• Winter Euro Trip - Youth

    … 2014. My friend and I will be traveling and I am researching whether getting the Eurail Global Pass will be worth it or better to get the country specific … to Belgium and Germany are not a high priority as of the moment -- only if the pass (without additional cost) and if time permits. Please advise the best … (2013-12-15)

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  • How to take the Bernina Express round trip from Milan March 24,2019


    Tags: alps, bernina, bernina express, italy, milan to st moritz, milan to tirano, rhaetian railway, st moritz, st moritz to tirano, st. moritz, swiss alps, switzerland, tirano to milan, tirano to st moritz

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  • Electronic Ticketing or Physical Paper?

    … purchase a rail pass, do i need it physically shipped to me in order to use it, or can i use it and make reservations totally electronically? i can buy one before i leave for europe … (2018-05-05)

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    • … day' version of the single country 'Swiss Travel Pass', customers have the option to have it issued as a 'print-at-home' pass or as an actual physical document that would have to be delivered. All other rail passes … (2018-05-07)
  • Can some1 guide me for my forthcoming trip to Switzerland. Is it better to stay at 1 place only n explore frm there.I have 11 nights there?

    … me for my forthcoming trip to Switzerland. Is it better to buy my Swiss passes for 4 pax from Switzerland itself? Or shld i book through travel agent in my country?Also what kind of offers … (2014-04-03)

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  • Switzerland, England, France

    We are a family of 4 traveling to these countries, in that order. We are traveling with a 26 and 13 year old. I have been wrecking my mind trying to decide between purchasing a Eurail pass or a Swiss Pass for our travel in Switzerland. (2017-03-25)

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  • Trying to budget when to buy tickets and what kind.

    … over twelve days in January. Do I need to by the train tickets before leaving the US or can I just by them one at a time at the station as I need them? Do the trains sell out? Also, if I buy a Swiss Pass, do I need to buy that before leaving the US or can I buy … (2012-11-30)

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  • do i need a reservation between zurich and interlaken

    We will be traveling to Interlaken from the Zurich airport. Will we need a reservation with the Swiss Pass? (2014-03-31)

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  • Basel to Lucerne to Zermatt to Milan. Best way?

    … Lucerne, then the train to Zermatt and then the train to Milan, Italy to fly home to the U.S. What is best way to do this and are there any passes that will cover … (2014-04-05)

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    • … Alan, We are not able to give fares and schedules through this forum. I would recommend checking the full fare ticket prices and then a Swiss Pass with reservations from Visp to Milan. All other trains … (2014-04-06)
  • I'll be staying in Gimmelwald & would like to see Jungfrau, Schilthorn, Grindelwald, & Wengen

    … , Wegen and others. Since we will be going up and down the mountain from Gimmelwald, what do you think is the best type of pass for us? And do you have other suggestions for areas to see? Thank you so much! Very excited to explore this region … (2015-02-26)

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    • … and cable cars in the area. If you happen to purchase a 'Swiss Travel Pass' to cover other travels around Switzerland, then you would be able to purchase … ' by itself. The 'Half Fare Card Combi' option of the 'Swiss Travel Pass', however, is currently not able to be purchased on our website. If you opt … (2015-02-26)
    • … : The 'Half Fare Card Combi' option of the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is now available to be purchased on our website, www.raileurope.com. The 'Swiss Travel Pass Flex with Half Fare Card Combi' can be purchased here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-travel-pass-flex-with-half-fare-card-combi … (2015-03-13)
  • Trip to Italy & Switzerland. Going from Rome or Milan to Wengen. Otherwise, Rome-Florence-Tuscany-Venice-Milan.

    … to italy and switzerland! So many options of passes hence getting Clueless about selection of passes. *Which pass should we take to travel from Rome or Milan to Wengen. Is Italian flexi pass a viable option?*Which pass is suitable to travel from one city to another in italy … (2019-01-15)

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    • … . Note: There are a couple notable exceptions with regard to the Swiss Travel Pass. One exception is the route from Brig to Locarno via Domodossola. This route passes through Italy, but the Swiss Travel Pass would still be valid. The other exception is the Bernina bus … (2019-01-16)
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