• Zurich to Salzburg, where we'd like to do sidetrips to Munich & Vienna. What is the best way?

    … to Vienna. At the end of this week, we will need to travel from Salzburg back to Zurich for our flight home. What is the best way to do this - Eurail Select Pass (2015-02-08)

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    • … Austria-Germany Pass, you would only need to purchase a ticket to cover you up to the border Austrian/Swiss border, with regard to your train from Zurich to Salzburg. The Eurail Austria-Germany Pass would then cover … (2015-02-10)
  • Roundtrip on Bernina Express Chur to Tirano in 1 day

    … to Tirano, arriving at 12:45 pm and then back again to Chur in the same day. We will have a 3-day Swiss Travel Pass. (Can we do this on the pass in 1 day?) #2 I see 1 train back listed at 2:26 … (2016-07-28)

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    • … Pat, 1. For travel with a rail pass, you would check schedules and purchase reservations for the Bernina Express … , and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. the 'Swiss Travel Pass') For a round-trip from Chur, you would do one search for a one-way from Chur to Tirano and then another search for a return from Tirano … (2016-08-01)

    … the site you have given (https://www.raileurope.com/activities...) is not showing the option for swiss travel pass holders So tell me if it is free or discounted and where can I can I book this.At the site of official PILATUS website it is given FREE … (2017-04-13)

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    Tags: … , pilatus kulm to fräkmüntegg, pilatus kulm to kriens, pilatusbahn, swiss travel pass, switzerland, bus, cable car …

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    • … , It is because the Mount Pilatus excursion is free for Swiss Travel Pass holders that it is not listed. No option is listed … . To get from Kriens back to Lucerne, you would take a bus that is also covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. Please note, this does required the use of a 'travel … (2017-04-13)
  • London-Brussels, Brussels-Montreux, Chocolate Train, Montreux-Interlaken, Interlaken-Lucerne or Zurich, Zurich-Munich, Munich-Salzburg (RT), Munich-Fussen (RT), Munich-Amboise, Amboise-Mont St Michel, Mont St Michel-Paris

    … -17. We are planning to get the 15 day continuous Global Eurail Pass, but not sure if we are planning the best route or if that's the right pass, or even if we've planned to do too much! Here's what we were thinking so far:Fly into London, Eurostar to Brussels (not touring London)Brussels to Montreaux, SwitzerlandChocolate … from Paris. Secondary, we're debating if individual country passes are the better option for cost savings or ease … (2019-02-11)

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    • … that you'll be traveling with the 'Eurail Global Pass'. On the segment from Zweisimmen to Interlaken, reservations are possible but not necessary at all. … train from Zurich passes through Bludenz (just across the Swiss/Austrian border) and culminates at … (2019-02-12)
  • Innsbruck to Basel

    The final leg of my train trip is Innsbruck to Basel. I will have been traveling through Austria for 8 days. Do I need a pass for two countries or will the one pass for Austria be ok, as my trip ends in Basel? (2017-08-21)

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    Tags: austria, basel, eurail select pass, innsbruck, innsbruck to basel, innsbruck to zurich, railjet, switzerland, zurich to basel

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    • … highly recommended as a supplement to the rail pass. On trains from Zurich to Basel, reservations are not necessary at all … you leave Innsbruck and goes as far as Bludenz, right before you get to the Swiss border. For planning purposes, you can then just … (2017-08-22)
  • What to purchase for Paris to Jungfrau (Grindelwald & Lauterbrunnen), the Glacier Express, & then Milan?

    … efficient to purchase a Eurail Select Pass or Regional Pass and then the Glacier Express for Swizterland, or to just purchase … (2014-12-31)

    Tags: … , italy, point-to-point, eurail select pass, glacier express eurail passholder fare …

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    • … initially, because I wasn't aware you would be doing any other traveling. However, purchasing a pass would also change what you would need to purchase with regard to the trips I advised about above. From what you've mentioned … the '3 Consecutive Days - For Use Only With Swiss Travel Pass or Eurail Pass Which Includes Switzerland' option … (2015-01-06)
  • Willem Tell Express - opposite direction

    … adults/2 children for Willem Tell Express. Not being successful on computer for months. Go ahead and get Swiss Family Travel Pass? HOPE Willem Tell Express has availability … (2015-02-24)

    Products: Swiss Travel PassWilhelm Tell ExpressGotthard Panorama Express

    Tags: bellinzona, fluelen, lake lucerne, locarno, lucerne, pass and reservations, swiss travel pass, switzerland, wilhelm tell express, william tell express

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    • … in 1st class. For passengers traveling with a rail pass, the ‘Gotthard Panorama Express’ trains do require … reservations. Therefore, any passenger traveling with a rail pass would only need to show the rail pass to board. Other notable changes with the new ‘Gotthard … Lucerne steamboat but do provide for a 50% discount (Swiss Travel Passes, on the other hand, are still valid to cover … (2017-04-14)
  • Are reservations required or optional on EuroCity trains, InterCity trains, & Railjet trains?

    … trains? I know I should know this, but I can't find a definitive answer: When using a rail pass on Eurocity / Intercity / Railjet trains, are reservations … (2013-05-03)

    Tags: eurocity, railjet, intercity, reservations, intercity express, ice, pass and reservations

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    • … trains in Switzerland do not even accept reservations, including Swiss InterCity trains. Even if reservations happen to be accepted on a particular … can sell out very quickly. For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations by clicking on 'Book … (2013-05-03)
  • No trains from Montreux to Interlaken?

    … of the trip doesn't exist, we might have to rent a car, and that would make purchasing the pass unnecessary. It's less than 60 days- will there be any new changes in the train … (2017-06-29)

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    Tags: eurail select pass, golden pass, goldenpass, interlaken, montreux, montreux to interlaken, switzerland

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    • … , and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. the 'Swiss Travel Pass'). Generally, these trains can be reserved … from Zweisimmen to Interlaken, reservations are possible, but not necessary. Therefore, the Eurail Select Pass is all you would need to board. For planning purposes, you can still check schedules … (2017-06-30)
  • Information about a trip from London to Paris, Paris to Zurich, Zurich to Zermatt, Zermatt to Zurich and Zurich to Berlin

    … from London to Paris and the rest would be covered by a Eurail Pass with 3 countries (France, Switzerland and Germany). Is the trip between Zurich and Zermatt also covered by this pass or must I buy another train ticket? And must I book a reservation for all of these trips … (2016-12-26)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)ICE Trains (Germany)Eurail Select PassEurail Passes

    Tags: … to berlin, berlin, ec, eurail select pass, euro city, eurocity, eurostar, france … to hannover, zurich to visp, zurich to zermatt, pass and reservations, bellinzona to lugano, flüelen …

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    • … Switzerland will cover trains between Visp and Zermatt (which previously were only covered by the single country Swiss Travel Pass or a separate ticket). A connection from Zurich … (2016-12-26)
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