• Trying to Book Bus Reservations from Nuremburg to Prague for travel with my Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass

    … for the bus between Nuremburg and Prague, the website only shows train connections. My father and I have a Germany/Denmark First Class Eurail Pass. The bus to Prague is an added bonus … (2015-02-05)

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    • … and Prague is actually not covered by a Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass. The bus between Nuremburg and Prague is only a bonus … and the Czech Republic. Your Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass would only cover you on the bus up to the border with the Czech Republic … (2015-02-06)
  • Is the Eurail Denmark Germany Pass good for train from Odense to Svendborg & the ferry from Svendborg to AEro?

    Is the Denmark-Germany Eurai Selectl Pass good for the fares for the train from Odense to Svendborg and the ferry to and from Svendborg to AEro in Denmark? (2014-05-22)

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    • … (or a Eurail Select Pass that includes both Denmark and Germany) does cover the trains from Odense to Svendborg but not the ferries from Svendborg to Ærø. Tickets … (2014-05-23)
  • Traveling between Denmark, Germany and Czech. Which pass to purchase?

    … , and Czech Republic and have looked at getting a Eurail Denmark-Germany pass and a Czech Republic pass-I will need to travel from Munich to Prague and then Prague to Berlin-can I use a Czech … (2014-01-08)

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    • … the ticket costs for the route. The Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass would be needed to cover you for the portion of this route … to the Czech-German border, and the Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass would cover you for the portion of this route from the Czech … (2014-01-09)
  • Does German/Denmark pass cover local Warnemunde trains to Rostock?

    DB Bahn fare shows train from Warnemunde to Rostock but Rail Europe does not. I need to know if that portion is covered by German/Denmark pass. (2012-04-12)

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    • Hi, Any rail pass that includes Germany would cover the S-Bahn trains between Warnemünde and Rostock. Therefore, your Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass is valid to cover this route with the use of a rail day. (2012-04-13)
  • How to book Copenhagen to Berlin with a German Rail Pass

    … bought a German Rail Pass for 5 days in Dec-Jan. I'll be using trains entirely in Germany, except I fly into Copenhagen, and am travelling to Berlin. What would be the best/cheapest … (2015-11-18)

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    Tags: … , copenhagen to hamburg, copenhagen to puttgarden, copenhagen-puttgarden ticket, denmark, german rail pass, germany, hamburg to berlin, ic bus, ice, inter city …

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    • … en route. In either case, the German Rail Pass would only cover you once you enter into Germany at Puttgarden. Therefore, you would need to purchase an additional … cover the entire route (i.e. the 'Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass' or the 'Eurail Global Pass'). This would enable you to purchase … (2015-11-18)
  • Romantic Road in Germany

    … old and one who is not a senior. Do I need to buy a Global Pass if the three of us are travelling from say Copenhagen, Denmark to cities in Germany such as Frankfurt or Munich? What is the minimum number of days for purchasing a Eurorail Pass (2016-02-27)

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    Tags: germany, romantic road, romantic road coach, baden-württemberg, bavaria, eurail select pass, german rail pass, bus, augsburg, dinkelsbühl, frankfurt, fussen, munich, rothenburg ob der tauber, würzburg, bónus, brochure, discount

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    • … itself and various other factors. Options would include purchasing a 'Eurail Select Pass' for 2 countries (with those countries being Denmark and Germany) or a 'German Rail Pass'. If you purchase a German Rail … (2016-02-29)
  • Train Passes

    If I take a train from Copenhagen to Berlin one day and 5 days later, leave Berlin to take a train to Vienna. Will my traveling in Germany be considered one day or two days? (2014-03-25)

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  • Copenhagen to Munich, Munich to Geneva, & Geneva to Dover. Can we purchase the Swiss Pass?

    Hi We are traveling in Europe this fall. From Copenhagen to Munich Sept 24, and then Munich to Geneva Switzerland Oct 2nd and then from Geneva to Dover on Oct 6th. Can we just purchase the Swiss pass for 2 at $562 .00 Nick (2014-11-26)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)ICE Trains (Germany)City Night Line Trains (Switzerland - Germany)Eurail Select PassEurail Passes

    Tags: … to munich, munich, intercity express, ice, germany, munich to zurich, zurich to geneva, ic … , england, united kingdom, eurail select pass, paris gare de lyon, paris nord station, paris rer, denmark

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    • … of your choosing. Therefore, you would purchase your Eurail Select Pass to include Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and France (a rail connection from Geneva to Dover would take you through France en route … (2014-11-26)
  • How can I stop in Amsterdam en route between Copenhagen and Paris if I don't have the Netherlands on my Eurail Select Pass?

    Hi, i have a 5 country ueurail pass. on my way back from paris to copenhagen i would like to stop in amsterdam. do i have to buy a portion of my ticket since the netherlands is not one of my 5 countries?? (2012-03-26)

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    • … of departure. Please note, my response to your post does assume that you have Denmark, Germany and France on your Eurail Select Pass, since you did not mention to the contrary … (2012-03-27)
    • … eurorail pass that is valid for 5 countries--Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Spain. However, on my way back, I would like to stop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands … (2012-03-28)
  • how many countries count going straight from france to denmark

    I'll be using a Eurail select pass (7 travel days 2months) and will go from germany to france, then want to go from france directly to copenhagen. Will I have to count the countries on the way between france and denmark? (2012-05-17)

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    • … . Therefore, if you opt to take this connection, your pass would just have to include France, Germany and Denmark. The most feasible daytime connections from Paris to Copenhagen would involve at least 2 … (2012-05-18)
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