• Monterosso to Biarritz or Dax

    What's the best way to train from Monterosso to Biarritz or Dax? I'd like to transfer maximum of 2 times, if possible... Thanks! (2013-07-01)

    Tags: monterosso, cinque terre, dax, biarritz, italy, france, point to point, paris, thello, thello overnight train, thello night train, milan, gare de lyon, montparnasse, metro, paris metro, paris gare de lyon, paris montparnasse, métro, paris métro

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    • … Ames, The most feasible connections from Monterosso to Biarritz or Dax would have 2 train changes along the way but involve going … to Paris, and then another search for connecting trains from Paris to Biarritz or Dax. These trains can only be booked within 90 days … (2013-07-02)
  • Travelling with a bicycle from Biarritz to Santander

    A group us plan to cycle from Santander to Biarritz in September. Is it possible for us to travel to the start of our ride from Biarritz to Santander by train with our Bicycles? (2018-07-16)

    Tags: basque, basque country, basque region, biarritz, biarritz to santander, euskotren, france, hendaye …

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    • … , you would have to take a connection comprised solely of regional trains. From Biarritz to Santander, a connection made up of regional trains would involve … train changes along the way; once in Hendaye, once in Irun, and then once in Palencia. Biarritz to Hendaye If you need to keep your bike assembled, you would have to take a regional TER … (2018-07-18)
  • Trying to book Cannes to Biarritz but only see options via Paris? NOT GOOD! CAPS ARE EASIER FOR MY NO LONGER NIMBLE FINGERS

    … both 84 would like to take a train on May 28, 2016,from Cannes to Biarritz w/o transferring; and it appears RailEurope has drawn a line … (2015-08-29)

    Tags: basque country, basque region, biarritz, bordeaux to biarritz, cannes, cannes to biarritz, cannes to bordeaux, france, french riviera, riviera, ter, tgv, point-to-point

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    • … you see doesn't show the actual rail line. The most feasible connection from Cannes to Biarritz would take about 12 hours in duration and involves changing … to Bordeaux and then another search for connecting trains from Bordeaux to Biarritz. Generally, trains in France can only be booked within 90 … (2015-08-31)
  • Traveling from a small town in Spain to a small town in France (Boi to Biarritz)

    Does anyone know how to get from Aiguestortes National Park (we are staying in Boi) in Spain to Biarritz, France? (2012-06-30)

    Tags: spain, france, point to point, aigüestortes, aigüestortes national park, vall de boi, boi, biarritz

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    • … km) from Irun. Otherwise, you can make a rail connection from Irun to Biarritz the following day. You can check ticket costs and schedules for trains from Lerida to Irun and from Irun to Biarritz under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website … (2012-07-02)
  • Can I take the TGV from Paris to Biarritz, and trains from Biarritz to Bordeaux and Biarritz to Bilbao with this pass? Thanks!


    Tags: biarritz to bordeaux, bordeaux to bilbao, bordeaux to irun, euskotren, euskotrens, france, irun to bilbao, paris to biarritz, pass and reservations, spain, ter, tgv, bus

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    • … to cover the ticket costs for trains from Paris to Biarritz and Biarritz to Bordeaux. The most feasible way to get from Bordeaux to Bilbao … -800-622-8600. Trains from Paris to Biarritz are high-speed 'TGV' trains that will require reservations in addition to a rail pass. Trains from Biarritz to Bordeaux are either high-speed 'TGV' trains … (2015-06-18)
  • Assistance with routing from Muxia, Spain to Biarritz, France.

    I need to get from Muxia, Spain to Biarritz, France anytime day or night. What path do you recommend I take? (2012-08-01)

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    • … . There is one feasible connection from Santiago de Compostela or La Coruna to Biarritz, which would involve changing trains once in Hendaye along the way. Generally … date of departure. Tickets for trains from Hendaye to Biarritz are able to be booked on our website, however, the train from Santiago de Compostela … (2012-08-02)
  • Traveling with a Bicycle case

    … traveling in France via TGV from Paris to Biarritz, then from Parpignan to Paris and will have a bicycle in a hard-sided luggage case … (2013-06-11)

    Tags: bicycle, tgv, france, paris, biarritz, perpignan, lyon, le mans, angers, bordeaux, bike, bicycle case, bicycle bag, bike bag, bike case

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    • … would just require you to purchase a reservation for it. A connection from Paris to Biarritz comprised of regional trains would not be able to be done within the coures of one day … numbers (these should also be labeled as 'TER'). With regard to the connection from Paris to Biarritz, the Intercités trains from Nantes to Bordeaux will have 4 … (2013-06-11)
    • … that doesn't meet their requirements What kind of bicycle case were you traveling with? Was it on the Paris-Biarritz and Perpignan-Paris trains … (2013-07-08)
  • Camino Bound - Stepping onto the Camino Trail at St Jean Pied de Port

    2 sisters flying into CDG or Biarrtz-Anglet Airport?? Stepping onto the Camino from St. Jean pied-de-port. Would a France/Spain Eurail Select Pass be useful, possible bus/taxi usage in both countries. (2016-07-07)

    Tags: anglet, bayonne to st jean pied de port, biarritz, biarritz airport, biarritz anglet airport … to st jean pied de port, biarritz-anglet airport, biarritz-parme airport, cdg, cdg … , france, paris airport, paris airport to biarritz, paris cdg, paris charles de gaulle …

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    • … , There are direct TGV trains from the city of Paris to Biarritz. However, instead of having to commute from the airport into the city, you might prefer to take a high … minutes. If you need to get to St Jean Pied de Port, the connection from Biarritz would take about 1.5 to 2 hours in duration … (2016-07-08)
    • … planning on flying into either Paris CDG or Biarritz. Just keep in mind that what you purchase for an itinerary would depend on the specific itinerary … (2016-07-08)
  • basque country trains arriving in arcangues, france or near by, coming from madrid

    IF I arrive in Madrid how can i get to arcangues, france by train. or is there a easier way by flying into france. (2012-06-07)

    Tags: arcangues, france, biarritz, madrid, spain, hendaye, point to point

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    • … the ticket costs and schedules for a route from Madrid to Biarritz, you would just piece together the connection by doing a separate search … to Hendaye and then another search for connecting trains from Hendaye to Biarritz). Trains from Madrid to Hendaye can only be booked within 60 … (2012-06-08)
  • Why don't all trains show?

    I have noticed that many routes that are mostly served by regional trains like TER in France and Renfe in Spain are not available using your site, on the other hand if I go to the national web site of that company, for example ter-sncf I can easily find... (2012-03-10)

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    • … from Madrid, we want to travel to France via San Sebastian and Biarritz, stopping for one night in Vitoria, avoiding high … (2014-04-29)
    • … , there are direct regional 'TER' trains that will take you up to Biarritz. The ride from Hendaye to Biarritz only takes 20 to 30 … . These trains do appear when you do a search for trains from Hendaye to Biarritz under 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage. Trains … (2014-04-29)
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