• Italy travel from town to another town - Potenza to Foggia

    Need to know how to take the train from this address Vico Vittorio Emanuelo 9, Bella, Potenza, Italia 85051 to No. 22 Via Trento, Orta Nova, Foggia 71045 by train and how long will it take. (2012-05-30)

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    • … direct trains from Potenza to Foggia that take approximately 2 hours in duration and depart every 2 or 3 … and clicking the option to 'Check Schedules'. Tickets for trains from Potenza to Foggia are only able to be purchased locally in Italy … (2012-05-31)
  • Multi country travel

    Can I book tickets or passes to travel from Rome to Paris via Naples, Foggia, Venice, Milan, Montpellier, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, San Sebastian and Bordeaux? Is a pass or ticket the best way? We will be staying overnight at some locations. Thanks Gaz (2013-06-02)

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