• With a 2nd class Swiss Pass, can I upgrade to 1st class on the Glacier Express portion of my trip? How do I make the reservation?

    I am buying a 2nd class 3 day Swiss flexi pass. I want to upgrade to 1st class for the Glacier express portion of my trip. Is that possible? How do i make a reservation? (2014-06-02)

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    • … Hollie, Yes, by mentioning that you have the Swiss Pass, you actually would be able to receive a 50% discount on regular tickets purchased locally. The travel would just have to fall within the validity period of your pass. This way, you wouldn't expend a day of rail travel … (2014-06-09)
    • … Jeff I have a similar query. We have the 2nd Class Swiss pass but we have reserved for 1st Class Glacier … for the Charges as shown. But on booking GE there was no question to the Class of Swiss pass. Do I need to pay any Extra Charges? If so, where and how ? Thanks AJAY (2017-05-27)
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  • Brig to Bellinzona with a Swiss Pass

    … train from Brig to Bellinzona. I has a Swiss Pass. Your web site only shows trips via Zurich or Milan. I can see from your map that there is a direct route. How do I find the schedule and make a reservation … (2012-04-15)

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    • … change in Göschenen along the way. However, these trains do not accept reservations, as would be the case for the vast majority of trains in Switzerland. Therefore, the Swiss Pass is all you would need to board. The schedules for this specific route … (2012-04-16)
    • … for over an hour -- finally gave up. I am not pleased or impressed. The Swiss Pass synoptic map clearly shows a route … on your web site. Is the map wrong? Can this route be travelled with the Swiss Pass? And if it can be travelled, does it need to be booked by phone … (2012-04-16)
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  • How do we add a Swiss Family Card to Swiss Pass?

    How do we add a Swiss Family card for a child on raileurope website? I am only able to add the Swiss pass and somehow I am unable to figure out how to add the Family card (which comes for free) to my shopping cart. Thanks. (2012-03-03)

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    • … Family Card. It is incorrectly indicated on the page for the Swiss Pass on our website that only children under the age of 15 can receive the Swiss Family Card. When you go to purchase the pass and get a price for it, it would say 'Children (Under 15)' where it asks you to enter … (2012-03-27)
    • … to zermatt. we are booked on Friday aug 24 on the glacier express. Also i have just purchased all our rail tickets and swiss pass last night via your web site.. will i recieve these on time … (2012-08-09)
  • Day trip from Geneva to Mont Blanc(France) with a Swiss Pass?

    Does the Swiss pass cover the fare from Geneva to Mont Blanc for a day trip? (2012-06-18)

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    • … ; however, travel on the Mont Blanc Express is an exception, as the Swiss Pass is valid to take this train for the full route … , France. You do not need reservations to take the Mont Blanc Express. The Swiss Pass is actually all you would need to board. The trains along this route … (2012-06-20)
    • … that will take you to Martigny. Since the bus from Chamonix to Le Chatelard-Frontiere substitutes for a train that ordinarily operates on this route, your Swiss Pass will still be valid to cover it. The trip from Chamonix … (2012-06-20)
  • Purchasing Swiss passes in Zurich

    … flexipass in Zurich when I arrive? I want to get the 4 day pass for the longer excursions, for getting around town I may end up buying point to point tickets as needed so that I do not unnecessarily waste a day on my pass however I am assuming the Kids are free because of the family card … (2012-07-09)

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    • … for purchase locally in Europe; however, we recommend purchasing the Swiss Pass in advance, prior to departing for Europe … .com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html. The Swiss Family Card is issued … or more travelers. Is everyone in your party traveling together at all times?'. If you click 'Yes', then the option for the Swiss Family Card would appear right below it with the question 'Are all of the children in your party … (2012-07-10)

    … confused about the "Swiss Passes." (1) Do the passes count as ticket or do I still have to purchase a train ticket and the train … ? (2) When traveling with a child, Do I need to buy a child swiss pass also or does the child travel on his parent … Card? I don't understand why we can buy child swiss passes when you can have a free Swiss Family Card. Could you please clarify … (2013-08-01)

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    • … Trains' after clicking on 'Trains' from the homepage of our website. With the Swiss Pass, children under the age of 16 (15 … next to this question, and you would be issued a Swiss Family Card with your purchase. Even though you have indicated that there is a child, you will see that you will not be charged anything more than the cost for the adult pass … (2013-08-01)
  • France Pass and Swiss Pass vs. FRANCE-Swiss pass

    … to Nice, Nice to Geneva (Switzerland) and Geneva to Paris, all within a month. I followed the questionnaire and it directed me to purchase a France Pass and a Swiss Pass plus reservations. Isn't there a FRANCE … (2012-05-29)

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    • … include all countries being traveled through to be valid. The ‘Passholder 3’ rate would now only be valid for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass … (2018-04-24)
  • With the Swiss Pass, are there any additional fees to take the bus/train from Lugano to St. Moritz, train from St. Moritz to Chur, & train from Chur to Zurich Airport?

    … the following day. With the fall 2-for-1 promotion for the 4 consecutive day swiss rail pass for $242 for 2nd class, it seems as though I'd be better off buying the pass than the 3 individual tickets. However, I want to make sure that other than the seat reservations … (2012-07-02)

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    • Reservations will be needed for the trains from St. Moritz to Chur. This is a scenic train known as the Glacier Express. The Swiss Pass will cover the route, but seat reservations will need to be made. As far as the Chur to Zurich Airport train, reservations are recommended … (2012-07-03)
  • Does Eurail Global Pass give same bonuses as Swiss Pass?

    … in Switzerland, 1 day in Italy - does this give them ALL of the advantages of the Swiss pass?? Eurrail Global is $659 p.p. and the Swiss pass alone is $592 p.p. with all the benefits for train, bus, boat trips - do they get these benefits with the Global pass (2013-09-16)

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    • … does not grant all the same bonuses in Switzerland as a Swiss Pass would. In most cases, the multi-country Eurail passes … buses and boats. Therefore, it doesn't just cover the trains, as other passes do. The Swiss Pass also allows for entry to over 400 museums … (2013-09-16)
  • Swiss pass to Jungfrau and other areas (Zurich-St Gallen, St Gallen-Interlaken (Jungfraujoch roundtrip), Interlaken-Paris)

    … purchase a swiss pass for 4 days. The price for 2nd class ticket is USD594. I will be visiting … journey, and then Interlaken to Paris. Will my whole journey in switzerland, including in Junfrau, be covered in this pass ? Please reply me at creation678@gmail … (2013-09-28)

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    • … up to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken, you would be covered as far as Wengen or Grindelwald. With the Swiss Pass, you would still have to purchase the 'Grindelwald or Wengen-Jungfraujoch … to Paris involves changing trains once in Basel along the way. The Swiss Pass would cover you from Interlaken to Basel. You would then purchase … (2013-09-30)
    • … that we are given 50 % dicount in most mountain-top trains. "This pass also covers scenic routes and local trams … in 41 towns and cities and will offer 50% reduction all most mountain-top trains and cable cars. The Swiss Pass will also include the Swiss Museum Pass, allowing you free … (2013-10-01)
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