• Does Eurail Pass cover Barcelona, Lyon, Mulhouse, Luxembourg, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp?

    … to Mulhouse France,to Luxembourg,to Brussels,Bruge,Ghent,Antwerp.So ,I just opened the Related Category below. Are the trains listed … (2017-11-11)

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    • … to Bruges can be viewed on our website. Bruges to Ghent Trains from Bruges to Ghent depart 4-5 … reservations, so the rail pass is all you will need to board. For planning purposes, schedules from Bruges to Ghent can be viewed on our website … reservations, so the rail pass is all you will need to board. For planning purposes, schedules from Ghent to Antwerp can be viewed on our website … (2017-11-13)
  • The site won't allow me to book Paris to Ghent with my rail pass. It only gives me regular tickets.

    I have a 3 country pass. Why can't I book a reservation from Paris to Ghent? (both countries on my pass) I can buy tickets but the site says that I can't book a pass reservation, only tickets. Same thing happened in trying to book form Ghent to Amsterdam. (2017-05-29)

    Tags: amsterdam, eurail select pass, france, gent, gent to amsterdam, ghent, ghent to amsterdam, paris, paris to gent, paris to ghent, thalys, belgium, benelux, pass and reservations

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    • … as a supplement to the rail pass. The trains from Brussels to Ghent do not even accept reservations, so the rail pass is all you would need to board … reservations as a supplement to the rail pass. The trains from Ghent to Antwerp do not accept reservations, so the rail pass … (2017-06-01)
  • Best Way by Train for Day Trip from Amsterdam to Bruges and Ghent ?

    Hi! My husband and I would like to take a combined day trip from Amsterdam to Ghent and Bruges. We had hoped to take a train and join local guides in each city. What is the best way to get there on the trains and do this? Thx (2016-04-23)

    Tags: amsterdam, amsterdam to ghent, belgium, benelux, bruges, brugge, gent, ghent, ghent to bruges, holland, ic, inter city, intercity, netherlands, thalys, point-to-point

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    • … are high-speed Thalys trains. Trains from Antwerp to Ghent are regular IC (InterCity) trains … to Bruges are regular IC trains. The ride from Ghent to Bruges only takes about 25 to 30 minutes … , www.raileurope.com. You would do one search for connections from Amsterdam to Ghent and another search for trains from Ghent to Bruges. IC trains … (2016-04-26)
  • How long do I have to use my 'ABS' benefit to Ghent/Bruges after arriving into Brussels from Paris on the Thalys? 48-hours from when?

    … buy an ABS ticket from Paris to Brussels and on to Ghent and Bruges and then back with the possibility of another stop in Luxumberg. Apparently, the ABS … (2014-08-13)

    Tags: thalys, abs, any belgian station, ghent, bruges, belgium, france, benelux, time limitations, ticket limitations, paris to brussels

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    • … would have to be done within 48 hours of your arrival into Brussels from Paris. Ghent is a stop along the way for trains from Brussels to Bruges, so you would be able to use the ABS … would bring with it a separate ABS benefit to cover you from Ghent back to Brussels. For the ABS benefit on the return, you would just have to take a train … (2014-08-13)
  • Amsterdam-Bruges-Brussels-Ghent- Paris

    Hi I'm Marie, Is it worth getting the 3 day eurail select pass even though Bruges and Ghent are regional trains? Thank you (2018-06-24)

    Tags: … , brugge to brussels, brussels, brussels to gent, brussels to ghent, france, gent, gent to paris …

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    • … minutes. When searching for trains to/from Bruges on our site, you would just have to type it as 'Brugge'. Brussels to Ghent Direct trains from Brussels … and the ride takes about 30 minutes. Ghent to Paris Connections from Ghent to Paris take just over 2 hours … (2018-06-26)
  • Two week WWII trip flying into Paris CDG Airport & visiting Caen, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, Bastogne, Malmedy, Frankfurt, & Munich.

    … in returning our rental car and traveling by train to Ghent, Belgium for the next three days. We will be relying on trains to travel … (2017-05-01)

    Tags: … airport, caen, france, frankfurt, germany, ghent, luxembourg, malmedy, normandy, paris airport …

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    • … you mentioned that have rail stations, including Caen, Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin … (2017-05-02)
  • Luggage Storage at Ghent Train station

    I am taking a river cruise ending in Antwerp. I would like to take the train to Ghent for the day, then the train to Brussels where the hotels is. Is there a place at the Ghent train station to store my luggage for the day? (2017-03-25)

    Tags: antwerp to gent, antwerp to ghent, belgium, benelux, gent, gent sint-pieters, gent … -sint-pieters station, ghent, ghent saint peter's, ghent saint peter's station …

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    • … Eileen, From what I can tell, the Sint-Pieters station in Ghent does have lockers. Since the storage fee is one that is assessed locally … per day. You would purchase tickets for a train from Antwerp to Ghent by doing a search for the route under 'Find Train … (2017-03-28)
  • I booked tickets from Ghent to Paris via Brussels, but I can't access the ticket for the first part from Ghent to Brussels.

    … booked a rail trip which has 2 stops Ghent to Brussels/ Brussels to Paris. The email confirmation … (2017-04-17)

    Tags: abs, any belgian station, any belgium station, gent, gent to paris, ghent, ghent to paris, paris, thalys

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    • … from Brussels to Paris is valid to cover you on the train from Ghent to Brussels that connect to it. As a result, separate physical … , as you would just show your Brussels-Paris tickets in order to board the train from Ghent to Brussels that connects to it. If you'd like to verify with regard to your specific order, please call … (2017-04-20)
  • Does Benelux rail pass cover Amsterdam-The Hague-Utrecht-Brussels-Luxembourg-Bruges-Ghent-Antwerp?

    … (day trip) Luxembourg to Bruge Bruge to Ghent (day trip) Bruge to Antwerp Antwerp … (2015-08-25)

    Tags: … , antwerp to amsterdam, belgium, benelux, bruges to ghent, brussels, brussels to bruges, brussels to luxembourg … haag to delft, eurail benelux pass, ghent to antwerp, ic, inter city, intercity …

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  • Berlin-Cologne-Aachen-Brussels-Ghent-Antwerp-Amsterdam. Which pass is the best to purchase?

    We are planning a trip to Berlin, Cologne, Aachen, Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Amerstdam in April for 12 days. Which is the best Rail Europe pass to purchase? (2013-09-25)

    Tags: … , köln, aachen, brussels, bruxelles, gent, ghent, antwerp, antwerpen, amsterdam, rotterdam, thalys …

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