• Barcelona - Madrid - Paris - London

    … Spain Pass, does it cover all transport (trains, subways, buses etc) in Spain or only for long/ medium distance … point to point tickets instead? How do I go about doing this? 3. Will there be a night train from Madrid to Paris? Is it included if i buy the Spain … (2017-02-09)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)AVE Trains (Spain)Eurail Select PassIntercités de Nuit Trains (France)Eurail France-Spain Pass

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  • Western Europe Tour through Switzerland, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy

    … .I was thinking on getting the Eurail Global Pass but after looking through the benefits, they do not cover most trains or bus tickets.As we will be spending more time in Switzerland, England … (2017-03-19)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: … , lauterbrunnen to kleine scheidegg, netherlands, switzerland, uk, united kingdom, wengernalp, wengernalp railway …

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  • Lisbon to Madrid, Madrid to Seville, Seville to Barcelona / Flying to Amsterdam / Amsterdam to Paris, Paris to London. What pass should we get?

    My wife and I are looking to take the train from Lisbon to Madrid to Saville to Barcelona. Then we're flying to Amsterdam. Our plan is to then take the train from Amsterdam to Paris to London. What pass or passes should we get? (2017-04-09)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)AVE Trains (Spain)Eurail Select PassEurail PassesLusitaniaWebsite error

    Tags: … , paris to london, portugal, sevilla, seville, seville to barcelona, spain, uk, united kingdom

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  • Heathrow to Ediburgh

    … get us back? We land in Heathrow on a Sunday morning and were going to jump on the train up to Edinburgh for 2 days then come back to London. Is the Britrail … (2018-04-06)

    Products: ReservationsBritish TrainsBritRail PassVirgin Train East Coast

    Tags: … station, london tube, scotland, tube, uk, united kingdom, virgin east coast trains, virgin west coast trains, virgin …

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  • Additional cost with Eurail Global Pass from Zurich to Amsterdam through Paris & Amsterdam to London?

    … to pass through Brussels Belgium? Also, being a hold of Global Pass, do I get discount in local train passes? thanksKamthanks (2018-06-14)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)

    Tags: … , rer, switzerland, tgv lyria, thalys, uk, united kingdom, zurich, zurich to amsterdam

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  • Europalooza!! London-Paris, Paris-Brussels, Brussels-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Essen, Essen-Prague, Prague-Vienna

    … of us "senior" not Seniors! traveling together. What is the best pass for us and please give us train details for each locations. Also, can we use this for boat travel and where would we be able to travel … (2019-03-16)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)ICE Trains (Germany)Railjet Trains (Austria, Germany & Hungary)

    Tags: … , paris to brussels, prague to vienna, railjet, thalys, uk, united kingdom, vienna, wien

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  • Will the Eurail Global Pass cover costs for London to Paris, travel within Spain, Spain to Portugal & return to Spain?

    If I purchase a 5 day multi country, Eurail Global Pass will it cover the cost of the speed train for: travel from London to Paris; all travel within Spain; Spain to Portugal and return trip Portugal to Spain? (2019-04-03)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)AVE Trains (Spain)AlviaAltariaLusitania

    Tags: ave, britain, england, eurail global pass, eurostar, france, great britain, lisbon, london, london to paris, lusitania, madrid, paris, portugal, spain, uk, united kingdom

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  • Eurail Global Pass - 1st Class vs. 2nd Class

    … . We have a group of 8, four adults and four teenagers. When I look at booking each train, the only option I see is second class. What is the benefit of a 1st … (2019-05-23)

    Products: … (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)Lyria TGV (France …

    Tags: … to zurich, switzerland, tgv lyria, thalys, uk, united kingdom, zurich to lucerne, passholder …

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  • Normandy to London

    We will be in the Normandy area and will be traveling from there to London. Can we take the train directly from the Normandy area to London? If not, what is the most direct way, via train, to do this trip? (2015-07-11)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: … to london, rer, st lazare, st lazare station, st. lazare, st. lazare station, uk, united kingdom

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  • Luggage Size Restrictions for my trip. Are there any issues with storing a large hard suitcase from London to Paris?

    … sites tell you to bring small collapsible luggage because there is no storage on train for large suitcase. Our suitcases are hard. We will be in Europe for 2 … (2015-11-28)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Luggage

    Tags: britain, england, eurostar, france, great britain, london, london to paris, paris, uk, united kingdom, baggage, baggage restrictions, checked baggage, checked luggage, luggage, luggage restrictions, registered baggage, registered luggage

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