• Where can I find an actual map of a train trip, including stops from Karlsruhe to Zurich

    I am looking for a map to see where the train actually goes from Karlsruhe to the Zurich Train station. Do you reach the train station or air port first? (2014-02-24)

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    • … station for the Zurich Airport. The direct trains from Karlsruhe to Zurich would take you to the main station in the city of Zurich … take. You would purchase tickets and check schedules for a connection from Karlsruhe to the Zurich Airport by clicking on 'Find Fares … (2014-02-25)
  • Transferring from Karlsruhe to Augsburg in 8 minutes?

    I am looking at an itinerary that has us transferring from the inner city express 370 to the 2263 in Augsburg. The itinerary shows 8 minutes for the transfer. Is this enough time? We have never been to Europe and never ridden the Euro Rail before. ... (2017-03-28)

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  • Best way to get from Amsterdam to Zurich? Help with extra luggage storage

    Cruise ending in Amsterdam, we want to stay one additional day in Amsterdam and then travel without our extra bags for another week mostly by train. We will probably end up flying back to lax in the USA from zurich since most of our time will be spent... (2014-08-31)

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    • … hours in duration and involves changing trains once along the way in either Karlsruhe, Cologne, Frankfurt, or Paris along the way. Otherwise, there is a direct overnight … -speed 'InterCity Express' trains, as are trains from Karlsruhe or Frankfurt to Zurich. Trains from Cologne to Zurich … (2014-09-02)
  • Is a Eurail Pass valid on Renfe FEVE trains in Spain? I plan to go from Hamburg > Paris > Irun > San Sebastian > Bilbao > Santander > Oviedo > Ferrol

    Travel plan: from Hamburg Germany to Paris, to Irun on French/Spanish border, then continuing in Spain, on RENFE FEVE trains from Irun, to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo and Ferrol then returning by most direct route to Frankfort Airport in... (2016-08-24)

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    • … in duration and involves changing trains at least once along the way in either Mannheim, Karlsruhe, or Dortmund. For the first segment of any of these options (Hamburg to Mannheim … to a rail pass. For the next segment (Mannheim to Paris, Karlsruhe to Paris, or Dortmund to Paris), reservations would be required … (2016-08-25)
  • Fall Fling from Hamburg to Paris, Paris to Geneva, Geneva to Milan, Milan to Monaco, Monaco to Barcelona, & Barcelona to Madrid

    My granddaughter and I are traveling over the course of a 30 day period in September/October from Hamburg, Germany to Paris. From Paris to Geneva, then onto Milan. Next will be Monaco, Barcelona and last to Madrid. The dates are set. My questions are 1.... (2017-04-04)

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    • … recommended as a supplement to the rail pass. Trains from Karlsruhe to Paris are France-Germany High Speed … to the rail pass. When booking reservations for this connection, you would just have to break up your search once in Karlsruhe. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Hamburg … up to 180 days in advance of a departure, while the trains from Karlsruhe to Paris can be booked within 90-120 days … (2017-04-06)
  • Not having any luck using the Rail Europe app to research if I simply can get on a train and ride with a Eurail Global Pass?

    I tried using the Rail Europe app on my iPad and found only frustration. Trying to enter Departing cities like Montreux, Lucerne (or Luzern), Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Ljubljana, Feldkirch, all I got was a blank box. The only ones that worked were... (2017-09-02)

    Tags: basel to karlsruhe, czech republic, eurail global pass, golden pass, goldenpass, ic … bus, intercity express, interlaken to lucerne, karlsruhe to nuremberg, lausanne to lucerne, lucerne, lucerne …

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    • … and involves 3 changes en route; once in Basel, once in Karlsruhe, and then once in Nuremberg. The segment from Nuremberg to Prague is actually … on ICE trains, but it is probably not necessary on the route from Basel to Karlsruhe unless you'll be traveling during the summer months or on holidays. Trains … (2017-09-07)
    • … to fall before then, you would not be able to take the direct ICE train from Basel and Karlsruhe. If your travel falls before October 7th, please call … connection from Lucerne to Prague that I advised of. If your travel is after October 7th, then you should be able to take a direct ICE from Basel to Karlsruhe … (2017-09-07)
  • What pass for Paris to Poperinge, Poperinge to Cologne, Cologne to Strasbourg, Strasbourg to Basel, and Basel to Paris?

    Travel plans include:Paris to Poperinge, BelgiumPoperinge to Colonge, GermanyColonge to Strasbroug, FranceStrasbroug to Basel, SwitzerlandBasel to ParisTraveling in a group of 4. Which pass to buy for best deal? (2018-03-11)

    Tags: … , benelux, brussels to cologne, cologne, cologne to karlsruhe, cologne to mannheim, eurail select pass … city express, intercity, intercity express, karlsruhe to strasbourg, mannheim to strasbourg, paris, paris …

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    • … or IC trains), reservations are recommended. On trains from Karlsruhe to Strasbourg and Mannheim to Strasbourg (TGV Est … to Strasbourg). Otherwise, you could just purchase reservations for the last segment if you wish (i.e. one search from Karlsruhe to Strasbourg). Strasbourg to Basel Trains from Strasbourg … (2018-03-13)
  • What arrangements can be made to take approximately 100 kg of medical supplies on train from Frankfurt Airport to Strasbourg?

    I have a colleague doing the planning for a trip involving the ICE from Frankfurt Flughaven to Strasbourg. They have a medical condition which will require approximately 100 kg of personal medical supplies (9x11kg boxes, each box about the size of a... (2013-11-22)

    Tags: … express, frankfurt airport, strasbourg, offenburg, karlsruhe, frankfurt airport to strasbourg, frankfurt airport to offenburg, frankfurt airport to karlsruhe, offenburg to strasbourg, karlsruhe to strasbourg, germany, france, point …

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    • … all the way from the Frankfurt Airport to Strasbourg. Instead, you would take the ICE as far as Offenburg or Karlsruhe, where you would have to switch to another train that would take you to Strasbourg. Tickets can be purchased … from Frankfurt Airport to Offenburg or Frankfurt Airport to Karlsruhe and then another search for connecting trains from Offenburg to Strasbourg … (2013-11-22)
  • Ruppertsberg (Germany) to Lyon, Avignon, Arles, & Uzes?

    We are traveling from Ruppertsberg Germany to South of France, where we would like to explore the area around Avignon, Arles, Lyon, Uzes France, but still keep options open to go to other areas of france or maybe Italy. Can you get off and on these... (2015-01-23)

    Tags: … , lyon to avignon, avignon to arles, karlsuhe to offenburg, offenburg to strasbourg, neustadt weinstrasse to karlsruhe

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    • … and Strasbourg 2.) Kaiserslautern and Paris 3.) Karlsruhe, Offenburg, and Strasbourg You would purchase tickets and check … TGV trains). For the third option above, you would do one search for trains from Neustadt Weinstrasse to Karlsruhe, another search for connecting trains … (2015-01-23)
  • Guidance about passes & best way to travel from Hamburg - Paris - Ventimiglia (Italy) - Milan - Rome - Florence - Pisa - Venice - Hamburg

    Dear Sir/Madam, We - Family of 4 are traveling to Italy in late August 2015. We start from Hamburg in Germany and travel to Paris. We are planning to purchase a EU rail pass for Italy. From Paris to Ventimiglia there is a train which is possible to... (2015-01-31)

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    • … hours in duration and involves changing trains once along the way in either Karlsruhe or Frankfurt. In addition to the rail pass, it would be recommended … trains). In contrast, reservations would be required on trains from Karlsruhe to Paris (high-speed TGV Est … (2015-02-02)
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