• Irish train Rosslare to Dublin

    I ́m trying to find a train in Ireland from Rosslare to Dublin on June 2nd. Can you help me with this? (2012-05-27)

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    • Hi Jen, Thank you for the response. I tried to call the number you recommended but it did not go through. Does it matter for this train that I have a eurail global pass? Also, can a representative call a number that I may provide? jake (2012-05-31)
    • … from Rosslare to Dublin don't accept reservations. Since the Eurail Global Pass covers travel in Ireland and the trains from Rosslare to Dublin don't accept reservations, the pass is all you would need to board. In any case, since your departure date is as soon as tomorrow … (2012-06-01)
  • Passport/Visa check at each border crossing?

    Are there immigration officers on each European/Schengen border checking the passport and tourist visa? I would like to have my Philippines passport stamped to show where I travelled. Example: Stockholm - Malmo - Copenhagen - Oslo or going to Finland....... (2012-04-24)

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  • Help with complex itinerary

    I am unfortunately very confused about this all so pls help...my son and I will be in Italy near Venice and wish to travel to Hiedidorf and want to do southern Italy and go to Maargraten and if possible Madrid ...how do we best accomplish this with the... (2013-01-26)

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  • Different stations in Nice-causing confusion

    Hi, Am looking to travel from Nice to Ventimiglia on Friday morning (19/7) for a connection to Milan. I'm slightly confused by the stations in Nice-is Gare de Nice Saint Augustin the station I would be departing if I left in time to get to Ventimiglia... (2013-07-17)

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  • Affilicated Hotels of Eurorail

    Are there any affiliated hotels of Euro rail in Paris and Rome. (2016-01-05)

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    • … the "Travel Bonuses" tab located at https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. Please note that any bonus must be arranged directly with the vendor offering the discount … (2016-01-08)
  • Travelling EUROPE from Gdynia,Poland

    Hi All, I will be travelling to Gdynia,Poland on 24th March , i will be there for 15 days. can someone please let me know how can i travel Europe during weekend. it will be great if you can suggest the best possible contry coverage. thanks Raghava (2016-02-02)

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  • Why no senior prices for Swisspass?

    15 Day EurailGlobal for Senior: $717 15 Day SwissPass for Adult (no senior selection available this site) $822 (2012-10-23)

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    • … Bill, The Swiss Rail System is typically more expensive than any of the other European Countries that participate in the Eurail Global Pass. The Swiss Pass covers all trains in Switzerland … (2012-10-25)
  • How do you get from London to Dublin?

    Howe does one travel from the Eurostar train in London to a train or ferry that would take you to Dublin (2012-07-06)

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    • … Lindsey, The Eurail Global Pass does not cover the ferry between Dublin and Holyhead, so you would still need to purchase the BritRail Irish Sea … (2014-07-16)
  • What is your experience with Rail Europe, how long does it take to sort out a problem?

    I made contact with the Social Media team via Twitter and they tell me that a query can take 6 weeks to resolve. Is this your experience too? (2017-11-22)

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    • … weeks, we have purchased a 30 Day Eurail Global Pass and we will be in 26 different European locations - so I am sure it will be a great one thank you. I will send you links to my blog posts when they published … (2017-11-22)
  • Frankfurt Germany to Sofia Bulgaria

    I would like to find details about traveling from Frankfurt to Sofia, Bulgaria by train in July of 2012. Is it possible, how long it takes, how much does it cost, etc. Please, respond. (2012-04-16)

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