)

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    • … to get you into the city. Special tickets are issued for the Heathrow Express. These tickets would be purchased by clicking on the following link … at the station. At the airport itself, the time it takes to get from the gate to the Heathrow Express platforms can depend on several factors. I would just recommend … (2017-09-07)
  • London to Paris to Bordeaux

    Looking for information on what pass to purchase for a 10 day trip. Arriving at Heathrow and wanting to take the train to Paris and then spend a few days in Bordeaux from Paris. And then returning to Heathrow from Paris. Thank you! (2017-02-01)

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    • … to Paris depart from the St Pancras station in London. To commute from the airport, you would take the Heathrow Express into the Paddington station … minutes from terminal 5 to Paddington). Tickets for the Heathrow Express would be purchased here: https://www.raileurope.com/activities … (2017-02-01)
  • How to get from one London station to another London station

    … traveling from Dover Priory to London Heathrow. Your site doesn't give an answer, so I have tried various ways. I have found Dover to Charing Cross or Victoria or St. Pancras, but can't find how to get to Heathrow. The Express only goes between Paddington … (2013-08-29)

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    • … in London. Therefore, you would still have to commute to the Paddington station in order to connect to the Heathrow Express trains to the airport. To get from Charing Cross … to 75 days of an intended date of departure. Tickets for the Heathrow Express can be purchased here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities … (2013-08-29)
  • Multi city travel- which ticket option and advice?

    Our party of 2A/2Senior/2C (12 & 7) plan to travel London to Disneyland Paris, then a few days later Paris-Barcelona and a week later, Dover to London St. Pancras. All during July. What would our best ticket option be? Eurail Global, Select or... (2019-01-26)

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    • … into the Paddington station, so you would still have to commute from there to the St Pancras station. The Heathrow Express departs once every 15 minutes throughout … before departure. At the airport itself, the time it takes to get from the gate to the Heathrow Express platforms can depend on several factors. I would just recommend … (2019-01-28)
  • Best railpass and trains for London, Windsor, Newbury, Stratford upon Avon, and the Cotswolds?

    … arriving at Heathrow and taking a train to Windsor. Does that train leave from Paddington? Then we are going from Windsor to Newbury. I know there is a train … (2018-06-26)

    Tags: … airport, london, london heathrow, london heathrow airport, london to slough, london to windsor …

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    • … , Reading, Newbury, Leamington Spa, and Stratford-upon-Avon. The 'BritRail London Plus Pass' is also valid on the Heathrow Express trains running between the Heathrow Airport and the London Paddington … (2018-06-27)
  • England, Wales and Scotland in 11 days but the last three in London. Can someone help?

    … and cheaper if we can use it for every location we are going but I am having problems finding all that information. Can someone help me? We are flying into Heathrow no the 26/8 and going directly to bath spa … Scotland 3/9 Edinburgh to London spend three days there and leave on 6/9 to go to Heathrow (2018-06-08)

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    • … trains arrive into Paddington station. The Heathrow Express and trains from London to Bath are both covered by the BritRail Pass. The BritRail Pass is all you would need to board. Heathrow Express trains depart once every 15 minutes throughout … (2018-06-08)
    • Neither the Visitor Oyster Card or the London Travel Card cover the actual Heathrow Express. However, the Visitor Oyster Card and the "All Zones" option of the London Travel Card do cover connections to/from Heathrow on the Tube. (2018-06-08)
  • London-paris-bordeaux-southern england-london...

    … traveling for 1 week from heathrow airport to paris, to bordeaux and back to the south of england. can we go from bordeaux to lille … (2012-08-27)

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    • … into the city, which arrives into the Paddington station. The Heathrow Express departs once every 15 minutes and takes about 15 … . You would pay to board the Tube locally upon arrival. You can purchase tickets for the Heathrow Express by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities … (2012-08-27)
  • How much time do I need to connect to my flight?

    … . I arrive in London at noon and my flight is at 16:00 from Heathrow. Do I have enough time to make my flight. If not, how can I change my reservations to take the earlier train … (2012-06-16)

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    • … that you are taking an international (non-EU) flight. In my experience with Heathrow, extra time is rarely a bad thing. I don't know what station your train is coming into. IF you are coming into Paddington, take the Heathrow Express that runs directly from Paddington … (2012-06-17)
  • what pass to purchase

    we are traveling on May 7 2014 from Heathrow to Moreton on Marsh and return to London on May 14 2014. We will probably need to addnl days of train travel for day trips outside of London. What is the best pass to get....flexi pass (2014-02-18)

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    • … days within 8 days or 7 days of travel within 15 days. This also includes tickets on the Heathrow Express. If you are traveling outside of the cities available for this pass … (2014-02-18)
  • Zurich-Lucerne-France

    We would like get from Zurich to Lucerne, spend 6 days there, taking day train trips. Next take train into France, making at least one stop for a couple of days in a smallish city in France, then to Paris for 3-4 days. Finally, get to London Heathrow. (2017-05-13)

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