• Luggage stolen on the TGV Lyria

    … has not been satisfactory.TGV Lyria says we are responsible for our own belongings, however on the train, there is no signage stating that we should beware of thefts nor is there a provision … .Can you please inform as to how a tourist is going to be aware regarding the thefts on the TGV or other trains when you have acted irresponsibly by no putting up a signage and then state that the responsibility … (2014-11-02)

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  • Refund-due to Strike in France 06/10/2016

    … . Nice- Montpellier Montepellier to Barcelona. Our Train for 2nd segment (Montepellier-Barcelona) was cancelled due to strike … (2016-06-27)

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  • Cannot get through to customer service!!!

    … as I was waiting for a call back). I need to talk to someone regarding my ticket for French train travel this weekend. I am still in the US until Friday. On April 10 … and May 20th with the Rail Protection Plan. When it became apparent that trains would not be running on May 13th due to the strike, but you all were not refunding … (2018-05-07)

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  • Can't Complete Payment

    … button to complete the booking for my train (from Strasbourg to Paris on July 28th) and hotel reservation (for the dates … (2013-06-14)

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  • HELP unable to print tickets rail europe dont send PNR

    … scotland and i have a train tomarrow to england at 6am but rail europe dont send me the PNR and im unable to print the tickets … (2014-04-13)

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  • We booked tickets for the City Night Line from Amsterdam to Zurich but our children didn't get a bed. What can we do to change this?

    hello. We just made a reservation for the premier class on the city night line from Amsterdam to Z├╝rich for six. We are traveling with 2 children 4 and 7 years old. The reservation automatically made it only two two people compartment, not three. Where... (2014-04-09)

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    Tags: city night line, amsterdam to zurich, amsterdam, zurich, switzerland, netherlands, benelux, night train, point-to-point

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  • Luc you are my only hope!

    … the booking and directions on the Rail Europe site. Could some one help me out. I also need to 3 days later get to London preferably with out going through the Chunnel. Thanks in Advance Jenny … (2013-07-29)

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  • Unable to complete booking

    … will review your order and contact you within two business days if there are any changes to your itinerary or if the price … worry, we're working on your request and we will get back to you shortly by email or by phone. My itinerary depends on this train (2012-04-04)

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  • Basic information MISSING

    … read multiple RR websites. All I want to know is what it costs to take a train from Amsterdam to Coulounieix-Chamiers, France. There seems to be no contact … (2013-06-04)

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  • AM instead of PM on trip time for roundtrip search between Amsterdam and Aachen

    I'm traveling Amsterdam to Aachen round trip on the same day. I ask for 0700 out and 1900 return. However I always get 0700 for the return trip! Is this broken? (2012-04-28)

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