• Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina station in Arezzo, Which one is closer to University of Oklahoma campus?

    … catch the train depart @6:30pm from Arezzo to Rome airport, therefore we would like to know which station that closer to the OU … (2014-07-02)

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    • … and Roma Tiburtina are stations in Rome. A connection from Arezzo to the Rome FCO Airport would involve taking … . You would purchase tickets and check schedules for connections from Arezzo to the Rome FCO Airport by clicking on 'Find … locations within a city, such as landmarks or hotels. I would recommend contacting the school for information about how to get to it from the Arezzo rail station … (2014-07-02)
    • can I have the rail station address in Arezzo? Thanks! (2014-07-02)
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  • Map of Arezzo Train Station

    anyone know where I can download one? or take a look at one thanks (2012-05-09)

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  • How to get from Cannes to Poppi Arezzo

    In my upcoming trip to Europe I want to get from Cannes, France to Poppi Arrezo, Italy, but I can't find a schedule for it on the Rail Europe site. Does anybody know how to find out where the closest train stations to Poppi are located or how to go about... (2012-02-20)

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    • … you will take a train to Ventimiglia, Milan and Florence before getting to Arezzo. Please break up the journey into individual segments from Cannes … , Ventimiglia to Milan, Milan to Florence and Florence to Arezzo. You can find the fares and schedules by using the following … (2012-02-23)
  • When do schedules open up from Rome to Assisi, Assisi to Venice, and Venice to London?

    Where is the best resource for finding when December 25 and beyond fares will be listed/availabe. I am trying to book transfers from Rome>Assisi, Assisi>Venice, and Venice>London (2015-09-26)

    Tags: … to venice, assisi, assisi to arezzo, assisi to florence, assisi to venice, britain, england, eurostar …

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    • … trains once in Florence along the way, or else there is an option that involves chancing trains once in Arezzo. Trains from Assisi to Florence or Assisi … , or regular 'InterCity' trains. The direct train from Arezzo to Venice is an 'InterCity' train. In Italy, 'Le Frecce … (2015-09-28)
  • Public Transport Train and or bus to the Tuscany and Umbria Region of Italy

    Hello, We are travelling to Florence and Rome in Mayn 2014, Can you please advise of whether there is public transport to the following areas: Val D Orcia Lucca San Gimignamo I am wanting to see Rustic and Ancient Villages and Beautiful landscapes.... (2013-08-23)

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    • … between Florence and Assisi/Foligno. The closest station to Citerna would be Arezzo, about 30 km away. You then should be able to take a bus to get to Citerna … . Tickets for the bus would be purchased locally. Arezzo is located on a regional rail line between Florence and Perugia … (2013-08-23)
    • … and are planning to attend the Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo on 6/20. I am having difficulty finding train schedules between Florence and Arezzo and am wondering if this is because it is a regional line and the schedule isn't available yet. Your system only brings up 1 … (2015-05-18)
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  • i want to take a train from lyon to milan or lyon to florence

    I will be driving through France with my final destination in Annecy. I then need to get to Tuscany. Should I take a train from Lyon to Milan and then from Milan to Tuscany? (2012-03-16)

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    • … , Pisa, Lucca, Montecatini, Livorno, Chiusi, Arezzo, Empoli, etc.. You can check ticket costs for any of these trains … (2012-03-16)
  • Stations

    Are there more than one train station in Florence? We are travelling frome Arezzo to Paris and would like to take a day train instead of a night train and need a conection in Florence but it shows a different letter beside the station name. (2012-04-26)

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