• Is there a Train route from Santiago de Compostela to Oviedo, Gijon, Bilbao?

    Hello, we are travelling from Santiago de Compostela along the Costa Verde to Gijon, Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian. Is there a train route? No driving for these senior travelers. Thank you (2018-04-07)

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    • … , this rail line starts in Ferrol and ends in Bilbao, so you would first just have to make your way from Santiago de Compostela up to Ferrol. If you intend on continuing … the Euskotren or the ALSA buses, so tickets for the segment from Bilbao to San Sebastián would still have to be purchased locally when you're there. FEVE … (2018-04-09)
    • … time spent in Bilbao, you can view various city passes and tours offered by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/train … (2018-04-09)
  • Is a Eurail Pass valid on Renfe FEVE trains in Spain? I plan to go from Hamburg > Paris > Irun > San Sebastian > Bilbao > Santander > Oviedo > Ferrol

    … FEVE trains from Irun, to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo and Ferrol then returning by most direct … (2016-08-24)

    Tags: … to ferrol, bilbao to santander, dortmund to paris, el ferrol, eurail select pass, eusko, euskotren … to irun, pass and reservations, san sebastián to bilbao, santander to oviedo, spain, tgv, tgv …

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    • … to the FEVE line, you would take a Euskotren from San Sebastián to Bilbao. The Euskotren is also what you would take to get from Irun to San Sebastián. The Euskotren … , and tickets for it would have to be purchased locally when you're there. You would then take the FEVE line between Bilbao and Ferrol. This trip does involve changing … (2016-08-25)
    • … , so these also would not be covered by a rail pass. There are ALSA buses that run from Irun to Bilbao; however, it is my understanding that the FEVE station … Viejo) station than it is to the ALSA bus station (Bilbao TermiBus). The Zazpikaleak (Casco Viejo) station … route of the FEVE can be a long journey and requires connections. Bilbao Concordia to Santander takes 3 hours … (2018-02-06)
  • Barcelona-Toledo (via Madrid), Toledo-Seville (via Madrid), Seville-Segovia (via Madrid), Segovia-Bilbao. How many segments of the Renfe Spain Pass would that be?

    … May - Seville through Madrid to Segovia 28 May - Segovia to Bilbao We will be travelling to Spain on the 10the of May. How many Journeys or Segments … (2015-04-27)

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    • … , Seville to Madrid, Madrid to Segovia, and Segovia to Bilbao. - Lastly, you could purchase the 4 segment option … , Madrid to Seville, Seville to Madrid, and Segovia to Bilbao. With this option, you would purchase regular tickets for your trains … (2015-04-29)
    • … , Madrid to Seville, Seville to Madrid, and Segovia to Bilbao) and regular tickets for your trains from Madrid to Toledo … (2015-04-29)
  • Bikes: Spain to Bilbao

    … . Is it possible to bring fully assembled bikes on the train from Madrid to Bilbao? If so, what is the process for reserving the space for our bikes … (2016-02-10)

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    • … trains. However, there aren't any such trains operating direct from Madrid to Bilbao. You can take an MD train from Madrid to the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, which is still about 62 km (driving distance) from Bilbao. From Vitoria-Gasteiz, you could ride or maybe try and find another form … (2016-02-10)
  • Bordeaux to Bilbao

    … book two train tickets from Bordeaux to Bilbao in August 2012. I couldn't get the system to route me directly. I found the TGV … tickets? One fromBordeaux to Hendaye and then a separate one from Hendaye to Bilbao? How soon in advance can I book? 90 days or six months … (2012-01-24)

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    • … would have to be purchased for both trains—from Bordeaux to Hendaye and Hendaye to Bilbao. These trains may be purchased 90 days in advance … (2012-01-25)
    • … /Spain border. From Irun, you can either take a direct bus all the way to Bilbao, or else you can take a bus or local commuter train to San … down to 1 departure per hour. From San Sebastián to Bilbao, you would have the option of taking a bus or a Euskotren. The bus … (2017-05-12)
  • Train from Lourdes to Bilbao via Bayonne, then Bilbao to Barcelona

    Can I book for a trip from Lourdes - Bayonne - Bilbao - Barcelona on Rail Europe? I would like to leave Lourdes afternoon of 9/30 to Bilbao from Lourdes, then 10/4 from Bilbao to Barcelona. Thank you. (2013-07-01)

    Tags: lourdes, bayonne, bilbao, barcelona, irun, france, spain, basque, basque country, basque region, madrid, miranda de ebro, point to point

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    • … trains from Bayonne to Irun (as part of a connection from Bayonne to Bilbao) are only able to be booked for dates through August. These particular trains are not able to be booked … costs and schedules for this portion of the route from Bayonne to Bilbao, then you would enter a date prior to September. Trains … (2013-07-01)
  • Ticket from Bilbao to Barcelona in Spain

    How do we travel from Bilbao to Barcelona? How long does it take and is there a schedule of times the train leaves? (2012-02-19)

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    • … hours and 40 minutes. Please enter the cities as Bilbao Abando and Barcelona Sants. You can use the following quick … .com/us/rail/point_to_point/triprequest.htm?from0=Bilbao%20Abando&to=0Barcelona%20Sants. It may be necessary to change the departure … (2012-02-20)
    • Today we travelled bilbao to Barcelona first class. What was first class about is I do not know. The seats were hard. No newspapers, no food was served. The basic … (2013-10-10)
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  • Viaje desde BIlbao a Miranda de Ebro

    … Estados Unidos, entrare a España por Bilbao, aun no estoy segura que via de tren … estan las Estaciones en relacion al aeropuerto de Bilbao. ¿Alguien me puede ayudar con la informacion … (2012-08-04)

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    • … pero no tenemos información sobre autobuses de Bilbao a Miranda. Para viajar por tren, hay trenes cada hora de Bilbao Abando a Miranda de Ebro. Las estaciones de tren … en en centro de la ciudad. Para viajar de el aeropuerto de Bilbao a la ciudad, puede tomar el autobús “Bizkaibus … (2012-08-06)
  • Bilbao, Spain to Barcelona

    What train do I get to travel from Bilbao to Barcelona? (2012-02-20)

    Tags: bilbao, barcelona

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    • … .com/us/rail/point_to_point/triprequest.htm?from0=Bilbao%20Abando&to0=Barcelona%20Sants. Fares … (2012-02-23)
  • Best route to get from Sevilla to northern coast (Bilbao? San Sebastian?)

    I'm traveling with my husband and 9 yr old child. We want to get from Sevilla to somewhere near San Sebastian in a day. I cannot figure out which destination I should chose or which exchange station would be best. I was going to stop for a couple days in... (2018-02-26)

    Tags: … án, san sebastian, sevilla, seville, seville to bilbao, seville to madrid, seville to san sebasti …

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    • … , Madrid actually is where you would connect on the route between Seville and Bilbao or San Sebastián. You would purchase tickets by searching … to Madrid and then another search for connecting trains from Madrid to Bilbao or Madrid to San Sebastián. When you pull up the results … (2018-02-27)
    • … =spain&cities=cities-556 For time in Bilbao, you can view city passes and tours here: http://www.raileurope … (2018-02-27)
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