• Whats the best way to get from Charles de Gaulle to Gare Montparnasse?

    I arrive at CdG on a night flight and need to transfer to Gare Montparnasse to catch a train to Brittany. I would live advice on the shortest and easiest transfer please. We will have luggage and also be jet lagged so would like a transfer with minimal... (2017-04-05)

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    • … days of an intended departure date. In Brittany, there are stations all over, but the main rail hubs are Rennes and Brest … (2017-04-06)
  • Change of station in Paris

    I am planning on traveling from Brussels, Belgium to Brest, France. I noticed that we have to change train stations in Paris. Any idea how much time we would need to get from Paris Nord to Montparnasse? Is there an easy way to make this transfer? (2012-02-01)

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