• Paris to Bremen

    To travel in France, as well as go from Paris to Bremen, Germany, would one of the RailEurope passes work? If not, what is the cost of a ticket to get from Paris to Bremen? (2013-06-25)

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    • … tickets for a connecting train from Cologne or Mannheim to Bremen by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage … ticket prices for the full connection from Paris to Bremen, then you can do so by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage … (2013-06-25)
  • Need train from Bremen to Muenster and back

    I need to go from Bremen to Muenster at noon and return Muenster to Bremen at 10pm the same day. Is there a Muenster or Telgte train? (2012-05-30)

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    • … Hbf. On our website, you would purchase a ticket for a train from Bremen to Dortmund, and then you would just get off the train when it arrives to Münster (Westf … . On our website, you can purchase a ticket for a train from Dortmund to Bremen and just use the ticket to board at the Münster (Westf)Hbf … (2012-05-31)
  • Amsterdam to Bremen and other locations in Germany

    … 8th to Amsterdam , I was born in Germany but left there when I was one. I'm going to Bremen to visit a couple days with family than would like to see some sights … (2012-04-10)

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    • … region and Germany. The fastest connections from Amsterdam to Bremen involve 2 train changes along the way; once in Hilversum … to Duisburg and then another search for connecting trains from Duisburg to Bremen. These trains can only be reserved within 90 days of an intended … (2012-04-12)
  • The cheapest train travel from Paris to Bremen? Also, I plan to cover Germany, Italy, Spain, Prague, so can anyone suggest how to travel?


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    • … on Saturdays and Sundays. If you were only doing one trip from Paris to Bremen, then you would just purchase regular point-to-point tickets … to Cologne and another search for connecting trains from Cologne to Bremen. Generally, to view more options when you pull up the results … (2015-04-27)
  • Using a German Rail Pass along "Fairy Tale Road"

    … Tale road. Beginning in Frankfurt I will visit the towns of Bremen, Fulda, Steinau an der Strasse , Hamlen … (2013-09-25)

    Tags: … rail pass, german pass, frankfurt, bremen, fulda, steinau an der strasse, steinau …

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    • … -pass/index.html. With the exception of Frankfurt, Bremen, and Fulda, the schedules to most of these destinations would not be able to be viewed on our website … for a train from Frankfurt to Hannover (as part of a connection from Frankfurt to Bremen) and Bremen to Fulda. After you add the pass to your 'Itinerary' (shopping … (2013-09-25)
  • Is the Eurail Global Pass valid on the Erixx Train System from Hannover to Goslar in Germany??

    I was wondering if anyone knows if a Global Eurail Pass is acceptable on the eirxx train systems. I am considering using an Erixx train from Hannover to Goslar in Germany and noticed that the Erixx trais is most convenient. Thanks. (2014-12-16)

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    • … ) covers the 'Erixx' trains in Lower Saxony and Bremen (including the Erixx trains between Hannover and Goslar … (2014-12-17)
  • Trying to book tickets from Hamburg Airport to Augustfehn, but I don't see an option for the airport. Can I get a train directly out of the Hamburg Airport?

    I am wanting to book a rail ticket from Hamburg Airport to Augustfehn Germany. Can I get a train directly from the Airport? When I put in departure city, I can't see an option for Hamburg Airport only Hamburg. Would love some advice. Thank you in... (2017-08-01)

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    • … changes along the way; once at the main station in the city of Hamburg and then once in Bremen. Tickets for the trains from the Hamburg Airport to the city … of your Hamburg-Augustfehn search, the train change in Bremen will be reflected. Generally, these trains can be booked within 180 … (2017-08-01)
  • Does a rail pass cover subways and buses in European cities? Public transportation questions

    Does the Eurail Global pass cover public transportation in cities? Like the local subways, trains or buses. (2012-03-15)

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    • … 1d), Germany 7d(Cologne 1d, Bremen 1d, Berlin 3d, Munich/Stutgart … (2015-10-24)
  • Country of Residence

    Is country of residence asking my citizenship country or the country I'm living currently?? Thank you (2012-06-17)

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    • … looking for train tickets from Amsterdam Airport to Bremen on January 23rd for a job interview. I have tried to get tickets … This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Amsterdam to Bremen - paper ticket delivery to Uganda … (2013-01-21)
  • Car or Rail Europe? How do we check schedules and prices to compare?

    … . We will have 3 days to travel north thru Germany. Maybe Bremen or Bremenhaven, or Hamburg - this is open. We then have a week in Vejby, Denmark … (2013-01-24)

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