• Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt (Main) Hbf

    … and I from San Francisco. I am assuming we will be in the same terminal. We have tickets to Rothenburg from Frankfurt (Main) Hbf. What are the logistics from Terminal 1 … (2017-06-20)

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    • … station located in the lower level. Trains from the airport to the Frankfurt Hbf (the main station in the city of Frankfurt) depart 6-7 times every hour throughout the day, and the ride only takes about 10-15 … (2017-06-20)
  • Does a trip from Frankfurt Aiport to the city centre count as a travel day on my German Rail Pass?

    Does a trip from Frankfurt airport to the city centre count for a travel day on German Rail Pass? If so, what other options/discounts would you recommend? (2017-03-29)

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    • … ' on the German Rail Pass if you use it to take the train from the Frankfurt Airport into the city of Frankfurt. If you don't wish to expend a 'travel day … ) rail pass; the short trains between Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt being a perfect example. You would really only want to consider using a flexipass … (2017-03-30)
  • If I purchase a ticket to take the train from Frankfurt Airport to the main station in Frankfurt, does that mean I can keep that day of travel on my rail pass?

    … international airport and need to take a train to the main station in Frankfurt. I saw that there is an airport train, but that it might require losing a travel day … (2013-08-06)

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    • … Sara, Yes, if you purchase a regular ticket for the train from the Frankfurt Airport into the city, then you would not have to use your rail pass to board … of travel on the pass. Tickets for the train from the Frankfurt Airport to the city of Frankfurt can be purchased by clicking on 'Find … (2013-08-07)
    • Thanks for the reply. One other question about this....is the train ticket from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt only $6-8 both with and without a rail pass? This is what I saw when browsing … (2013-08-07)
  • Is there a night train from Barcelona to Geneva or Zurich? We are trying to get to Zermatt to take the Glacier Express. Then we go to Frankfurt.

    We are planning to buy a Global Pass and travel from Barcelona to Zermatt, take the Glacier Express train around May 18th, then go on to Frankfurt, where our son is currently living. Please give us some advice. Thanks (2015-02-07)

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    • … from Zermatt to St Moritz. The shortest connections from St Moritz to Frankfurt would take about 7 to 8 hours in duration and involve … , and the InterCity Express trains from Basel or Zurich to Frankfurt can all only be booked within 90 days of an intended date … (2015-02-09)
  • Wedding trip from Frankfurt to Gmund, Gmund to Venice, & Venice to Barcelona?

    Can you advise how much it will cost for following routing: July 16 Frankfurt - Gmund Germany July 19 Gmund - Venice August 3 Barcelona - Spain All trips are one way for two people - both are over 60 and when can we purchase tickets ? (2015-02-17)

    Tags: … , eurocity, france-spain high speed, frankfurt, frankfurt to munich, frecciabianca, germany, gmund …

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    • … each individual segment of a connection one-by-one. This would include: -Trains from Frankfurt to Munich (high-speed 'InterCity Express' trains) as part of your connection from Frankfurt to Gmund. -Trains from Munich to Venice ('Brennero EuroCity' trains) or trains … (2015-02-17)
  • Which rail pass is best for an itinerary including Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, Girona and back to Frankfurt?

    … live in america, and want to travel by fast train from frankfurt to brussels may 4th brussels to paris may 6 … to barcelona or gerona may 8 and finally barcelona to frankfurt may 14th... all in 14 days trip... what are the best … (2015-03-31)

    Tags: … , france, france-spain high speed, frankfurt, frankfurt to brussels, gare de lyon, germany … gare de lyon, paris to barcelona, paris to frankfurt, paris to gerona, paris to girona, pass …

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    • … for these trains as soon as possible, prior to even departing for Europe. The trains from Frankfurt to Brussels are high-speed 'ICE' ('InterCity … to Paris and another search for connecting trains from Paris to Frankfurt. When you pull up the results of your searches, you will see that the trains from Barcelona … (2015-04-01)
    • … the Passholder reservations for the following trains from being booked there: -Frankfurt to Brussels -Paris to Barcelona or Paris to Girona … (2015-04-01)
  • Can we take our bikes on board trains from the Frankfurt Airport to Eindhoven?

    … by plane. We wish to take our bicycles on the train which travels from Frankfurt to Eindhoven Holland. Do all trains accept bicycles? There are a number … (2015-04-20)

    Tags: dusseldorf to eindhoven, eindhoven, frankfurt airport, frankfurt airport to dusseldorf, frankfurt airport to utrecht, frankfurt airport to wuppertal, germany, holland, ic, ice, intercity, intercity bus, intercity …

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    • … up your searches. For the option via Dusseldorf, you would do one search for trains from the Frankfurt Airport to Dusseldorf ('InterCity Express' trains … trains/buses you'll need, especially with regard to locating direct trains from the Frankfurt Airport to Dusseldorf, Utrecht, or Wuppertal and the 'InterCity … (2015-04-20)
  • With the German Pass, are reservations required from Munich to Nuremburg, Nuremburg to Stuttgart, as well as day-trips from Frankfurt to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Cologne, & the Rhine River?

    … . Is reservations recommended for these trips? Then eventually we will stay put in Frankfurt and take various day trips each day to Rothenberg, and Cologne … (2015-06-08)

    Tags: … to cologne, frankfurt to koblenz, frankfurt to mainz, frankfurt to wurzburg, frankurt to rothenburg ob der … , regionalbahn, rhine, rhine river, stuttgart to frankfurt, west rhine railway, kd rhine …

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    • … . Therefore, the rail pass is all you would need to board for these segments. Trains from Frankfurt to Cologne are either the high-speed 'InterCity Express … , before terminating in Koblenz. So that you travel along this route, you would just want to be sure the train you take from Frankfurt to Koblenz (or any of the other towns I mentioned on this line) is a regional … (2015-06-10)
  • From Frankfurt>Amsterdam>The Hague>Brussels>Cologne>Frankfurt, which train services are not covered by the Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass? Would it cover the S-Bahn & U-Bahn in Germany?

    … ? Also which rail services are not covered within this pass? I intend to travel between Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Hague, Brussels, Cologne … (2015-06-29)

    Tags: … , brussels, brussels to cologne, cologne, cologne to frankfurt, den haag, den haag to brussels, eurail benelux-germany pass, frankfurt, frankfurt to amsterdam, germany, ic, ice, inter …

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    • … /eurail-benelux-germany-pass/index.html. From Frankfurt to Amsterdam, there are direct trains. The trains from Frankfurt to Amsterdam are high-speed 'InterCity Express' (ICE) trains. In addition to the pass, reservations … in addition to the rail pass. Trains from Cologne to Frankfurt are high-speed 'InterCity Express' trains … (2015-07-01)
  • Frankfurt to Venice

    My husband and I are traveling to Venice to from Frankfurt to join a cruise. What is the best route and what kind of train pass should we consider? (2015-08-24)

    Tags: brennero, ec, eurocity, frankfurt, frankfurt to munich, frankfurt to venice, frecciabianca, germany, ice, inter city express, intercity express, italy, le frecce, munich to venice, munich to verona, venice, verona to venice, point-to-point

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    • … would take about 10.5 hours in duration. If the trip from Frankfurt to Venice is the only one you'll be doing, then you would just want to purchase regular tickets … , you would just break up your search once in Munich. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Frankfurt to Munich and then another search for the connecting train from Munich … (2015-08-24)
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