• Why are there additional fees for every train connection I want to make even though I have a rail pass??

    Hi Rail Europe, I am doing a cost comparison for a rail pass vs point to point ticketing. we are planning to hit France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland in our journey. I was under the understanding that the Eurail Global Pass covered ALL travel on trains,... (2019-04-17)

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    • … from London to Edinburgh. To travel up to Edinburgh, you would first have to commute from Heathrow into the city of London. The Eurail Global Pass … Airport with the Paddington station in London. Heathrow Express trains depart from London Paddington once every 15 … (2019-05-22)
  • Are England and Scotland covered with the Eurail Global Pass?

    I dont see the UK on your list of countrys covered under the Global Pass. (2017-06-14)

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    • … South West Pass is also valid on the Heathrow Express connecting the Heathrow Airport with the Paddington station in London. For the BritRail South West Pass, you would click … schedules for these trains by doing a search on our website. The Heathrow Express departs once every 15 minutes (taking … (2018-03-22)
  • Is Britrail Pass the best option?

    Hello. I am an American, who will be traveling to three specific destinations within the United Kingdom over two weeks in May and I was considering purchasing the Britrail Flexipass that offers 3 days of travel over a two month period. After reading... (2012-02-05)

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    • … the ability to take as many trains as you would like in one day, travel on the express trains to and from Heathrow airport and/or Gatwick airport (use of 1 travel day each way), flexibility to travel when and where you want (one-way tickets … (2012-02-07)
  • Can I exchange a reservation?

    If I want to take and earlier train to my destination and there is space available on the train, can I use my current reservation to take a seat on the earlier train (same destination)? (2012-07-23)

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    • … and France. We arrive Saturday at 10:15 AM in Heathrow. We will have one large suitcase apiece, and will have to go through customs. We have a departing … from Heathrow to the station will take around 1 hour, no matter which route I choose (taxi being the longest, HR Express … (2012-09-13)
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