• Is there a pass for Belgium, including trips from Paris to Mons & Mons to Cologne?

    … while in Mons for day trips) and then finish off the trip with 2 days in Cologne. Is there a rail pass that would cover all of this travel … (2015-03-24)

    Tags: belgium, benelux, brussels, brussels to cologne, brussels to mons, cologne, eurail benelux pass, eurail … pass, france, germany, intercity, mons, mons to brussels, mons to cologne, paris, paris to brussels, paris to mons, pass …

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    • … ) and your train from Mons back to Brussels (as part of your connection from Mons to Cologne). Incidentally, the Eurail Benelux Pass would also cover … on the Thalys trains from Paris to Brussels and Brussels to Cologne, you would click the 'View' button that corresponds to the cost … (2015-03-24)
    • … on Thalys trains (Paris-Brussels and Brussels-Cologne) are no longer valid for travel with Eurail Passes … (2018-04-25)
  • German Twin Pass for Mettmann, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf Airport?

    … , Germany, on business, then will extend our stay. We plan to go to Cologne, Amsterdam, and Brussels on three separate days. We plan … (2015-08-15)

    Tags: … to brussels, belgium, benelux, brussels to cologne, brussels to dusseldorf airport, cologne, cologne to amsterdam … to dusseldorf airport, dusseldorf to cologne, germany, ic, ice, inter city, inter city … , intercity, intercity express, mettmann, mettmann to cologne, mettmann to dusseldorf, netherlands, re, regional-express …

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    • … minutes. You would purchase tickets for a train from Dusseldorf to Cologne by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage … search for each segment of the connection. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Cologne to Utrecht and another search for connecting trains from Utrecht … (2015-08-18)
  • Reservations for Kaiserslautern-Cologne, Cologne-Nuremberg, Nuremberg-Rothenburg, Rothenburg-Heidelberg, & Heidelberg-Kaiserslautern?

    … Appreciate your help. Kaiserslautern to Cologne, Cologne to Nuremberg, Nuremberg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Rothenburg … (2016-11-05)

    Tags: ansbach to steinach, ansbach to stuttgart, cologne to nuremberg, german rail pass, germany, heidelberg … city express, intercity, intercity express, kaiserslautern, kaiserslautern to cologne, kaiserslautern to mannheim, mannheim … ob der tauber, stuttgart to heidelberg, cologne, heidelberg, nuremberg, rothenburg ob der …

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    • … . Therefore, the rail pass would be all you'd need to board. Trains from Mannheim to Cologne are high-speed ICE (InterCity Express … . Instead, you would do one search specifically for the segment from Mannheim to Cologne. With that said, schedules for the non-reservable trains from Kaiserslautern to Mannheim are currently … (2016-11-07)
  • First time travel by train in Europe - Going from Amsterdam Airport to Cologne to Nuremberg to Prague to Berlin & then back to Amsterdam Central station.

    Travel from Amsterdam Airport to Cologne to Nuremburg to Prague to Berlin and back to Amsterdam Central Station for 19 days in December 2017.What train pass should I buy? (2017-09-17)

    Tags: amsterdam, amsterdam airport, amsterdam airport to cologne, amsterdam airport to utrecht, amsterdam schipol, amsterdam schipol airport, benelux, berlin, cologne, cologne to nuremberg, czech republic, ec … , netherlands, nuremberg, nuremberg to prague, prague, praha, schipol, schipol airport, utrecht to cologne

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    • … would be from 'Amsterdam Airport' to Utrecht. Trains from Utrecht to Cologne are ICE (InterCity Express) trains on which reservations … ' in the field for the arrival city. Generally, the trains from Cologne to Nuremberg can be reserved up to 180 days in advance … (2017-09-18)
    • … by clicking here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/germany/cologne/. For time in Nuremberg, you can view various city passes … (2017-09-18)
  • German Rail pass & number of 'travel days' (Freiburg-Munich, Munich-Berlin, Berlin-Hamburg, Hamburg-Cologne, Cologne-Amsterdam). Would the pass cover to Amsterdam?

