• How would I travel from Istanbul to Croatia? What city would be the easiest to get to in Croatia?

    I would like to travel from Istanbul to Croatia by train; which city is the easiest to get to via train? Which pass would I need? How long is the ride on such route? (2012-04-15)

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    • … largest, and most easily accessible city in Croatia is Zagreb. The most direct route from Istanbul to Zagreb takes … rail passes—The Balkan Flexipass & The Eurail Croatia Pass. Information on the Balkan Flexipass may be found at http://goo.gl/aihb and information on the Eurail Croatia Pass may be found at http://goo.gl/EsTNj. Reservations for the trains … (2012-04-17)
    • … days. As far as rail passes go, the only single rail pass that would cover this full route is the Eurail Global … a ticket for the bus from Istanbul to Kapikule, in combination with a Eurail Select Pass for Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Croatia (the Eurail Select Pass is a pass that covers 4 bordering … (2014-11-26)
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  • Paris CDG-Rome, Rome-Florence, Florence-Venice, Venice-Croatia with a Eurail Select Pass? Which trains can we take? Do we need reservations?

    … 3. Florence to Venice Then my daughter goes to her summer intern in Croatia from Venice What trains we can take?? We have Select Pass - 4 countries, 5 days travel within 2 months … (2015-05-27)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsFrecciarossa Trains (Italy)Thello Trains (Italy-France)Eurail Select PassLe Frecce Trains (Italy)TGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)Eurail Passes

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    • … that you’ll be traveling with any kind of pass. How to purchase reservations for a connection from Villach or Nova Gorica to Croatia would depend … pass is all she would need to board. Generally, trains and buses from Venice to Villach, as well as any reservable train from Villach to Croatia … (2015-05-29)
  • Best pass for Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia? Also, how can I reserve train from Budapest to Split?

    … a few days then going to Florence, Vienna, Budapest and Split. We will be flying back home from Split, Croatia. What would the best rail pass be for this trip? It seems as though the best … (2015-04-04)

    Products: ReservationsLeonardo Express TrainEurail Select Pass

    Tags: … train, adria overnight train, austria, budapest, budapest to split, croatia, eurail select pass, hungary, italy, pass and reservations, split, cinque terre, florence …

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    • … . For your itinerary, you would just purchase your Eurail Select Pass to include Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia/Slovenia (Croatia and Slovenia are just counted together as one 'country' for the purpose of this rail pass). You would purchase … (2015-04-07)
    • … in May. I have a couple more questions. Does the Eurail Select Pass work for the train from the Rome Airport to the Termini Station … also cover that route? And finally, once we are in Split, Croatia, will the pass cover the daily ferry trips to the islands … (2015-04-08)
  • 4 countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia/Croatia) -- connected or not?

    … to four countries in May-Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia/Croatia. Our current plan is to go from Verona to Munich, Munich to … and take a train to Rome. Is this itinerary supported by the rail pass for 4 adjoining countries? Or, please suggest the … (2018-02-24)

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    • … countries are the ones you would include on your Eurail Select Pass, as they do all connect to one another (Croatia and Slovenia count as one country for the purpose … Italy, Austria, Germany, and Croatia/Slovenia. Trains from Verona to Munich pass through Austria en route … (2018-02-26)
  • How to travel from Lisbon, Portugal to Barcelona? What does Eurail Global Pass cover?

    … " itinerary. I am planning on buying the Eurail Global Pass for 15 consecutive days. I am having a hard time figuring out which railways … (2018-04-20)

    Tags: … , barcelona, chamartin station, eurail global pass, lisboa, lisbon, lisbon to barcelona, lisbon …

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    • … are Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France … to Barcelona would both require reservations as a supplement to the rail pass. To purchase the passholder reservations for this trip, you would just break … (2018-04-20)
  • Travel between Italy & Croatia. Is out & back on the same day considered "one day" on my pass? Also, does the pass give us discounts on ferries from Bari to Dubrovnik?

    … day/3 country pass. I will travel from France to Italy, to Croatia by Ferry and back to Italy. I plan to take several day trips by train in Italy. I assume out and back in the same day is considered "one day" of the 10. Is that correct? Also, does the pass entitle us to any discounts on a ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik … (2016-08-08)

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    • … on ferries between Bari and Dubrovnik. A rail pass that includes Croatia and/or Italy would only provide for a 20% discount on ferry crossings between Ancona and Split on 'SNAV … (2016-08-09)
  • What is the best way to get from Zurich to Ramstein? I will have a Swiss Pass, but what should I purchase for travel from Ramstein in Germany to the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, & Austria?

    … with a Swiss Pass. Then I want to travel to visit friend at Ramstein. I want to also travel from Ramstein to do some sightseeing in Prague, Croatia, Slovania and Austria. Is there a rail pass that will work for this trip or do I need to purchase … (2015-08-26)

    Products: Eurail Select Pass

    Tags: austria, croatia, croatia-slovenia, czech republic, eurail select pass, germany, kaiserslautern to ramstein, mannheim to kaiserslautern … and reservations, slovenia, swiss travel pass, switzerland, zurich to mannheim, zurich to ramstein, bern …

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    • … Select Pass' is a pass that covers travel in 4 bordering countries of your choosing. Croatia and Slovenia are counted together as one 'country' for the purpose of rail passes. Therefore, you would purchase your 'Eurail Select Pass' to include Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Croatia/Slovenia. You would purchase … (2015-08-26)
  • Split, Croatia to Salzburg, Austria. Also travel in Austria, France, & Italy. Is there a pass to cover all these countries?

    … 6th of September 2014. Is it possible to use the Austria, Slovenia, Croatia pass on your website to do this? Or do we need to book point to point tickets? We also need to book rail travel within Austria, France and Italy. Is there a pass that covers all of these countries … (2014-06-24)

    Tags: split, salzburg, croatia, austria, eurail austria-croatiaslovenia pass, eurail select pass, eurail global pass, croatiaslovenia, croatia-slovenia, slovenia, pass and reservations, eurocity, euro city, ec, italy, france

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    • … . The Eurail Select Pass covers travel in 4 bordering countries of your choosing, Croatia and Slovenia are actually counted together as one country for the purpose of the rail pass. Therefore, you would choose Croatia/Slovenia, Austria, Italy, and France … (2014-06-24)
  • Split or Dubrovnik, Croatia to Greece with rail pass

    What is the fastest why other than air to travel from (Split or Dubrovnik ) to Greece? And will I need to purchase additional ferry tickets? In addition to the Eurail pass? Or would it be better to leave from Italy? Thank-you! (2016-06-23)

    Tags: dubrovnik, hellas express, belgrade to thessaloniki, croatia, greece, pass and reservations, split, split to zagreb, zagreb to belgrade, night train, overnight train

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    • … to other destinations in Greece. Your rail pass would have to be valid in each of the countries being traveled through (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece), and these trains do require reservations in addition to a rail pass … (2016-06-24)
  • List of Cities and Towns covered by the Eurail Global Pass? Does it cover Wengen & the surrounding area?

    How can I tell where my Global Pass will take me is there a list of cities. Specifically, Wengen and the surrounding area. (2016-07-16)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurail Passes

    Tags: … oberland railway, eurail global pass, eurail pass, switzerland, wengen, wengernalp, wengernalp … to lauterbrunnen, jungfrau, jungfrau railway, jungfrau travel pass, jungfraubahn, jungfraujoch, lauterbrunnen to wengen

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    • … are Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France … , and gondolas in between Interlaken and Jungfraujoch. For the Jungfrau Travel Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/activities/jungfrau … (2016-07-19)
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