• Davos to Zermatt via Glacier Express with Swiss Travel Pass

    … back to our "Heimatort". we plan to take the glacier express from stMoritz/or Davos to zermatt. do i need to buy extra ticket for this trip … (2016-07-27)

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    • … of the Glacier Express; you would just need reservations on the train itself. A connection from Davos to Zermatt would involve taking a branch of the Rhaetian … on Saturdays. When you call, you can also inquire about schedules for the trains from Davos to Filisur. Generally, the Glacier Express can be reserved … (2016-07-27)
  • Davos

    … box panel for the World Economic Summit at Davos 2018. At this late date, all hotels and homes are booked … in the surrounding area and train him in every day. Any suggestions of cities with short routes into Davos on a daily basis … (2017-12-09)

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    • … comes from Landquart. The ride from Landquart to Davos takes just over an hour and includes stops in Grüsch … (2017-12-11)