• upcoming swiss holidays

    … aged 4 and 6. What type of Rail pass do you recommend we buy so we can cover all destinations? Are all these destinations … (2018-03-08)

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  • Travel between Milan and Switzerland

    Swiss and Italy passes. Starting in Zurich and going to Milan how or where do we get the Italy pass validated? Can we do it on the train? Or do we have to get off at the first stop in Italy, get it validated, and then wait … (2012-03-27)

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    • … traveling with a Swiss Pass and a Eurail Italy Pass to cover your train from Zurich to Milan, the conductor would validate your Eurail Italy Pass on board the train. This would not be able to be done at the station in Zurich prior … (2012-03-29)
    • We'll be having only Swiss pass. For the same journey Zurich to Milan. How will be go about using our Swiss pass. Will our Swiss side of the journey will be free and we only have to pay a share of the total fare? Thanks Asif (2012-04-29)
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  • travel within switzerland

    … ) for our morning train to Venice. Please advise if we should take 2 swiss passes for our travel within switzerland or book individual trains. Also if we take swiss passes, then can we travel on any train that runs between these cities without incurring any additional cost. Thanks, AVR (2013-04-10)

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    • … to Venice involves changing trains once in Milan along the way. With the Swiss Pass, you would be able to purchase your tickets on the train from Geneva … rate that was created to allow passengers in possession of a Swiss Pass to take direct trains between certain cities in Switzerland … (2013-04-11)
    • … Jeff for such a detailed reply. I will buy the swiss pass and follow the steps as advised by you. Regarding, train from Geneva to Venice, unfortunately I have already booked my tickets and cannot avail the discounts that the swiss pass would allow. Thanks, AVR (2013-04-12)
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  • chamonix -zermatt -grindelwald- geneva

    … for a week , then travel to grindelwald ( 1 week ) then travel back to geneva airport. will it make more sense to buy swiss pass ( there are 2 of us in the group ) I tried to compare it in your website … (2013-06-05)

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    • … , your best option would actually be to purchase the Swiss Pass. The Swiss Pass even happens to cover the route … to Martigny, even though the majority of this route is in France. You can purchase the Swiss Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes … (2013-06-05)
    • … you mentioned on consecutive days, then you would want to purchase the flexi option of the Swiss Pass. You would choose this option, as well as how many days … the tab for 'Travel Bonuses' once you have accessed the page for the Swiss Pass on our website. The direct link is: http://www.raileurope … (2013-06-07)
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  • Best rail option for travel between Milan, Italy and Switzerland?

    If I use a rail pass to travel thru out Switzerland for a week that begins and ends in Milan Italy which rail pass would be the best to purchase? (2014-12-05)

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    Tags: swiss pass, trenitalia international train, eurocity, milan, switzerland, italy

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    • … itself. If the only city in Italy you'll be traveling to is Milan, then you might just want to consider purchasing a Swiss Pass to cover your travels in Switzerland. You would purchase … ' on our homepage, enter the cities, and indicate that you'll be traveling with a Swiss Pass, when prompted. 2.) You would then locate a direct … (2014-12-08)
  • Darmstadt, Germany to Interlaken, Switzerland

    … from Darmstadt, Germany to Interlaken, Switzerland. Would you have to buy both Swiss and German passes? Trying to find cheapest way. Also if we buy … ? Can my brother, who will be studying at uni in Darmstadt, redeem our passes prior to our arrival? We are worried about getting there and specific tickets … (2012-04-09)

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    Tags: darmstadt, interlaken, germany, switzerland, german rail pass, swiss pass, eurail germany-switzerland pass, scenic train, glacier express, glacier express eurail passholder fare

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    • … Express scenic route between Disentis and Zermatt. Only the actual Swiss Pass would cover the ticket costs for this portion … for the full routes of the other scenic trains would be covered with either pass, the Swiss Pass or the Eurail German-Switzerland … (2012-04-10)
  • St Moritz to Zermatt, Zermatt to Interlaken, & Interlaken to Zurich. Is there a way I can take the Bernina Express on the way from Interlaken to Zurich?

    … in this journey. i know i can take glacier through zermatt to st moritz. but how do i include bernina . is there a way where i can take bernina for part of the journey back to zurich. i will be buying the swiss pass (2017-05-27)

    Tags: bernese oberland, bernina express, glacier express, goldenpass, interlaken, interlaken to zurich, st moritz, st moritz to tirano, st moritz to zermatt, swiss travel pass, switzerland, tirano to st moritz, zermatt, zermatt to interlaken, zurich

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    • … along the way; once in Visp and then once in Spiez. Reservations are not necessary on any of these trains, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board. To view schedules for this connection … trains once in Bern along the way. Reservations are not necessary on either of these trains, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board. For planning, you can view schedules … (2017-05-30)
    • … Gornergrat, you would take the 'Gornergratbahn' cogwheel train. The Swiss Travel Pass would enable you to receive a 50% discount … % discount, you would purchase the 'Zermatt to Gornergrat for Swiss Travel Pass Holder' option of the 'Gornergrat Mountain … (2017-05-30)
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  • Voyage en train en Suisse en juin 2015.

    Bonjour, Nous serons 2 personnes (60+ et 26+) voyageant avec une swiss pass. 14 juin: Salzburg-Lucerne … -ce que je peux prendre n'importe quel train panoramique avec notre swiss pass et est-ce que ce … (2015-02-12)

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    Tags: … , salzburg, salzburg to buchs, sierresiders, sierresiders to geneva, st gallen to lucerne, st. gallen, swiss travel pass, switzerland, voralpen express, zermatt, zermatt to visp, lötschben pass, lötschberg …

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    • … . Reservations are not necessary on these trains from Lucerne to Interlaken, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'd need to hop on. For your trek to Jungfraujoch, you would purchase … ' on our homepage. These trains also don't accept reservations, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'd need to board. Tickets for trains in this part of Europe … (2015-02-12)
  • Geneva Airport, Nyon, Lausanne, Montreux, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen (mountain railways & cable cars while in Wengen), Schaffhausen (Rhine cruise while in Schaffhausen), & Zurich Airport. What should I purchase?

    … /2 day Rhine cruise in Schaffhausen Schaffhausen to Zurich airport one way Can you tell me which pass, if any, would be the most cost effective (Swiss Half fare pass, or Swiss pass, or other ). Or, should I just pay individual tickets. Do any of these trips require … (2015-06-08)

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    Tags: … , nyon to montreux, piz gloria, schaffhausen, schilthorn, schilthornbahn, stechelberg to mürren, swiss travel pass, switzerland, wengen, wengen to kleine sheidegg, wengen to lauterbrunnen, wengernalp, wengernalpbahn …

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    • … , your best option would be to purchase the 'Swiss Travel Pass'. The 'Swiss Travel Pass' would cover the ticket … .html. Reservations are not at all necessary on any of the trains you'd be taking, so the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is all you would need to board. Of the routes you mentioned, the following … (2015-06-11)
    • … . From Mürren, you would then continue on the 'Schilthornbahn' up to Schilthorn. The 'Swiss Travel Pass' would only cover the route from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren … ' option of the 'Schilthorn/Piz Gloria' pass, you would use your 'Swiss Travel Pass' to cover you for the segment from Lauterbrunnen … (2015-06-11)
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