• Swiss Pass Validation Confusion

    I received my Swiss Pass, and it says I must validate it on or before a certain Date. I will be in europe, but not in switzerland when that date passes. Can Any European Train Station Validate My Passes? (2014-03-12)

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    • … Scott, The Swiss Pass would just have to be validated prior to using it to board your first train. Also, the pass would have to be validated within 6 months from the date it was purchased. Technically speaking, the Swiss Pass would have to be validated at a station in Switzerland, but you could also have it validated … (2014-03-13)
  • Reservations between Geneva & Lucerne or Lugano with a Swiss Pass?

    I have a 2 for 1 pass and would like to use it to travel between Geneva and Lucerne and Geneve and Lugano . Do I need to make a reservation ? we are 2 adults and 1 child (2012-04-09)

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    • … trains in Switzerland do not even accept reservations. The Swiss Pass is all you would need to board trains between these cities. You can just view the schedules for such routes by entering the requested city-pairs … (2012-04-10)
  • Overlapping the use of 2 for 1 Spring Flexi Swiss Passes

    … flexipass is a very nice deal. It would be advantageous to us to purchase two passes for each of us and use them as follows. Start the first pass and use it for three rail days and then begin using the second … rail days are consumed. The last rail day on the first pass would be the last rail day of our trip. The advantage here is that the first pair … (2012-04-19)

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  • Is the Lucerne-Interlaken Express comparable to the Golden Pass? Do they have observation cars? Are reservations required with my Swiss Pass?

    I understand that no reservation is needed for the Lucerne - Interlaken Express if you have a Swiss pass. Is the train comparable to the Golden Pass trains (as far as observation cars, etc.) which does require a reservation. which would you recommend? (2013-12-20)

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  • Travelling from Paris to Interlaken with a Swiss Pass?

    … . I will be travelling from Paris. I would like to know, which train line should i go for that we could travel from Paris to Interlaken? I was a little overwhelm with euro train and i was told Swiss pass (2015-07-27)

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    Tags: … , lyria tgv, paris, paris to basel, paris to interlaken, paris to lausanne, swiss travel pass, switzerland, tgv lyria, bernese … ütschalp, mürrenbahn, piz gloria, paris museum pass, paris pass, paris visite

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    • … you. Reservations are not necessary on trains from Basel to Interlaken, so the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is all you'd need to board. For planning purposes, you can refer … from Lausanne to Bern and Bern to Interlaken, so the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is all you'd need to board. For planning purposes, you can check … (2015-07-29)
    • … up Jungfraujoch while you're in Interlaken, it would be important to point out that the ‘Swiss Travel Pass’ would only cover you as far as Grindelwald (via one route from Interlaken … of the ‘Wengernalpbahn’ between Lauterbrunnen and Kleine Scheidegg. Therefore, the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is valid to cover you on the 'Bernese Oberland … (2015-07-29)
  • … to First, Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch, Grindelwald to Montreux (via the Golden Pass), Montreux to Geneva to Paris, & Paris day tours ? Swiss Pass or Eurail …

    … .Day6: Paris day tours.I have researched alot for the passes and i get more confused. I want to understand which is a better option. There are many to and fro between grindelwald and Interlaken, does Eurail select pass cover it? Do i need to book tickets for these journeys or they can just hop … (2017-06-01)

    Tags: … top of europe, lake brienz, lucerne to interlaken, montreux, montreux to geneva, paris, swiss travel pass, zurich airport, zurich airport to lucerne, zweisimmen to montreux, golden pass, grindelwald to interlaken, grindelwald to kleine scheidegg …

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    • … Railway. These trains do not accept reservations, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'll need to board. You can view schedules on our website … from Grindelwald to Interlaken do not accept reservations, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you'll need to board. On the segment of the GoldenPass from Interlaken … (2017-06-02)
    • … detail informations. Can you please also tell me, which swiss pass is preferrable. 3 non consecutive or 4 consecutive or non consecutive. For non consecutive … Geneva to Paris trains using this website, i don't get swiss pass prices, i see full price tickets … (2017-06-06)
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  • With a Swiss Pass, does one just walk on to a train without having to purchase tickets? What do I do if I want to travel from Zurich to Salzburg, Austria?

