• Reward for lost camera

    Reward for return of lost Nikon CoolPix - lost on SNCF train inter cities 3302 from Bayeux to Paris on 15/05 -camera either left on train or at Bayeux Station - contact at feehanv@yahoo.com - many THX if found and returned (2015-05-15)

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    Tags: lost camera on intercities train 3302. from bayeux to paris on 1505

  • Trying to book tickets for Italy trip but getting message that there is 'Not enough seats available'

    … are available to complete my purchase. But the schedule for my dates was just released and I can see the same trains available for purchase on the Trenitalia site. Is this an error … (2015-03-07)

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  • L'Isle sur la Sorgue / L'Isle Fontaine de Vaucluse - Fictional city?

    … is listed on RailEurope's map as accessible by train and I can find trains to/from there through SNCF's website, but I am not able to list it as a destination … (2012-05-09)

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  • Buy Trenitalia tickets direct from Trenitalia, NOT RailEurope

    … website, and that he would not print me tickets. He said I could get on the train and just show my confirmation page, but he would not print … (2015-04-19)

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  • Paid Comfort class, ended up standing for 2 hours...including my two kids!

    … , you will receive an “open ticket”, typically valid for any non-reservable train operating on a given route. For more information on open tickets … is completely wrong. To make things worst, this section of the train was the third connecting train in one day, and we were all tired and having to stand for 2 … (2013-07-07)

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  • Unsuccessful reservation, trying to return money. RE keeps silence.

    … .06.2013 I tried to book tickets to TGV train from Paris to Cannes on Aug.12 2013 … (2013-06-10)

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  • I never received the PDF for Italo tickets from Naples to Milan. Can you please email it to me?

    … ticket for train number NTV 9936 from Naples to Milan that is set to leave July 2 2014 … (2014-06-25)

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  • Luggage stolen on the TGV Lyria

    … has not been satisfactory.TGV Lyria says we are responsible for our own belongings, however on the train, there is no signage stating that we should beware of thefts nor is there a provision … .Can you please inform as to how a tourist is going to be aware regarding the thefts on the TGV or other trains when you have acted irresponsibly by no putting up a signage and then state that the responsibility … (2014-11-02)

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  • Service to customers

    … form Campiglia to Roma on June 16. The train stopped in Ostiense, about 5 stations before arrival. An announcement was made in Italian only to leave the train. We did leave the train but nobody to guide through the next step. Where to go? And where are we? We manage to take the metro to Roma … (2015-07-18)

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  • Refund-due to Strike in France 06/10/2016

    … . Nice- Montpellier Montepellier to Barcelona. Our Train for 2nd segment (Montepellier-Barcelona) was cancelled due to strike … (2016-06-27)

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