• How can I get ticket when I purchase by internet?

    … plan to buy swiss pass in your site but I have some question below I would like to ask about how to get ticket If I buy ticket by internet? Do i have to exchange e-ticket to ticket again when I reach Switzerland? thanks for your excellent … (2014-03-19)

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    • … if the option of express delivery is chosen. You would purchase the Swiss Pass from the following link: http://www.raileurope.com/rail … ). If you're interested in a 4 or an 8 consecutive day Swiss Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2014-03-19)
    • … .co.th/ but I cannot find Promotion ""In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Swiss Pass, get 25% off when you book your 4 or 8-day Swiss Pass Promotion first class consecutive pass by May 20 for travel April 1- May 31, 2014""" in that site. Please advise … (2014-03-20)
  • Travel in Switzerland and Italy via Paris

    … tickets. Also, we're having a hard time booking some of these train trips via raileurope. Will I need to buy some tickets via raileurope and some via sbb? Should I buy a swiss pass? If so, will this enable us to take the mountain trains in Interlaken … (2012-06-09)

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    • … rate that was created to allow passengers in possession of a Swiss Pass to take a direct train from Paris to certain cities … you are traveling with when prompted (you would just type 'Swiss Pass'). 2.) You would then locate a direct train and click on 'Select … (2012-06-12)
    • Hello Jen, If we were to purchase a Swiss rail pass could it be used to travel from Paris to Zurich or would that trip require a separate ticket purchase? Thanks, Gail (2012-06-11)
  • Swiss Travel Pass - Geneva to Milan direct Euro City train

    … compulsory. Although, from scrounging every site to find information, it seems that the Swiss Travel Pass covers us to Domodossola. And we must purchase Trenitalia … /book seats on this train up to Domodossola with a Swiss Travel Pass? Does that mean we will also have to change seats once at Domodossola … (2019-06-11)

  • Swiss travel pass cancelation


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    • … Please also enclose a letter that includes the booking number for your order. If the Swiss Travel Pass you purchased was issued electronically (the 'Swiss Travel E-Pass'), you would request a cancellation by sending an email to customercare@raileurope.com. In the email, please be sure to include … (2015-07-02)
  • Is Swiss Travel Pass worth paying the extra money vs. a 1 month Half-fare card?

    … ) Which option is cheaper for second class travel for each of the itineraries – an 8 consecutive day Swiss Travel Pass or a 1 month Half-fare card … cheaper but is it worth paying the extra money for the Swiss Travel Pass to get access to urban transport based … (2017-11-06)

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  • Which pass is best for two transport loops (other travel by car)?

    … ->Mürren ->Schilthorn ->Mürren (overnight), then Mürren -> Gimmelwald ->Stechelberg ->Lauterbrunnen Would it be advantageous to use a Swiss Rail Pass or a Swiss 1/2 Price … (2018-07-04)

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  • Lucerne to Zermatt covered by Swiss-Germany Pass?

    … Jen, Thank you for the heads-up. Are all the other trains (except the Visp-Zermatt link) that I will be taking covered completely by the Swiss-German Rail Pass? Which trains that I will be taking will allow me to buy … (2012-04-27)

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  • Taking a multitool Knife (swiss army knife) while travelling?

    I have been travelling through Spain with my multi tool knife & encountered trouble trying to board a train in Valencia. The problem is with the blade when my luggage was x-rayed. I didn't board that train. I was able to board another train to my... (2017-10-05)

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