• Swiss FlexiPass from MySwissAlps.com and purchasing RailEurope reservations

    Swiss FlexiPass from MySwissAlps.com's affiliate Switzerland Travel Center honored on RailEurope for the purpose of purchasing … (2012-02-16)

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  • Which pass should I purchase?

    … 6 days. While in Switzerland we will be taking day trips and local excursions. I am confused about which is the best pass to purchase … (2016-09-02)

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  • Multiple 2-for-1 passes?

    Can I buy two sets of 4-day Swiss 2-for-1 passes for my husband and myself and use them back-to-back over an 8-day period? (2012-05-17)

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  • Travel within Switzerland with Eurail Global Pass

    … from Paris to Interlaken, but I would really like my final Swiss destination to be in Gimmelwald, where I'd like to stay in a hostel. Can I get from Interlaken to Gimmelwald via train? Does my Eurail Global Pass cover … (2013-12-28)

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  • Purchasing Passes 90 days ahead

    … 16 but we will be there for 8 days. On July 16, (our 90 mark), can I book our scenic trains along with the Swiss Pass? Or do I need to go in each day after purchasing the Pass and book the Scenic trains … (2015-03-20)

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  • Best pass for travelling though Spain, Switzerland (including Glacier Express), and who knows where else!

    … it has always been my dream to go check out the Matterhorn and the Swiss Alps. The Glacier Express … small towns I have grown up and lived in), and I have no idea which rail pass would be best for me, or where to even begin to make sense of the whole system! … (2016-03-04)

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  • Switzerland Flex Pass and Traveling to other countries

    We will be traveling within Switzerland for 15 days. We are looking at buying the flex pass for the 15 consecutive days. Can you please clarify what we need to do if we will be going to Germany and Italy by train as well? (2016-09-13)

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  • Please Help with Schengen Visa Questions

    … after you make the reservation? 3. Since I will be traveling to several countries, would they need to see an Eurail Pass? 4. To make this whole thing easier, could I say that I will be just visiting one country (the consulate … . I live in Seattle, So do i have to have to appear in person for visa interview in San Francisco. 6. I'm planning to take swiss pass in switzerland. With that pass can i travel locally in buses … (2013-06-19)

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    • … (to include Switzerland, Italy, and Greece), but it would not cover all that a Swiss Pass would with regard to your travel in Switzerland. In most cases, the multi … would not offer these bonuses. To view costs and information for the Swiss Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2013-06-19)
  • Is the Chocolate Train trip available on Dec 22, 2015? How long it takes from Montreux to Broc (one way)?

    … nexiot december 22. Also I need to know how long it takes only one way from Montreux to Broc. This is because I would be in my route to Bern. Finally, please tell me if I have to make a reservation considering I bought the Swiss Pass (2015-11-07)

    Tags: … train, château de gruyères, golden pass, goldenpass, gruyeres, gruyères castle, gruyères to broc, montbovon to broc, montbovon to gruyères, montreux, montreux to montbovon, swiss pass, switzerland, la maison du gruy …

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    • … . Reservations are possible on the 'GoldenPass' trains from Montreux to Montbovon but not necessary at all. Therefore, the 'Swiss Pass' is all you'll need to board one of these trains. The local trains … to Gruyères and Broc don't accept reservations, so the 'Swiss Pass' is once again all you'll need to board. If you need to get to Bern next, you would first take a short commuter … (2015-11-09)
  • Seniors Need Help!

    … time (landing in Zurich in mid August). Both of us are over 60. Besides booking the" 1st class 8 days swiss pass summer promotion" and receiving the"2 people saver discount", are we able to get a senior discount ? Please respond asap … (2013-07-13)

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    Tags: discounts, multiple discounts, senior, saver rate, senior rate, swiss pass, trenitalia international, trenitalia international trains passholder 3, passholder 3, milan, venice, milano, venezia, seniors, need, help

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    • … Enza, There are no senior discounts offered for the Swiss Pass. In any case, there is no way to receive a discount on top of another discount. Threfore … would not be valid once you cross the border into Italy from Switzerland. With the Swiss Pass, however, you would be able to purchase your tickets on the train between certain cities … (2013-07-15)
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