• Scenic Trains in Switz. How do you secure a reservation?

    I purchased the Swiss rail pass for 2. How do I reserve seats on the scenic trains that require reservations? (2012-04-25)

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  • When to buy for June 2017 travel

    I have clients traveling in June 2017. When should we be making our rail and hotel reservations? Will there be similar discounts this time next year on Swiss rail passes? (2016-03-17)

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  • Paris to Zermatt - Private rail?

    … from Paris to Zermatt on a Select Saver Rail pass, I know that the Paris to Geneve is covered (with the purchase of an additional … (2012-02-25)

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    • The trains from Geneva to Visp are operated by the Swiss Travel System and are covered by the Eurail Select Pass. (2012-03-02)
  • Barcelona to Milan via Zermitt

    … travel from Barcelona to Milan. I want to stop in Swiss either at interlaken or Zermitt and spend few days skiing and exploring the place. Can anyone guide me which pass (2017-01-21)

    Products: Rail Pass

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  • Switerland to italy 12 days

    … . Totally 6 days in Switzerland. then we will go milano to veince and to pisa and to rome at last . Should i buy a pass for my family ? or just swiss pass (2017-05-06)

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  • Baby boomers traveling to Paris then Switzerland.

    … . Explore the area and Berner Oberland . What would be the best passes and ways to get around this itinerary. Returning to Paris to fly home … (2017-06-25)

    Products: TGV Trains (France)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Swiss Travel Pass

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  • Need Help

    We family of 4 reaching to Zurich on 15th of May/2018 and like to travel Laurence , Interlaken, Jungfrajoch and then go to Vienna. Is the eurail pass will be helpful for Switzerland or do I need to by separately Swiss pass? (2018-04-06)

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  • unable to print@home tickets

    my booking no. is 46009250 i can not print my swiss pass at home so kindly send my pass as pdf to my email id ASAP. AS i am at present in switzerland interlaken my email id is piyush.tibrewal@yahoo.in (2019-04-26)

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  • Europe travel Zurich-paris-amsterdam

    I am looking for travel in september. I am a Canadian citizen. I am coming with my wife and daughter. I am coming for 9 days. I am coming to Zurich and then going to paris . What should i buy swiss pass or global pass. (2019-06-10)

  • Best way to return to Rome from Lucerne

    … from Lucerne (Switzerland) to Rome (Italy) or maybe from other city in Switzerland. My trip will end in Lucerne (Switzerland) on a Friday, thinking of making use of the Swiss Pass travel to Geneva (because is the closest city … (2012-12-29)

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