• Can I bring my luggage onto the train or does it go in a separate area?

    … travelling from Amsterdam to Dortmund and there will be two transfers. I will be travelling with a bag a is a bit bigger than a carry on bag and I was wondering if I would be able to have the luggage … (2016-04-20)

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    • … at the ends of each train car. A connection from Amsterdam to Dortmund would take just under 3 hours in duration and involves changing … (2016-04-20)
  • Is a Eurail Pass valid on Renfe FEVE trains in Spain? I plan to go from Hamburg > Paris > Irun > San Sebastian > Bilbao > Santander > Oviedo > Ferrol

    Travel plan: from Hamburg Germany to Paris, to Irun on French/Spanish border, then continuing in Spain, on RENFE FEVE trains from Irun, to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo and Ferrol then returning by most direct route to Frankfort Airport in... (2016-08-24)

    Tags: bilbao to ferrol, bilbao to santander, dortmund to paris, el ferrol, eurail select pass, eusko … speed, galicia, germany, hamburg, hamburg to dortmund, hamburg to karlsruhe, hamburg to mannheim, hamburg …

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    • … and involves changing trains at least once along the way in either Mannheim, Karlsruhe, or Dortmund. For the first segment of any of these options (Hamburg to Mannheim, Hamburg … . For the next segment (Mannheim to Paris, Karlsruhe to Paris, or Dortmund to Paris), reservations would be required as a supplement to a rail … (2016-08-25)
  • Travel from Frankfurt to Mainz, Mainz to Herne, Herne to Frieburg, and Freiburg to Frankfurt with no time constraints

    We are traveling next week from Frankfurt to Mainz, then Herne, and Frieberg returning back to Frankfurt on Nov 23.What are the best options for us. No Time constraints as time of day flexible. (2017-11-07)

    Tags: … to freiburg, dortmund to herne, dusseldorf to freiburg, ec, essen to herne, frankfurt, frankfurt to mainz … rail pass, germany, herne, herne to dortmund, herne to dusseldorf, herne to freiburg, herne … , intercity, intercity express, mainz, mainz to dortmund, mainz to essen, mainz to herne, north …

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    • … hours in duration and involves changing trains once in either Essen or Dortmund along the way. Trains from Mainz to Essen or Mainz … on any of the ICE or EC trains (Dusseldorf to Freiburg, Dortmund to Freiburg, and Freiburg to Frankfurt), you would click the 'Seat … (2017-11-07)
  • Need train from Bremen to Muenster and back

    I need to go from Bremen to Muenster at noon and return Muenster to Bremen at 10pm the same day. Is there a Muenster or Telgte train? (2012-05-30)

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    • … (Westf) Hbf about 32 minutes before they arrive into Dortmund Hbf. On our website, you would purchase a ticket for a train … 32 prior to the arrival time shown for Dortmund. You would purchase the ticket by entering the cities under 'Check … ) Hbf 30 to 35 minutes after they depart from Dortmund Hbf. On our website, you can purchase a ticket for a train … (2012-05-31)
  • How do we travel by train from Paris to Oslo? The RailEurope website is not providing this information.


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    • Actually, there is one thing: you can now take a high-speed Thalys from Paris to Dortmund. Therefore, Dortmund is another option of a place where you can change trains in between Paris and Hamburg. (2018-05-31)
    • … Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany (Cologne, Dortmund, Essen) on these trains and not through the Netherlands. With that said, you are welcome to route yourself however you wish. As far as Amsterdam … , etc.. Connections to Copenhagen just happen to be more direct and easier from Cologne or Dortmund. Several years ago, there was at least a direct overnight train from Amsterdam … (2018-06-01)
  • Would a 2 country pass be valid on metro, trams, and undergrounds?

    hi, If i buy a 2 country pass for Germany and Austria, I know it will be valid on all trains in these 2 countries but is it also valid in all the numerous tramways,metros,undergrounds etc. Please help me out with the full validity of this pass. (2016-03-02)

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    • … then do I need to make a reservation for intercity trains (between Munich, düsseldorf, dortmund, Frankfurt) or just get on board and show the pass. Also if I buy a Swiss … (2016-03-04)
  • Swiss+German-Austria Pass Reservation help

    … then do I need to make a reservation for intercity trains (between Munich, düsseldorf, dortmund, Frankfurt) or just get on board and show the pass. Also if I buy a Swiss … (2016-03-04)

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