• Itinerary for train travel in England and Scotland

    I need some help creating an itinerary. I have several places and cities I want to visit in England and Scotland and would like advice on what's the best order in which to see them, based on train travel to and from each one. Very broadly they include... (2018-09-20)

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    • … destination in the Cotswolds. If you have a need to go more central, you can take the train to Stroud or Cheltenham; it just depends on what you want to do. The station serving the Lake District … schedules; however, this search would need to be broken up. For this trip, you would do one search from 'Cheltenham Spa' to Birmingham and then another search for the part of the connection from Birmingham … (2018-09-21)
    • … straight from Oxford or Bath, you would follow the same route as from Cheltenham. From Oxford, the connections to Windermere take about 4.5 … (2018-09-21)
  • Best railpass and trains for London, Windsor, Newbury, Stratford upon Avon, and the Cotswolds?

    We are arriving at Heathrow and taking a train to Windsor. Does that train leave from Paddington? Then we are going from Windsor to Newbury. I know there is a train station in Newbury, but I don't know what the line is called. Then we need to travel from... (2018-06-26)

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    • … to service the Cotswolds, which are the stations in Stroud and Cheltenham Spa. Stroud and Cheltenham Spa fall just barely … (2018-06-27)
  • 3 weeks in Great Britain (Edinburgh, Penrith, York, London, Cotswolds, Bath, Bristol)

    There will be 4 of us traveling from Edinburg to Penrith, England to catch an REI hike. After the 9day hike, we will be in York by September 8. From there we want to travel to London, Cotswolds, Bath and Bristol. We will be spending a few days at... (2018-06-17)

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    • … , Penrith, York, stations in the Cotswolds (i.e. Stroud, Cheltenham, Moreton-in-Marsh), Bath, Bristol, and London … (2018-06-19)
  • What is the best pass to purchase for: Fly into Heathrow, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Kendal, Holyhead, Crewe or Kemble

    We're planning to fly into Heathrow and take the train to Edingburg, Scotland and stay a couple of days, then go on to Glasgow via Inverness, stay a couple of days and then on to Kendall in England. Then after a couple of days, on to Holyhead, Wales for... (2012-08-22)

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    • … involves 2 train changes along the way; once in Birmingham and then once in Cheltenham Spa. None of the trains comprising of this connection accept … (2012-08-23)