• Trying to reserve Budapest to Zagreb for travel with my Eurail Global Pass

    … a seat on a train from Budapest to Zagreb in September to correspond with my Global Pass, I keep getting an error messaging saying the site is unable to get confirmation … (2015-07-31)

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    • … Reservations' on our homepage (www.raileurope.com), entering the cities, and indicating the type of rail pass you'll be traveling with (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'). Generally, trains from Budapest to Zagreb can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date … (2015-08-04)
  • How do you book the discount for the DDSG Blue Danube Ferry with a Eurail Global Pass?

    … interested in purchasing a Global Pass. I'm intrigued by the fact that I get a discount for the DDSG Blue Danube Ferry. The only problem is that I speak and read English … (2015-12-14)

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    • … locally. To receive the discount, you would just show your rail pass before you board. With the Eurail Global Pass (or any multiple country … ), you would be entitled to a 20% discount on these cruises. The Eurail Global Pass would be purchased here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail … (2015-12-15)
  • Booking Eurail Global Pass. Are there certain lines not included with our pass, & how do we know? Are the Cinque Terre villages & the train from the Paris Airport to the city covered? Is there an extra cost for Rome to Venice? How do we reserve seats?

    … book a 15day Global Pass for 2 seniors travelling first class and it states we have 15 days … to the 5 villages in Cinque Terra, is that covered with our pass? OR we are staying near the Paris airport, we have to take the train in to the main station … (2013-04-18)

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    • … metro, subways and buses within cities in Europe. However, any rail pass that includes France (including the Eurail Global Pass), does cover Line B of the RER, but only in the direction going from the CDG Airport into the city … (2013-04-18)
  • Can a 15 day Eurail Global Pass be used for any 15 days in a 21 day period or must they be continuous?

    Can a 15 day global pass be used for any 15 days in a 21 day period or must they be continuous? (2016-05-16)

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    • … passes are only offered in 'flexi' form; however, the Eurail Global Pass happens to offer both options. The 'Flexipass … the 10 or 15 day options of the Eurail Global Pass, that longer time frame would be 2 … the 15 day consecutive option of a Eurail Global Pass, that means you would be entitled to unlimited travel … (2016-05-17)
  • Eurail Global Pass - Does it include transport within cities? How likely is it that we wouldn't get a seat on a train? How early do you have to reserve a night train?

    … friend and I are travelling around Europe for 3 months and are researching whether the Global Pass is the best way of transport. Does the pass include transport within a city as well as between countries? How likely is it that we wouldnt get a seat on a train? How early … (2014-05-22)

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    • … into these two lines are the ones that are not covered by any rail pass. In contrast, a Eurail Global Pass does not cover the 'U-Bahn … , you would ensure you'll have seats on those trains. You would purchase the Eurail Global Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes … (2014-05-22)
  • With a Eurail Global Pass, can I travel from Frankfurt to Athens, Thessaloniki to Sofia, & Sofia to Istanbul? Are Greece & Turkey included?

    I am considering a Global Pass for One month. I tried to set dates for traveling from Frankfurt to Athens, Thesasonnaliki(sp) to Sofia and Sofia to Istanbul. The computer could not provide train info. Are those routes possible with the pass? Thanks, (2016-03-25)

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    Tags: bulgaria, eurail global pass, germany, greece, turkey, athens, frankfurt, thessaloniki, istanbul, sofia

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    • … (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey). For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. For assistance with an itinerary such as this, however, you would have to call us. We can be reached … (2016-03-29)
  • Would a Eurail Global Pass cover overnight travel?

    My husband and I are looking at travel throughout Europe next summer. If we purchase a Eurorail global pass does this include overnight trips or can we add this to the pass (2016-06-27)

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    • … , and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. the 'Eurail Global Pass'). Generally, trains can only be reserved once within 60 to 120 days of an intended departure date … (2016-06-28)
  • Can I reserve 2nd class seats on a TGV if I have a 1st Class Eurail Global Pass?

    If I have a Eurail Global 1st class pass and want to make a reservation on a TGV train in France. They offer 3 classes of seating "economy", "comfort" and "premium". Can I make a reservation for the "economy" seating with the 1st class pass? (2015-04-08)

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    • … ' on our homepage, entering a route, and indicating that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' when you're prompted to enter the type of pass you'll have. Generally, TGV trains can be booked once within 90 … (2015-04-09)
  • Eurail Global Pass & Reservations

    … planning to travel to Europe and I'm interested in getting the global pass since I will visit different cities all over Europe. I wonder if after paying the fee for the pass which will be approximately $525 (I'm 21), I'd have to pay for the reservation. For instance … (2016-07-28)

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    • … , and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'). From Berlin to Amsterdam, you would take a direct IC (InterCity) train. On these trains, reservation aren't required … (2016-07-28)
  • Does the Eurail Global Pass cover local city transit systems like the Swiss Travel Pass does?

    Global Pass usage on "local" transit systems. I am used to using the Swiss Pass in CH - it's good on almost all inner-city … , boats, trams, Post Bus etc. Does the Global Pass function exactly the same in CH, as well as in Deutschland, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, etc (all countries included for Global Pass usage … (2015-06-15)

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    • … certain S-Bahn lines in Berlin, a multi-country rail pass that includes Germany (including the Eurail Global Pass) does cover S-Bahn trains in German cities. It would use up a day of travel on a pass … (2015-06-16)
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