• Angouleme-Paris round-trip. Does it make sense to buy a rail pass? How much are reservations?

    My wife and I both 60+, Angouleme to Paris May 17 and back May 20. 1st class on TGV is 326 Euros. Does it make sense to buy a pass? Is there enough time? How much do reservations cost? (2016-05-09)

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    • … on the rates you can get for regular tickets on your TGV trains between Angouleme and Paris. You would check regular tickets (and purchase … (2016-05-11)
  • Site not letting me book trip from Angouleme to Paris CDG

    … again, please contact us for further assistance. For trip on August 12, Angouleme to CDG I tried same itinerary on different dates, still giving same error … (2016-06-23)

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    • … CT on Saturdays. You would purchase tickets for a train from Angouleme to Paris CDG by entering the route under 'Find … Airport' in the field for the arrival city. Trains from Angouleme to Paris CDG are high-speed TGV … (2016-06-24)
  • Angouleme -> San Sebastian -> Rome

    … next year. I would like to figure out the best transportation methods from Angouleme, France (where we return our rental car after the wedding) to San … (2017-10-02)

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  • Ticket Name Change

    I have an e-ticket for train travel form Angouleme to Bordeaux and my first name is my nickname - Chip versus Christopher. Will this create any problems with boarding the train and do I need to change it? (2015-06-09)

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    • … Chip. The name would have to be correct with regard to an e-ticket for a train from Angouleme to Bordeaux. If your actual name is 'Christopher', then that would have to be the name reflected on your ticket … (2015-06-12)
  • Travel between Cognac and Aix en Provence

    We need to travel, probably by rail, from Cognac to Aix en Provence. I am having a hard time figuring out the quickest, best TGV route to get us there. Advice greatly welcomed! JAL (2012-02-19)

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    • … minutes with 2 changes of train in Angouleme and Paris. The train from Angouleme arrives to Paris Montparnasse … (2012-02-21)
    • … would be to take a connection that involves changing trains once in either Saintes or Angouleme, once in Bordeaux and then once in Marseille. To view the fares and schedules … search for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Cognac to Saintes or Angouleme, another search for connecting trains from either Saintes … (2012-03-06)
  • Question regarding a bike on a train from paris to Bordeaux

    Can I bring an assembled bike on a train from paris or Bordeaux or paris to Toulouse? I don't mind if there is a fee, I would just really like to know...I can't seem to find very much information on the site for luggage questions... (2013-06-29)

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    • … -Paris and on to (if I remember correctly) Strasbourg, with us getting off in Angouleme and transferring to an Intercities train to Ruffec. A very nice service … (2014-01-11)
  • Getting from CDG to Limoges by train, then a local rental car?

    … and inexpensive) it might be to train from CDG to Limoges (or Poitiers or Angouleme or ?) and back? Once there, we need a rental car. Our questions are: 1. What's the best way to get from CDG … (2014-04-01)

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