• From Marseille to Malaga

    Hi We are a family of six on a budget and want to travel from Marseille airpot to Malaga by train or coach. Where is it best to look and book with. I can't find it on your website. Thanks Victoria (2013-05-14)

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  • why can I not reserve Paris to Venice with my pass?

    … from Paris to Venice within the next 60 days. your system tells me "This train requires the passholder to purchase a seat reservation … in Europe." This is frustrating to read....it seems as though I might not be able to serve a seat even if I were at a train station in Europe! If I were in a station in Europe, would passholder … (2012-04-11)

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  • Multi city travel in France

    … itinerary over several days is: Paris-Perpignan Perpignan-Toulouse Toulouse-Nice (this does show the trains, etc.. for this leg of the trip). I want to compare the prices of the tickets … (2013-05-31)

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  • Can't find tickets Barcelona to Lyon

    I'm trying to look at train schedules and fares online for Barcelona to Lyon, but no matter what date I enter into the booking engine, it says "at this time, our online system can't find tickets or schedules for this trip." What can I do? (2014-03-02)

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  • luggage storage

    Am traveling to Cologne, Germany and planning a day stop in Duisburg to visit the zoo. Is there luggage storage at the train station in Duisburg? (2013-07-23)

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  • Trip unavailable for online booking.

    … : "This trip is temporarily unavailable for online booking." I've tried several times, on various days, over the past month. Do you sell tickets between those two cities? A ridiculous … (2013-11-09)

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  • Routes/Schedules Not Working!

    … website is not showing any routes or schedules for anything I type in "at this time" (which constitutes as the last two days for me...). Anyone else having this issue? I shouldn't have to be stressing about a trip and whether or not it needs reservations … (2016-12-11)

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  • No confirmation for purchase

    … . One of our Travel Consultants will review your order and contact you within two business days if there are any changes to your itinerary or if the price has increased. Don't worry … (2012-04-30)

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  • Lisbon to Hendaye

    I'm trying to book the night train Lisbon to Hendaye for July 7. Does this train run on that day? (2012-05-16)

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    … a Balkan Pass. This region is so inexpensive to buy same-day tickets out-of-pocket. I paid $230 for 15-days in 2 months and will be very lucky if I get half of that value back. The prices for single tickets on the RailEurope site are inflated up to ten times their actual cost … (2018-06-23)

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