    … usage of the Swiss Pass. Am I correct in thinking that with a Swiss Pass, one just walks on to any train without having to purchase a ticket?Also, what would I have to do if I wanted to travel from Zurich to Salzburg? Would I have to get off at the last station at the Switzerland border … (2017-06-09)

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    • … to cover you for after you cross the border into Austria. The Swiss Travel Pass would only cover you as far as the border. To cover you from the border … , so it can offer you the correct reservations. If you just indicate that you'll be traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass, our website will think that you do not have the necessary coverage for the entire route and then fail … (2017-06-13)
    • Hi If I have a Swiss Travel Pass and German Pass and I need to travel from Lucerne to Munich, I need both passes to cover the same travel day and I do not need to get off the train ? Please help advise. Thanks (2017-07-26)
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  • Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass or Swiss Pass ?

    Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass - Itinerary (Zurich to Lucern. Lucern to Interlaken. Lucern to Franfurt Airport) Needing assistance with benefits EuroRail Pass vs Swiss Rail vs Tell-Pass makes it confusing. Haven't found a good comparison. Unsure of the benefits of EuroRail with these other two. Seems point to point tickets … (2018-07-17)

    Tags: … , basel to frankfurt airport, eurail select pass, frankfurt airport, frankfurt flughafen, golden … , pilatus, pilatus bahn, pilatus kulm, pilatusbahn, rigi, rigibahn, stanserhorn, swiss travel pass, titlis, titlis rotair, vitznau …

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    • … itself, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/pass/swiss-pass-5934. Mount Pilatus (50% discount … is currently not appearing on our website; however, you can just purchase the 'Eurail Pass' or 'Swiss Half Fare Card' option and either would still be valid … (2018-07-18)
    • … Gary, To try and help you decide, I'll lay out below the benefits each pass offers for the Lucerne mountain excursions and how to check costs. When using a Swiss Travel Pass, the Mount Rigi and Stanserhorn excursions … by about 45%. When using a multiple country Eurail Pass that includes Switzerland, the Mount Rigi and Mount … (2018-07-18)
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  • If I buy a Swiss Pass, would I be entitled to discounts on the TGV from Paris to Zurich?

    Hi i am travelling to paris and from there to zurich. if i buy a swiss family travel pass, will i be entitled for discounts on TGV from paris to zurich ps advise. Rgds, Mukesh (2015-06-22)

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    • … '), entering the route, and indicating that you'll be traveling with the 'Swiss Travel Pass'. To ensure that it's a 'Passholder 3' rate … of an intended date of departure. You would purchase the Swiss Travel Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes … (2015-06-23)
  • Eurail France-Swiss Pass cover Zurich Airport-Interlaken, Interlaken-Zermatt, Furi-Trockener Steg-Matterhorn …

    … in the last week of May. We plan to get an EU Rail pass (2 country Swiss + France) for 5 days. We tried to gather as much train information covered by this pass. I know for sure 1,10,11 are covered … ,8 get 50% discount with EU rail pass, is that right ?Could you please tell us which of these numbered itineraries are fully and/or partially covered … (2017-04-11)

    Tags: … to trockener steg, glacier express, golden pass, goldenpass, interlaken, interlaken to sarnen, interlaken … railway, tgv lyria, eurail select pass, france, switzerland, bernese oberland, lake …

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    • … helpful! My question is related. Should I purchase the Eurail 3 country select pass (Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland … if the majority of my travel will be in Switzerland. Does the Swiss Pass cover travel from Paris to Zurich? Our Itinerary is : Amsterdam to Paris Paris to Zurich Zurich … (2017-06-25)
    • You're very welcome, Ava. A Swiss Travel Pass would enable travelers to receive a 50% discount on the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise excursion (Zermatt-Furi-Trockener Steg-Klein Matterhorn). (2017-04-13)
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