    … to visit Freiburg, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne during a 12 day visit in Germany. How do I count … : Berlin to Hamburg & Hamburg to CologneDay 12: Cologne to AmsterdamWould this mean that Day 4, 8, 11 … (2018-04-07)

    Tags: amsterdam, benelux, berlin, berlin to hamburg, cologne, cologne to amsterdam, freiburg, freiburg to munich … rail pass, germany, hamburg, hamburg to cologne, ic, ice, inter city, inter …

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    • … on our website blocking you from purchasing reservations for trains from Cologne to Amsterdam. If you get an error message telling you "it is too early to book the requested journey" or some other error message when you do your Cologne-Amsterdam search, then you would have to call us to book these reservations … (2018-04-09)
    • … you from the German/Dutch border to Amsterdam when you take the ICE from Cologne. The extra ticket you'd need is from the town of Emmerich at the border … (2018-04-09)
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  • Eurail Global Pass for Germany and Belgium (Munich, Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Cologne, Brussels, Leuven, Bruges)

    … OD Taube, then from Rothenburg OD Taube to Cologne, Cologne to Brussels. When in Belgium, we'll be taking trains from Leuven … (2019-04-09)

    Tags: … , brugge, brugge to leuven, brussels, bruxelles, cologne, cologne to brussels, eurail global pass … tauber, rothenburg ob der tauber to cologne, rothenburg ob der tauber to wurzburg …

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    • … and you would do one search from 'Rothenberg O D Taube' to 'Wurzburg'. From Wurzburg to Cologne, you would take an ICE (InterCity Express) train on which reservations … . To purchase the reservations, you would search do a search from Wurzburg to Cologne on our homepage, check the box that says ‘I have a rail … (2019-04-09)
    • … =undefined&cities=cities-487 For time in Cologne, you can shop city passes, activities and tours … (2019-04-09)
  • Best pass for Netherlands (Amsterdam, Vollendam, The Hague, Venlo), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Germany (Cologne, Munich, Konstanz), Switzerland (Lucerne, Mt Titlis), & France (Paris). Does the pass cover from one city to another?

    … , Venlo) - Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels) - Germany (Cologne, Munich, Konstanz) - Switzerland (Lucerne, Mt … hague/ the hague to venlo/ Brussels to antwerp/ Cologne to Munich? If Euro Selected Pass suits … (2012-05-27)

    Tags: … , benelux, mount titlis, mt titlis, vienna, fuessen, füssen, cologne, augsburg, munich

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    • … in germany or i have to make a reservation first??? if i have to reserve, do i have to pay for it??? and if i like to go to fussen, germany from cologne....is there any direct train? or i have to go to munich first to change the train … (2012-06-12)
    • … trains once in either Augsburg or Munich along the way. The trains from Cologne to Augsburg or Cologne to Munich are ICE trains that we would recommend … & Schedules' on our homepage. To make your actual reservations for the segment from Cologne to Augsburg or Cologne to Munich and the segment from Munich to Vienna … (2012-06-13)
  • From Frankfurt>Amsterdam>The Hague>Brussels>Cologne>Frankfurt, which train services are not covered by the Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass? Would it cover the S-Bahn & U-Bahn in Germany?

    … to travel between Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Hague, Brussels, Cologne and back to Frankfurt. Which train services between and within these cities are not covered … (2015-06-29)

    Tags: … , belgium, benelux, brussels, brussels to cologne, cologne, cologne to frankfurt, den haag, den …

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    • … , so the rail pass is all you would need to board. Trains from Brussels to Cologne are high-speed 'Thalys' or high-speed … reservations in addition to the rail pass. Trains from Cologne to Frankfurt are high-speed 'InterCity Express … (2015-07-01)
  • Madrid to Bordeaux, Bordeaux to Paris, Paris to Bruges, Bruges to Brussels, Brussels to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Cologne, & Cologne to Frankfurt. With the Eurail Select Pass, all cities and stations available?

    … -Bourdeaux-Paris-Bruges-Brusseles-Amsterdam-Cologne-Frankfurt I see the Eurail Select Pass works for the countries … (2015-06-29)

    Tags: alvia, amsterdam, amsterdam to cologne, belgium, benelux, bordeaux, bordeaux to paris, bruges, bruges … , brussels, brussels to amsterdam, brussels to bruges, cologne, cologne to frankfurt, france, frankfurt, germany …

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    • … in addition to the rail pass. There are also direct trains from Amsterdam to Cologne and Cologne to Frankfurt. The trains from Amsterdam to Cologne and Cologne to Frankfurt are high-speed 'InterCity Express' (ICE) trains, on which reservations would be highly … (2015-07-01)
  • How much do reservations cost from Berlin to Prague if I'm traveling with a rail pass? Travel will be from Frankfurt-Cologne-Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Munich & Malmo-Gothenburg-Stockholm.

    … ? This site also says to book as far in advance as possible, but I can't even get any information for November. Frankfurt-Cologne-Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Munich and then Malmo … (2015-08-03)

    Tags: … to berlin, frankfurt, frankfurt to cologne, munich, prague, prague to vienna, vienna, vienna to munich …

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    • … of rail pass you'll be traveling with. Trains from Frankfurt to Cologne and Cologne to Berlin are high-speed 'InterCity … (2015-08-06)
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