• Is it possible to go from Dublin to Waterford or Cork to Waterford?

    Staying in Dublin for some days then Cork. Not sure from which city to visit Waterford and how to get to Waterford, does rail service run to Waterford? (2012-06-21)

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    • … and Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. A connection from Cork to Waterford would involve changing trains once in Limerick … along the way. Otherwise, you would have to go all the way back up to Dublin to change trains. However, tickets for trains from Cork to Limerick Junction and Limerick Junction to Waterford … (2012-06-22)
  • Trains/Ferries from The Hague to Cork?

    … ned some info for a trip from The Hague to Cork (no planes please). as far as I know option 1 would be via Brussels/London and then ferries … (2014-08-26)

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    • Hi Trin, There are many different possibilities of getting from The Hague to Cork. To consider your options for an itinerary such as this, you would have to call us at 1-800-622-8600. (2014-08-26)
  • What cities in Ireland have rail?

    how can I tell what cities are on the rail in Ireland? I would like to plan a trip without driving and last year I went to Dublin, Cork, Kilarney and Shannon by train. I would like to see other cities in the future. (2017-05-24)

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    • … -reference. If you have questions about a specific destination, please let us know. Dublin, Cork, and Killarney all have rail stations and can be reached by train … (2017-05-24)
    • … to Galway, with maybe stops on the way. I am going to Dingle from Kinsale via Cork, so that I get. But I cannot find what stations will get me to Galway? I know I will have to take a bus from Dingle … (2018-03-26)
  • Is there such a thing as upper-class rail service for inter-county travel within Ireland

    … days through Ireland for the 1st time. We're thinking about taking trains from Dublin to Cork, & Cork to Kilarney (with the balance of travel by private … (2016-04-04)

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    • … class and 2nd class. The direct trains from Cork to Killarney don't have 1st class seating. These trains … (www.raileurope.com). You would do one search for trains from Dublin to Cork and another search for trains from Cork to Killarney. Trains in Ireland … (2016-04-04)
  • Ireland-Britrail vs. Global Pass

    … in Belfast, Northern Ireland and want to travel to Dublin, Cork, and possibly Limerick before I go to Rosslare to take the Ferry to Fishguard, Whales … (2012-06-08)

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